Sun Associated With Father

November 30, 2023

Natives who are blessed by their parents never fail in life. But those who insult their parents, hurt them, and speak bitter words cannot achieve success even after all their efforts.

Insulting parents is equivalent to insulting God. Therefore, never insult your parents. After this, always remember that it is because of your parents that you have a place in this world.

The effect of a bad relationship with parents not only weakens the relationships but also affects some planets in your horoscope. In astrology, it has been mentioned that such planets are related to parents. In such a situation, if you insult your parents, you may have to face the pain of these planets.

Sun in Astrology

According to astrology, the Sun is considered to be the factor of the soul. Along with this, in astrology, the Sun is also considered the representation of the father. It is because of the Sun that the relationship between father and child becomes sweet or bitter. Whenever a person’s horoscope is assessed, the position of the Sun is considered first. Because in astrology, the Sun is said to be the factor of success and respect. If Sun is effective then the person achieves fame in his life. Besides this, he is vigorous and majestic. In a woman’s horoscope, the Sun is considered responsible for the success of her husband. In astrology, zodiac signs are also addressed by the name of the Sun. Which is called the Sun sign. If the Mahadasha of the Sun is going on in the horoscope of the person, then the person gets good results on Sunday. In astrology, the Sun is considered to be the lord of Leo and is exalted in Aries, while Libra is considered to be the lowest sign of the Sun.

According to astrology, if the Sun is strong in the horoscope of a person, then the person achieves all the goals in his life. Amazing courage is seen inside the person. His partner is talented and full of leadership abilities. He has no lack of respect in life. The person will be energetic, self-confident, and optimistic. Due to the presence of the person, an atmosphere of happiness and joy is being created in the house. The person is kind. The lifestyle becomes royal. The Sun being high and effective in the horoscope indicates a government job. The person achieves a high position in life.

Sun and Father Relationship

Father is related to the planet Sun. If someone does not respect his father, keeps his distance from him, or says harsh words, then the position of the Sun in his horoscope becomes weak and he may have to face many problems.

When the Sun planet is weak in Kundali, the person has to suffer physical diseases, eye, and heart-related problems and does not get respect and success even with hard work.

In astrology, the Sun has the place of the Father. Shani Dev is also the son of Surya. In such a circumstance, the mutual position of Sun and Saturn is seen for the relationship between father and son. The reason for the deteriorating father-son relationship is the inauspicious effect of the Sun and Saturn in the horoscope.

Ways to Strengthen Sun in the Birth Chart

  • If you are facing difficulties in your job and are looking for a new job, then mix jaggery in roti and feed it to a cow. When you are going for an interview for a new job, eat jaggery and drink water before leaving home. According to astrology, doing this helps. Obstacles are removed.

  • If you are under constant stress due to home job problems. If you are missing sleep at night due to stress, then taking jaggery remedy on Sunday can reduce the stress. For this, tie two kilos of jaggery in a red cloth and keep it in a good place in your bedroom. This will solve your problem.

  • To improve the weak position of the Sun in the horoscope, take 800 grams of wheat and 800 grams of jaggery and keep it in a temple on Sunday.

  • If the position of the Sun is bad then it hurts health and reputation. To get relief from diseases related to the Sun and to increase your reputation, every day add Roli, Akshat, and some jaggery to the Sun God and offer Arghya to the Sun God.

  • Sun is considered to be the causative planet of the Father. Due to the good position of the Sun, distance comes in the relationship between father and son. If this happens to you too, then according to astrology, the problem goes away by doing jaggery remedies for three consecutive Sundays. To improve your relationship with your father, flow 1.25 kg of jaggery in flowing water for three Sundays.

  • Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotra every day or at least on Sunday. This will improve the position of the Sun. And your reputation in society and family will increase. New avenues of advancement in jobs will open.

  • Every day regularly offer Arghya to the Sun God by pouring jaggery into a copper pot. This will strengthen the position of the Sun in your birth chart. It will be beneficial if you do this regularly.

Wrapping Up 

The sun is our source of energy. Because of these, we remain energetic. The smooth functioning of nature is also responsible for the Sun. Due to this, they affect us. According to online astrology consultation, the person in whose horoscope the Sun is placed in the ascendant has a big and round face and the color of the eyes is like honey. The Sun in the body of the person represents the heart. In the Kaal Purush horoscope, the zodiac sign Leo indicates the heart. According to physical structure and astrology, the Sun represents the right eye of men and the left eye of women.

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