Sun Conjunct Ketu

December 4, 2023

The conjunction of Sun and Ketu indicates that Sun refers to the energy of the main point of authority, status, and achievement that revolves around your existence in this materialistic world, while Ketu represents the setbacks of materialistic acquisition of qualities such as power. Status and success, therefore lead to a shift in focus towards spiritual and religious inclination.

All these characteristics are defined on the basis of the strength of the Sun-Ketu conjunction in your horoscope. Our ego of a person isolates him, because it creates a wall between the people around him and the world. Due to the combination of Sun and Ketu, a subtle ego is born in the minds of the people. Hence, such people can be very spiritual in life. They may also have self-confidence problems. But there is also a possibility of finding a solution to this.

These people usually become humble early in life because the ego is constantly isolated in the world or separated from the self. These people feel a loss of identity because the sun is just the ego, and without the ego, we cannot function in the material world. Sun is our soul, ego, confidence, and willpower. Surya also represents the father, king, and government.

Ketu is a headless planet. This is the south node of the Moon. Ketu represents separation, emptiness, spirituality and research. Ketu indicates things that we have already accomplished in a previous life. There is only one answer in this life. That is why wherever Ketu is situated, we do not suffer from those matters or are not satisfied.

Sun and Ketu in 1st house

Sun and Ketu conjunct in the first house makes the native fickle-minded, confused, and indecisive and brings health problems in life. There will be benefits from communication, self-development, and personality change. The native will have to work very hard to get success in his career. However, these people will have to face a lot of ups and downs in their careers. The combination of Sun-Ketu in the first house can cause lack of self-confidence and arrogance in the lives of the natives. Lack of ego is associated with lack of self-confidence, which can create problems in the person’s life. According to Vedic astrologer, which combination of Sun-Ketu can become a hindrance in the professional development of the person.

Sun and Ketu in 2nd house

Sun and Ketu being together in the second house gives them a lot of money in life. However, the native may lose a lot of money in life due to his false decisions and self-destructive attitude. The conjunction of Sun-Ketu in the 2nd house will bring problems in speech or sometimes stuttering. There may be a lack of peace in family life at an early age, but if the native becomes spiritual or religious then married life can be peaceful.

Sun and Ketu in 3rd house

Sun and Ketu conjunction in the 3rd house may cause some mental disability or lack of mental strength in life. Although the native will be physically strong, he may lack the confidence to fulfill his dreams or ambitions. Natives can become important step or initiative takers in their lives. Sun and Ketu conjunction in the third house calls for self-effort and energetic actions to achieve success in life.

Sun and Ketu in 4th house

The conjunction of Sun and Ketu in the fourth house can cause pain to your heart. You may feel heartburn after the age of 40. You may also suffer from fluctuations in blood pressure. Some people can get a lot of money from work related to agriculture and real estate. You can also benefit from the grain, transport, and oil business.

Sun and Ketu in 5th house

Sun and Ketu conjunct in the fifth house can give you a lot of mental stress after marriage. Your domestic life may at times be plagued by chaos and lack of peace. Success is possible with the cooperation and support of officials or people of elite backgrounds. You can get a high position in life at a young age but only for a short period of time.

Sun and Ketu in 6th house

The combination of Sun and Ketu in the sixth house of the birth chart can give success in the defense sector or administrative service work. Some people can become IAS, IPS, IFS, and IRS officers by qualifying for competitive exams. You may benefit financially from legal work, court cases, and litigation issues.

Sun and Ketu in 7th house

Sun and Ketu conjunction in the seventh house will bring separation or divorce from your first marriage. If your first marriage lasts forever then there may be separation between you and your spouse due to health problems or work issues. You will have trust issues and misunderstandings with your partner. You may become a victim of suspicion and problems may arise due to secret extramarital affairs.

Sun and Ketu in 8th house

Sun and Ketu conjunction in the eighth house brings sudden success and sudden downfall in life. This can lead to a short term of imprisonment. You may benefit because of your intelligence and unorthodox or weird thinking. You can benefit from your speeches and writings. Some people can become excellent coaches, teachers, guides, or motivational speakers in life.

Sun and Ketu in 9th house

Sun and Ketu conjunction in the ninth house can give success in the fields of research work, metaphysics, astronomy, microbiology, agriculture, hotel management, etc. This conjunction may give you hurdles in foreign travel and higher education but you may eventually succeed because of your courage and determination. Your mental power will be high.

Sun and Ketu in 10th house

The combination of Sun and Ketu in the tenth house will give success in the later part of life from youth struggle to spirituality. You can also earn popularity as an astrologer, painter, or writer. Those doing business related to food, dairy, and transportation will get a lot of money. Success is certain in the tour, travel, and hotel business. The person will be unconventional and clever by nature.

Sun and Ketu in 11th house

The combination of Sun and Ketu in the 11th house can be the best yoga in the horoscope. This combination in the 11th house brings a lot of opportunities and benefits in life. The native can become very rich as wealth can come from many sources. The native may become successful as a youth icon or social media influencer. It brings success in the sports and entertainment business.

Sun and Ketu in 12th house

This combination can give a lot of progress and progress in life through employment or business abroad. Meeting foreigners abroad will give you great success. Self-employment can bring you fame. Some people may get success in embassy and diplomatic work.

Wrapping Up

The conjunction of Sun and Ketu in the birth chart also bestows a lot of responsibility and duties from a young age. The native may have to lose a child, spouse, or parent at an early age. However, the Sun and Ketu conjunction can give a lot of wealth through self-employment, business, or government jobs in a short period of time. If you want to know more about the combination of the Sun and Ketu, then you can talk to astrologers.

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