Sun Conjunct Rahu

December 4, 2023

There are many alliances in astrology, which give auspicious and inauspicious results on the life of the native. The same person who does not get auspicious results even if there is an alliance between Sun and Rahu. During this conjunction, the astrologer has to face many satellites. This conjunction is considered very important in astrology because Rahu is an inauspicious planet, which forms a conjunction with an auspicious planet like Sun. Due to this, a person experiences auspicious and inauspicious results.

At the time of this conjunction, Surya and Rahu are in conjunction with each other, causing the person to face sorrow, divine condition, and fear. This combination can reveal various types of obstacles in the life of the native like health problems, disputes, failures, uncertainty in personal life, and various kinds of obstacles, etc.

Sun and Rahu in 1st house

The conjunction of Sun and Rahu in the first house will cause a lot of struggle and disappointment till youth. However, the native can be responsible, efficient, mature, goal-oriented, and focused in his/her life after the age of 30. Sun-Rahu conjunction in the Lagna or first house can bring success after facing many difficulties in life, provided the Sun is strongly placed in Aries, Leo, Pisces, Sagittarius, or Scorpio.

Sun and Rahu in 2nd house

If Sun and Rahu are together in the second house then the person gets abundant wealth in life. However, the native may suffer the loss of money due to his wrong decisions, gambling, and speculative activities. However, long-term investments and insurance policies can yield huge sums of money for these natives. These natives may be born into rich families but may not be able to maintain their aristocratic status or family honor for long in their lives.

Sun and Rahu in 3rd house

Sun and Rahu combination in the third house is one of the best, luckiest, and most fruitful combinations in a person’s horoscope. Since the Sun and Rahu conjunction gives problems but becomes very favorable and productive in the 3rd house. This combination in the third house can bring fame and glory to life.

Sun and Rahu in 4th house

The combination of Sun and Rahu in the fourth house can give a lot of wealth and property to the person. However, there may be a risk of losing assets through fire or litigation. These people are successful in the agriculture sector. A person may own more than one home in his or her lifetime or purchase multiple homes or properties in a lifetime. Some people can become rich even in foreign countries. However, some natives may have to live in a rented house for many years of their lives.

Sun and Rahu in 5th house

The conjunction of Sun and Rahu in the fifth house brings health-related problems for the children. Children may have health problems and there may be a lack of peace in their lives. Your romantic affairs will be short-lived which will give you pain, anger, suffering, and sadness in life. Love marriage can bring domestic troubles and sometimes even divorce. However, this space is excellent for creative endeavors.

Sun and Rahu in 6th house

Sun and Rahu conjunction in the 6th house can bring struggle, but the struggle will also bring benefits. The person can get monetary benefits by winning in court-court and litigation. These people can earn money by using other people’s money. These people can also progress in their jobs after the age of 40 years. Some people can get government jobs after the age of 30 years. There may be a loss in business and a decline in life.

Sun and Rahu in 7th house

Sun and Rahu conjunct in the seventh house may bring problems in married life or may give health problems to you and your spouse. Some may also suffer from hidden health problems or personal ailments. There may be a lack of peace and trust in your married life. Misunderstandings and ego fights can also break your marriage. You can never be satisfied with your life partner. You can never agree with your spouse’s wishes, choices, or decisions in life. These people may suffer losses in the partnership business.

Sun and Rahu in 8th house

Sun and Rahu together in the eighth house can make you an expert in secret and mysterious subjects. Some may become astronauts, researchers, scientists, meteorologists, astrologers, palmists, tarot card readers, etc. Some may become yogis and spiritual guides, teachers, travel explorers, and tourist guides in their lives. You can also work as a librarian or computer specialist in a large educational institution. The native will be unorthodox and unorthodox in many ways.

Sun and Rahu in 9th house

Sun and Rahu conjunction in the ninth house may lead to ego clashes and misunderstandings with your father or the loss of your father at an early age. This combination is not helpful for your father’s health. However, this combination can get you high positions in your profession as Manager, Managing Director, Executive Head, Chief Accountant, Income Tax Officer, etc.

Sun and Rahu in 10th house

Sun and Rahu in the tenth house have good leadership qualities and skills. The person can become a good scholar, writer, speaker, politician, public speaker, and public motivator in life. This combination brings success in the field of law as well as finance and accounting. You may get a higher position in banking or BPO jobs. Some people can become high-profile actors, singers, directors, sports stars, models, etc.

Sun and Rahu in 11th house

Sun and Rahu combination in the 11th house can be one of the most fruitful combinations in the horoscope. The native can become very rich or wealthy through self-effort and self-made highly influential contacts. The native’s diplomatic abilities and shrewd calculated decisions can bring him huge profits in his business. These people can achieve high positions in society after the age of 40.

Sun and Rahu in 12th house

Sun and Rahu conjunction in the 12th house bring help from foreigners and success in foreign lands. The native can become a successful astrologer, phycologist, eye specialist, surgeon, physician, yoga teacher, gym instructor, meditation expert, and spiritual guru in his lifetime. The native may have the skills of a good public speaker.

Wrapping Up

The combination of Sun and Rahu gives you the desire to achieve higher positions, goals, and worldly achievements. Surya represents your father, authority, aggression, and emotion while Rahu symbolizes material happiness and prosperity as well as confusion over related situations. When both the planets are together they have a habit of accepting each other’s importance, but they are never satisfied. If you want to know more about the combination of the Sun and Rahu, then you can talk to astrologers.

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