Venus Conjunct Rahu

December 12, 2023

One of our best astrologers says that these two planets are very closely related. Venus controls love, luxury, relationships, fame, and wealth while Rahu enhances these elements of Venus to a great extent. The combination of Venus and Rahu makes the person beautiful and attracts the opposite sex more.

A person who has this pair in his birth chart develops love and passion towards his relationship. They will go beyond their limits for those they love, no matter cultural or geographical distances. Simply put, while Rahu affects different astrological houses in different ways, with Venus, a person’s sexual desires increase.

Venus and Rahu in 1st house

The first house symbolizes self-expression, appearances, ego, and temperament. The conjunction of Venus and Rahu in the first house of the birth chart gives a grand appearance to the person. The woman is very beautiful and has an attractive personality. It makes a person highly ambitious towards his career and success thereby achieving financial stability at an early age in life.

Venus and Rahu in 2nd house

The second house represents income and wealth. Here Rahu and Venus together give tremendous results. Venus and Rahu make the person a risk taker, here they will do anything to get a good and healthy career. This can also lead to financial success. A person can even stoop to such a level that he earns money through illegal means. The person suffers from marital discord due to which many differences arise in his marital life.

Venus and Rahu in 3rd house

This feeling negatively impacts a person’s self-confidence. They have low self-esteem and their self-confidence is constantly challenged and hindered by the combined energies of Venus and Rahu. They will have to face many ups and downs in their life regarding luck. Hopefully, he will be blessed with a large number of sisters.

Venus and Rahu in 4th house

Venus and Rahu conjunction in the fourth house is prosperous and may bless you with material gains and financial stability of property, but it will affect your mother’s health. The mother of a person with this yoga will have health problems and will fall ill frequently.

Venus and Rahu in 5th house

When the conjunction of Venus and Rahu occurs in the fifth house, Venus can increase the sexual desire and need of the person and force them to have relationships with multiple partners. Apart from this, there can be some effects in this house where the person has to face difficulty in taking his family forward.

Venus and Rahu in 6th house

Yoga is not favorable at all in this house. The person will have to face many diseases, hence he should be very conscious about his health. He will have differences with his colleagues. Due to a lack of peace, a person will face many mental health problems and stress. He may have to experience betrayal from his colleagues or partner.

Venus and Rahu in 7th house

The position of Venus and Rahu in the seventh house suggests that the natives may face many financial losses, their business may decline and they may have problems in taking care of their health. These people will also see that their partner’s longevity and health have been compromised.

Venus and Rahu in 8th house

When the conjunction of Venus and Rahu forms in the eighth house, people may notice many health problems and may even face some problems related to their sexual health. These people may also feel that their relationships are failing, and they are finding it challenging to form meaningful bonds with potential partners.

Venus and Rahu in 9th house

The effect of the Venus and Rahu conjunction in the ninth house indicates that the person will face problems regarding his caste or religion and it will be challenging to stay focused on his faith. Furthermore, they will also look for ways to change religion or belief in search of peace.

Venus and Rahu in 10th house

The influence of Venus and Rahu in the tenth house indicates that a person can achieve quick success in his life. If natives know how to access and use their energies, they will see that they are getting everything they want, and nothing is complicated to achieve. These people can establish their careers in the entertainment industry.

Venus and Rahu in 11th house

When the conjunction of Venus and Rahu occurs in the eleventh house, the person never faces a financial crunch, he always gets wealth, fame, and success. These people will never face any shortage in life and will have maximum prosperity. The position of Rahu in this house decides how much success a person will get.

Venus and Rahu in 12th house

The conjunction of Venus and Rahu in the 12th house is completely unfavorable; People can see that they are slowly sinking into debt and losses. The conjunction of Venus and Rahu in this house highlights poverty, loss, and lack of abundance. However, people can reverse their condition through treatment and other similar means.

Wrapping Up

The effect of the conjunction of Venus and Rahu varies from house to house. Moreover, the effect of this combination varies from horoscope to Navamsha horoscope. When Venus is conjunct with Rahu in the Navamsha chart, the person may suffer from a crisis of faith or religion, where they will keep moving from one religion to another to find peace. If you want to know more about the combination of the Venus and Rahu, then you can talk to astrologers.

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