Sun Stone – Meaning, Benefits, and Who Can Wear Ruby?

September 22, 2023

Sun Stone ruby has been found in various areas of the United States. But now its demand has increased rapidly. Seeing its miraculous properties, astrologers are currently recommending this gem more. As we have told you it is the gem of the planet Sun. Sun Stone has vital solar energy, so it absorbs the Sun’s warmth, power, and openness. Sun Stone helps you to reduce stress and mental instability.

Sun Stone Ruby is quite an effective stone to bring happiness and other positive emotions into your life. It aids in your metabolism and digestion and increases the vitality in your body. Along with this, Surya Ratna Manikya develops leadership qualities in you. You can wear the Sun Stone by date of birth after astrological consultation.

Sun Stones Ruby

In astrology, the total number of gems and sub-gems is said to be eighty-four. Among these, only nine gems are such that they have been given the name Navratnas. These Navratnas are as follows – ruby, pearl, coral, emerald, topaz, diamond, sapphire, onyx, and garlic. In these, the relation of Manik Ratna is told to the Sun. 

For those whose Sun is weak in their horoscope, the rest of the planets in their horoscope are not able to give much benefit even though they are strong. That’s why astrologers recommend wearing ruby Stones to make the Sun effective. It is called Manek (Manikya), Chunni in Hindi, and Ruby Stone in English. But before wearing Manik Ratna, all of you should know some things. With this, you will be able to take full advantage of it.

Sunstone Meaning

Sunstone Ruby is considered the king of all gems. It means to say that this gemstone is priceless. This stone represents the planet Sun and knowing its weak position and its position according to the horoscope, there is a law to wear this stone. There is a belief about it that diamonds are found in the brokerage of Manik.

Who Can Wear Ruby

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius ascendant people can wear Manek. If the Sun is exalted in the eleventh house, tenth house, ninth house, fifth house, or eleventh house, you can also wear ruby. If the person has heart, bone, and eye diseases, then also he can wear a Manikya.

Sun Stone Benefits

Wearing ruby stone gives relief from stress and mental troubles. Apart from this, Ruby gem is helpful in providing happiness and joy in life. This gem is also beneficial for stomach-related problems, and qualities like leadership develop.

If you are looking for a useful way to relieve stress, Sun Stone Manek can help you with that. Also, due to its medicinal properties, it has the potential to heal a person suffering from seasonal emotional disorders like a sore throat or cold.

Sunstone can be called a sensible gemstone, especially if you are in business. Using this stone when you are making business deals can help you to ensure whether the other party is telling the truth or not. By wearing it, the ability to judge truth and falsehood comes.

Wrapping Up

By worshiping the sun by wearing a ruby, the fruit of worshiping the sun increases in many ways. By wearing ruby, you get relief from sun-affected diseases such as heart diseases, eye diseases, and bile disorders. You get the grace of the Sun God to get success and progress in the works related to the government sector. Energy and self-confidence develop in you. You progress in the field. If you want to know more about Sun Stone Ruby take an online astrology consultation.

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