Vamana Avatar Associated With Jupiter

November 24, 2023

Vamana is the fifth incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu, who takes the form of a bright young Brahmin. He was the one who defeated the demon king Mahabali and handed over Devloka back to Lord Indra. Lord Vamana is related to the planet Jupiter in Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra, a treatise on Vedic astrology written by Maharishi Parashar. Vamana serves as a metaphor for the wise man who is aware of the universe.

Vamana Avatar Of Vishnu

According to Srimad Bhagavatam, the powerful demon king Bali existed during Satyayuga. That person was the grandson of Prahlad. He overthrew the Deva king Lord Indra and captured Devlok. Aditi and Kashyapa Muni, the parents of the gods, were thrown away by these (gods).

Aditi and Kashyapa prayed to Vishnu for protection for their sons from the demons. Lord Vishnu appeared in the house of Kashyap and his wife through prayer and service. Then, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Vaman, a dwarf Brahmin.

Pleased to see the forms of Vishnu, the great sages performed all the necessary sacred rituals. At this event, Vamana was initiated as a Brahmin, and Lord Surya spoke the Gayatri Mantra, while Brihaspati presented a sacred thread and a grass belt to Kashyapa.

He received a deer skin from Bhudevi (Mother Earth), and a Brahma-danda, or stick of celibacy, from the moon god. Mother Aditi gave him underwear and the sky god gave him an umbrella.

The seven sages presented Kusha grass to Lord Vamana, Mother Saraswati brought a rosary of Rudraksha and Lord Brahma brought a pitcher of water. He was given an alms bowl by Lord Kuber and the first offering was made by Mother Bhagwati.

Lord Vamana, the greatest of the celibates, welcomed and blessed all present before revealing the genius of the Brahmin. Thus with her beauty, she dazzled the entire assembly, which was composed of excellent saints and Brahmins.

Mahabali and Vamana Avatar​

Lord Vamana, who was famous for his generosity, participated in the Yagya of King Mahabali. When the child Vaman arrived, the king honored him. He welcomed them and announced that he wanted to give them a gift. At that time no Brahmin was rejected. Vaman had asked for only three paces of land.

Mahabali’s guru, Guru Shukracharya, knew that this Brahmin was no regular person. He understood that Lord Vishnu had taken the form of a Brahmin child to destroy Mahabali’s wealth. Shukracharya started scolding his disciples for promising three steps of land. According to them, Lord Vishnu was sent to deceive Bali and loot all his wealth.

Mahabali said, the earth can support the mass of mountains and oceans, but not the weight of a false person. So Vamana’s prayer was accepted, and Trivikrama was created from the dwarf (giant form).

Lord Vaman placed the entire universe under his feet in just two steps. Since there was no better place available, King Bali willingly placed the third step above his head. When Vamana was satisfied, he placed the third step on his head and allowed Bali to go to the underworld with the army of demons and establish authority there. Lord Indra regained his Deva Loka or heavenly kingdom.

Lessons from Vamana Avatar According to Vamana, a person who lacks self-control will never be happy, even if he gets all the wealth in the world. However, one who has self-control will always be happy. Even after having a lot of money, people who give priority to material things are never happy.

Vaman Relationship with Jupiter

King Bali had snatched away Trilok from Indra, the king of the gods. At that time Lord Vishnu took Vaman’s incarnation and rearranged everything.

Lord Vishnu entered the place where Bali was performing Yagya in the form of Vaman i.e. a dwarf-Brahmin. Vaman was small in appearance but was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu himself and had the complete ability to unite the three worlds.

Vaman ji pleased Bali and asked for three boons from him, in which he asked for the land that would come in his three steps, Bali agreed to this. Vaman covered three worlds in his three steps and thus Lord Indra got his power back. This also proves that looks are deceptive. No matter what kind of person a person is, if he wishes with true heart, he can achieve whatever he wants.

Just like Vaman was small but was huge and widespread. Similarly, Jupiter is also the planet of expansion and does not like stability at all. Jupiter is benevolent and removes darkness from life and spreads the light of knowledge. This incarnation of Lord Vishnu symbolizes the inherent capacity of the mind to become expansive and comprehensive.

Whenever you feel that your talent is becoming dull, remember Vamana. Vamana Avatar will tap into the Jupiter-like energy within you and help you expand your consciousness, just like Vamana’s three expansive steps.

Wrapping Up

During the discussion between Vamana and Bali, Lord Vamana reminded the king that to achieve true satisfaction in life, regardless of worldly wealth, one must be able to control one’s senses. True believers are always satisfied with whatever they have. During the discussion between Vamana and Bali, Lord Vamana reminded the king that to achieve true satisfaction in life, regardless of worldly wealth, one must be able to control one’s senses. True believers are always satisfied with whatever they have. Dwarfism may seem to negate the broader idea of Jupiter, which is also the largest of the numerous planets. According to online astrology consultation, we can know about the worship method of young Brahmin boy Shri Vaman Dev to help him achieve the “ultra-special mercy” required in any situation.

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