Venus Conjunct Mars

December 12, 2023

A person with this combination becomes very influential in the relationship. He will occupy a respected position in his clan and will always be a respected person. There may be dissatisfaction in their sexual life. The person has a very warm and welcoming personality which makes people feel comfortable being around him. They are generally very creative and experimental in their work. They work very hard to achieve what they want and can go to any extent to achieve it.

The attraction towards gambling and betting is very high. The person will be polite and will know how to express things easily. They may become victims of infidelity, fraud, greed, deception, etc. for their own benefit. They are very talented and hardworking which enables them to attract wealth at an early age in their life.

Venus and Mars in 1st house

In the astrological birth chart, the first house is called the Ascendant. It reflects how you present yourself to the world and how the world sees you. It also represents our expectations of how you would like to be treated. The conjunction of Venus and Mars in the first house is not favorable and it brings with it many side effects.

Venus and Mars in 2nd house

The second house in the natal chart is generally about finances, relatives, and speech. The effect of conjunction on the 2nd house is not beneficial and it comes with many problems like the person will be sick and will have abusive habits like untruthfulness. Venus and Mars will have a direct bad effect on their character.

Venus and Mars in 3rd house

This house represents siblings, travel, communication skills, interests, hobbies, strengths, etc. The conjunction of Venus and Mars in this house has a favorable effect on a person’s life. A person with this yoga is skilled in sculpture and inclined towards entertainment, acting, and drama.

Venus and Mars in 4th house

The fourth house represents your family. It reflects your family heritage, manners, property, relationships health, etc. A person with Mars in the fourth house gets abundant wealth. He will have a rich family legacy. His mother’s family background may also have been rich. Also, they will not have any money-related problems in life.

Venus and Mars in 5th house

This house shows what you like. It talks about joy. It’s usually self-expression that makes you happy. Mars in the fifth house along with Venus in the fifth house of the birth chart is harmful. The individual will attract many enemies throughout his life. They will commit many sins in their life due to which they will have to face serious problems.

Venus and Mars in 6th house

The sixth house represents health and prosperity. This house tells you about your ability and attitude to deal with accidents and problems. Venus and Mars in this house make the person mentally strong. The person will be knowledgeable and intelligent. He will have a learned and influential personality and will live a disease-free and healthy life. Also, their nature will be a little cruel.

Venus and Mars in 7th house

An important element of partnership in your life, such as marriage, is governed by this house. The seventh house is the partner house and it talks about collective efforts and cooperation. The presence of Mars along with Venus in the seventh house has a negative impact on this house.

Venus and Mars in 8th house

The eighth house is related to death, the age of your life, and sudden events in your life. It tells about the nature of your death and your total life span. It also tells about money, both sudden gains and losses. Also, inherited property. A person whose Venus is with Mars in the eighth house is not of good character.

Venus and Mars in 9th house

This is a religious section of your birth chart that deals with your religion, destiny, karma, morality, and higher education. Venus situated with Mars in the ninth house makes the person beautiful and attractive. He will be known for his principles and beliefs. In that case, they will always be in a respectable position.

Venus and Mars in 10th house

The tenth house describes work and profession. It tells what type of work will be suitable for a person and how he will be able to achieve success in that field. Venus with Mars in the tenth house will give great benefits in this house, especially from the material point of view. The individual can live a luxurious and wealthy life.

Venus and Mars in 11th house

This house is the house of income and profit, which is also called a profit house. This tells you how you will make the most money. It also controls your interest in social matters. Venus in the 11th house along with Mars in this house will make the person courageous and frank in his words.

Venus and Mars in 12th house

The last house of your birth chart indicates completion. It generally talks about solitude, solitude, and liberation. It gives your life a detachment aspect and a way of letting things go. This building is very important for the monks etc. Here Venus in the 12th house combined with Mars in the 12th house is a bad position in Vedic astrology.

Wrapping Up

Venus and Mars are important elements governing your relationships. Mars represents personality while Venus represents love and relationships. The combination of these two planets makes your relationship a little messy. For them, individuality and freedom are as important as being in love. If you want to know more about the combination of Venus and Mars, then you can talk to astrologers.

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