Weak Saturn Remedies – Remedies For Weak Shani

September 22, 2023

Saturn has a special place in Vedic astrology. It is believed that Lord Shani gives fruits according to his deeds. This means those who do good deeds and do not harass the poor and weak, Shani Dev gives them good fruits. Conversely, those who oppress the impoverished and vulnerable will inevitably face the wrath of Shani Dev. On the other hand, if Saturn is negative and inauspicious in the horoscope, then the person does not get the support of luck and he is surrounded by struggle throughout his life.

Weak Saturn Symptoms

  • When some people walk, instead of taking full steps, they drag their feet on the ground. There is sound when such people walk. If there is no other sound around then by the sound of his walking you can guess that the person is coming. This sound is also a sign of Saturn being weak.

  • If the Saturn of the person is weak, then the work done by him starts getting spoiled. If the position of Saturn is weak in the horoscope, then the person does not get the full reward of his hard work, they repeatedly feel that life is slipping out of their hands and quarrels with friends and partners.

  • There are some other symptoms of Saturn being weak, which come to the fore anytime in life, but due to lack of knowledge, a person is unable to do anything. For example, home tube lights, bulbs, TVs, fridges, etc. electrical appliances start getting damaged very quickly. For this, you will hold that product responsible for the fluctuations in the voltage of electricity. According to astrology, such incidents happen when Saturn is weak or angry. According to astrologers, the accumulation of mucus in the throat also shows the weakness of Saturn. Shani is the god of justice.

Remedies for Weak Saturn in Astrology

  • Wear black clothes on Saturdays and chant Om Pran Prin Pran S: Shanaye Namah ( ओम प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनये नम: ) mantra for at least 5 rounds. Alternatively, you have the option to perform this ritual with either 11 or 19 rounds as well. This makes Shani strong.

  • On Saturdays, prepare a vessel containing water, milk, sugar, black sesame seeds, and Ganga Jal. Chant the mantra and offer the root of a Peepal tree facing west. It is believed that by following this ritual, the planet Saturn can also gain strength.

  • On this day you can consume bananas as fruits. This is also helpful.

  • You can donate blankets, shoes, sandals, iron, black cloth, and coconut coir to strengthen Shani. Donation of mustard oil, buffalo, and black cow is also useful on Saturday.

  • People whose Saturn is weak should wear blue sapphire. However, it would be better if you took the help of a qualified astrologer for this.

  • Don’t keep relations with other women, don’t be arrogant, help poor and helpless people, behave well with cleaners, and live cleanly yourself. Saturn becomes stronger than this.

  • To strengthen Shani, worship Shani Dev, Hanuman ji, and Lord Shiva. Chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra can also help in curing the bad position of Shani.

How to Improve Saturn in Kundli

  • Saturday is considered special to please Shani Dev. On this day, ensure to light a lamp of mustard oil on the statue of Shani Dev and offer mustard oil as a definite offering. Also, offer black cloth to them. After this recite Shani Chalisa.

  • By wearing a seven-faced Rudraksh on Saturday, after cleansing it with water from the sacred Ganges, it is believed that all troubles can be alleviated. On Saturday, chant these two mantras ‘Om Pran Prim Praun Sa: Shanishcharaya Namah’ and ‘Om Shan Shanishcharayai Namah’. Donate something to the needy on this day.

Wrapping Up

Donating black things like black cloth, black sesame, and black gram to a poor person on Saturday to remove the bad fruit of anything, Shani Dev’s grace remains. Avoid black color on this day itself. This brings happiness to the house. If you want to know more about Weak Saturn Remedies, then talk to astrologers.

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