Sun In Zodiac – Sun Impact on Zodiac

September 22, 2023

The sun is the light of the world. The entire inert-conscious world is dependent on the Sun. The function of the sun is to dispel darkness and illuminate the world. The Sun is the soul of the entire movable and immovable world – ‘Surya Atma Jagatstastusascha’. From Him, all living beings are born. This is the life of all living beings – ‘Pran Prajanamudateyesh Surya’. Air, water, and land originated from the sun. The directions are known through them only.

Astrology is the regulator of time according to Vedic scriptures and this astrology is ruled by the Sun. It is the Sun that divides the time between day and night. The origin, condition, and destruction of the world are done by the sun only. The Sun is the king of the planets. They run the world by circling the sky daily. All constellations, planets, and zodiac signs are sustained by their power.

According to Rigveda, the sun illuminates everyone with its glory. The sun’s rays absorb the moist substances present on the earth and automatically make the sea water drinkable. It is only through the rays of the sun that the life element is communicated in the whole world. This is the reason why Vastu experts recommend arranging maximum sunlight in the house. Surya creates Ahoram. The half of the earth where the sun is visible is day and the rest is night.

The Sun in astrology is considered a deity in the Vedas. It is prayed that the sun never sets. There is a law to worship the sun considering it as a visible deity. The past, the future, the present, the immovable, the movable, and the satya-asat, all include the Hereafter, the gods, the ancestors, the humans, and the Brahman. Surya is recognized as Vishnu in the Vedas, Brahmanas, Samhitas, and Puranas.

Sun is the king of planets in astrology. It takes a month for them to travel in one zodiac sign. The shape, nature, and energy power of the Sun have the greatest impact on the living beings of the Earth as compared to other planets, the Sun has great importance in astrology. Sun is the presiding deity of the soul, hence it is the soul of the person. Being the father of the world, twelve houses have been given to represent life in Falit astrology. Which are displayed by different zodiac signs. It means that house thin, wealth, easy, happiness, son, enemy, gone, death, fortune or dharma, karma came and spent, but the amount of each house is decided on the previous increasing amount at the time of birth of this man it depends on. The house is stable while their zodiac signs are different. In the horoscope, 1, 4, 7, and 10 houses have been given the noun of Kendra and 5 and 9 houses have been given the noun of Trilok.

Sun In Aries

If Sun is in Aries, then the person is born into a clever, courageous, and wealthy family. If the Sun is in an exalted position, then the person is successful and extremely wealthy. But at the same time, he suffers from disorders of blood and bile. Read more about Sun In Aries

Sun In Taurus 

Having Sun in the zodiac, the person gets vehicle pleasure, gets good clothes, wears fragrant things, eats good food, and takes an interest in instrumental dance. Along with this, they also suffer from diseases of the mouth and eyes. Fear of water Enmity with the woman. Read more about Sun In Taurus

Sun In Gemini

A person with a sun sign is a scholar of mathematics. He is learned and wealthy. The native is the head of his family. The native is virtuous, polite, and humble. Talented, soft-spoken, orator and pioneer in acquiring wealth and knowledge. Read more about Sun In Gemini

Sun In Cancer

Sun in the transiting sign is full of beautiful qualities, pure, fickle in action. But the native is cruel, merciless, penniless, suffering from phlegm and bile diseases, unhappy, directionless, enmity with their father, and fond of drinking alcohol and other bad habits. Read more about Sun In cancer

Sun In Leo

Due to the sun of the zodiac being in its own zodiac, it shows a special effect on the native. The person is clever, mighty, stable-minded, loves natural things, and attains fame. The person is enthusiastic, serious, and shy. Read more about Sun In Leo

Sun In Virgo

With Sun being in Virgo, you will be of a shy nature. You will not be able to mix with anyone very soon. You will listen to your mind less and use your intellect more. Most of your decisions are taken from your mind. You will not let the feelings of the heart dominate the mind. Read more about Sun In Virgo

Sun In Libra

If there is Sun in the zodiac then the person shows courage, although he is not courageous. He is afraid of the government. The person is of antagonistic nature. It becomes his habit to oppose everything. Sin remains fruitless in action. Discord is philanthropic even though it is dear. He is moneyless, drinks alcohol, etc. He earns his living by serving others. He remains attached to prostitutes etc. and other women. Read more about Sun In Libra

Sun In Scorpio

When the sun is in the zodiac, it makes the person a lover of discord, an opponent of parents, and a weapon holder. Due to Krishna’s nature, a person is insulted. The person is afraid of poison and weapons. Earns money from poison, weapons, etc. Read more about Sun In Scorpio

Sun In Sagittarius

The zodiacal Sun makes the person contented, intelligent, wealthy, clever and gets money from friends. The nature of the person is sharp. He has knowledge of handicrafts. And usually, everyone respects them. Read more about Sun In Sagittarius

Sun In Capricorn

Due to the transiting Sun, the person is engaged in lowly activities and remains greedy, weak, and rebellious towards everyone. He often behaves rudely. Rebels against his clan and family. He gets sorrows due to lack of money. Read more about Sun In Capricorn

Sun In Aquarius

Being in the Sun’s zodiac, the person is engaged in lowly deeds. He hates others. It is his nature to lie and steal. Often associated with other women. Such a person definitely makes relations with other women. The person is not able to take happiness by his nature. Read more about Sun In Aquarius

Sun In Pisces

A person with a sun sign is rich, successful, and victorious. Such a person must have at least one brother. A servant facility is available. His tasks are completed quickly. The native may get more money in the work of business, but he gets less happiness from the son. Read more about the Sun In Pisces

Wrapping Up

The zodiac is an important part of astrology, consisting of the twelve signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces). Sun has an important place in the zodiac and its effect falls on the birth sign of the person and his horoscope. Sun is considered the king in the zodiac and it symbolizes the life force of life. Sun plays an important role in a person’s nature, temperament, personality, health, faith, goals, influence and fame. When the Sun is located in a zodiac, it affects the qualities, nature and characteristics of that zodiac. The effect of Sun is based on the zodiac sign of the person and it is called Surya Gochar. If you want to know about the effect of sun transit or person then you should talk to astrology.

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