Sun Mahadasha – Surya Mahadasha

September 21, 2023

Sun is a powerful, progressive, and dynamic planet. Which is considered the highest among all the planets of the Sair Mandal. Its radiance reflects optimism, authority, happiness, and power. So is the heat of aggression and arrogance. It is the giver of life on all the planets. According to astrology, people under Surya Mahadasha often enjoy good social standing due to the support and support of eminent people in government and government. Such natives themselves also enjoy official positions but they may also have to face some problems from the family side.

According to Vedic astrology, people whose horoscope Sun’s mahadasha runs in a good position and time, get enough money and many sources of income are created. Especially people related to business and work related to weapons, fire, state, property, and medicine. Surya Mahadasha also inspires the person spiritually and often creates the yoga of pilgrimage. Also, it makes the person anxious and restless due to constant fear of theft, enmity, possessiveness, health problems, and fire. But despite these ups and downs at the personal level, such a person has a good life.

Surya Dasha Period

When we talk about Mahadasha of the Sun. So one should know that this is the best time of his life. The duration of Surya Mahadasha lasts for about 6 years. Sun’s Mahadasha in the horoscope brings such a time in a person’s life. Where it is felt that life is sweet and Gods and Goddesses are very happy. Apart from this, such a time has also been introduced. Whoever is the person, his heart’s desire is presented by something or the other. This couple this is such a time. The person who will be able to improve his personality and his help with all the goals will also be appropriate.

Sun Vimshottari Dasha

Most of us will experience Sun Vimshottari Dasha sooner or later. Sun’s Mahadasha lasts for 6 years. This is one of the most powerful Visomattari administration periods of Sun which continues for 6 years.

Since Sun is the most powerful planet in the Solar System, it has control over all the planets.

Surya Mahadasha is synonymously called Surya Mahadasha and the duration of Surya Mahadasha is 6 years. The Dasha of the Sun can be both auspicious and inauspicious.

Surya Mahadasha Effect

Positive Effects of Surya Mahadasha

If the position of the Sun is auspicious in a person’s horoscope, then auspicious results are obtained. Every wish is fulfilled. If the Sun is exalted in your friendly sector, then the native gets success in every field. Long pending works are completed and stalled works are also included. Along with this, those who prepare for Universal Pad get success soon.

Negative Effects of Surya Mahadasha

If the position of the Sun in a person’s horoscope is inauspicious, then there is a bad effect on the person’s nature. Such people are more angry as well as arrogant. Along with this, the relationship with the father of these people is not good. Along with this, Surya and his scientific colleagues are facing trouble due to the deteriorating condition of the Sun.

Surya Mahadasha Remedies

  • Every day Sun God should be offered Arghya by taking water.

  • Sunday is related to Lord Surya. That’s why donate utensils and copper on Sunday.

  • Along with offering Arghya to Sun God on Sunday, offer water to the Peepal tree as well. Along with this, light a lamp of mustard oil under the peepal tree in the evening.

  • Reciting Adityahriday Stotra regularly will be beneficial.

  • In the Mahadasha of the Sun, the native should chant this mantra regularly- Om Ram Ravaye Namah, Om Ghrini Surya Namah

  • In the Mahadasha of the Sun, the person has to offer partial pure water, red sandalwood, and the entire Ardhya to the Sun on Sunday. Along with this, recitation of the sun source should be done.

Wrapping Up

Read the complete blog to know more about Mahadasha of the Sun and enlighten yourself with this knowledge. Apart from this, if you want to know which Mahadasha is going on in your life at the moment. Or what is the meaning of Bhukti in Surya Mahadasha? Apart from this, you can also take astrology phone consultations for answers and solutions from your astrologers.

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