Somwar Ka Vrat – Monday Fasting

November 9, 2023

Somwar is dedicated to Lord Shankar. On this day, devotees perform special prayers to please Lord Bholenath. Some people also keep a fast on this day so that they can get the special blessings of Shiva. If you are also fasting on Monday for the blessings of Baba Bholenath, then complete this fast by reading or listening to Shiv Vrat Katha.

According to the scriptures, this fast is observed on Monday. On this day, there is a tradition to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. For this fast, it is necessary to listen to the story of Monday’s fast after Shiva puja. A person observing fast should eat once a day.

Monday Vrat Katha

Once upon a time, a Sahukar lived in a city. There was no shortage of money in his house but he was very sad because he had no children. To get a son, he used to keep fast every Monday and go to Shiva temple with full devotion and worship Lord Shiva and Parvati.

One day, seeing his devotion, Mother Parvati became happy and requested Lord Shiva to fulfill the wish of that Sahukar. Hearing the wish of Parvati ji, Lord Shiva said, ‘O Parvati, every living being in this world gets the fruits of his deeds and has to suffer whatever is in his destiny.’ But to respect the devotion of the Sahukar, Parvati Ji expressed her desire to fulfill his wish.

At the request of Mother Parvati, Lord Shiva blessed the Sahukar to have a son but also said that his child would be only twelve years old. The Sahukar was listening to the conversation between Mother Parvati and Lord Shiva. This made him neither happy nor sad. He continued worshiping Lord Shiva as before.

After some time, a son was born in the Sahukar’s house. When the child turned eleven years old, he was sent to Kashi to study. The Sahukar called the son’s maternal uncle gave him a lot of money and said that he should take this child to acquire knowledge of Kashi and perform a yagya on the way. Wherever you organize a Yagya, go there feed the Brahmins, and give them Dakshina.

Both uncle and nephew proceeded towards Kashi, performing yagya and giving donations to the Brahmins. There was a city at night where the daughter of the king of the city was getting married. But the prince whom she was going to marry was blind with one eye. The prince thought of a plan to hide the fact that his son was missing one eye.

Seeing the Sahukar ‘s son a thought came to his mind. He thought why not make this boy a groom and get him married to the princess? After marriage, I will give him money send him away, and take the princess to my city. The boy was dressed as a groom and married to the princess. But the Sahukar ‘s son was honest. He did not find this fair.

Taking the opportunity, he wrote on the pallu of the princess’s chunni, ‘You are married to me, but the prince with whom you will be sent is one-eyed. I am going to Kashi to study.

When the princess read the things written on the chunni, she told this to her parents. The king did not bid farewell to his daughter due to which the wedding procession went back. On the other hand, the Sahukar ‘s son and his maternal uncle reached Kashi and performed a yagya there. A yagya was performed on the day the boy turned 12 years old. The boy told his uncle that he was not feeling well. Uncle told me to go inside and sleep.

As per the boon of Lord Shiva, the child passed away within a short time. Seeing his dead nephew, his maternal uncle started mourning. Coincidentally, at that very moment, Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati were passing by. Parvati said to God – Swami, I cannot bear the sound of her crying. You must relieve this person’s suffering. When Lord Shiva went near the dead child, he said that he was the son of the same Sahukar to whom I had blessed him at the age of 12 years. Now his life came to an end but Mother Parvati, overwhelmed with maternal feelings, said, O Mahadev, please grant more life to this child, otherwise his parents will also die in agony due to his separation.

At the request of Mother Parvati, Lord Shiva blessed the boy to be alive. By the grace of Lord Shiva, that boy came alive. After completing his education, the boy went to his city with his maternal uncle. Both of them started walking and reached the same city where his marriage took place. He organized a yagya in that city also. The boy’s father-in-law recognized him and took him to the palace, entertained him, and bid farewell to his daughter.

Here Sahukar and his wife were waiting for their son, hungry and thirsty. He had vowed that if he got the news of his son’s death, he would also sacrifice his life, but he was very happy to get the news of his son’s survival. The same night, Lord Shiva appeared in the businessman’s dream and said – O Shresthi, I am pleased with your Monday fast and listening to the story of the fast, and have granted a long life to your son. Similarly, whoever fasts on Monday or listens and reads the story, all his sorrows go away and all his wishes are fulfilled.

Monday Fast Rules

According to Narad Purana, during the Monday fast, a person should take a bath in the morning offer water and Bel leaves to Lord Shiva, and worship Shiva-Gauri. After worshiping Shiva, one should listen to the fast story on Monday. After this, food should be taken only once. Normally the fast on Monday lasts till the third day of the day. Meaning it is kept till evening. There are three types of Monday fast: Every Monday fast, Saumya Pradosh fast, and sixteen Monday fast.

Monday Fast For Unmarried Girl

This fast is important to get the blessings of Lord Shiva and worship him. This fast is mainly dedicated to family and society. This fast teaches us to live life with love, trust, brotherhood, and harmony. Of all the fasts of Lord Shiva, Monday’s fast is considered the best.

Both men and women can observe this fast. Unmarried girls observe this fast for a happy and peaceful life. Married girls observe fast on 16 Mondays for the long life of their husbands, the safety of their children, and the well-being of their brothers. Men observe fast on Monday for the attainment of children, wealth, and respect.

Monday Fast Benefits

Monday fast is an important day in Hindu religion, this day is dedicated to Lord Shiva. On Monday, Shiva devotees keep fast for the whole day to get the blessings of Lord Shiva. After fasting for the whole day, food should be taken in the evening, that is, you can eat once in the whole day.

The importance of fasting on Mondays of Sawan and Shravan months is even greater. The months of Sawan and Shravan are very dear to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati are worshiped during this month.

By observing fast on Monday regularly, the blessings of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati always remain on the person. Life is full of health. And, the person is liberated from all sins.

Monday Fast Rituals

Monday fast should be observed by those people whose horoscope the Moon is in a weak position or the Moon is not capable of giving favorable results. For the best results of the Moon, one should fast on Monday. This fast is also observed to remove despair and increase mental happiness. Lord Shiva is the lord of the lunar eclipse.

Of all the planets, the Moon is closest to the Earth, so it influences our life and mind. Therefore, people whose birth sign and birth constellation are Moon must observe fast on Monday. This fast is also observed for the health and maternal happiness of the mother.

How to Start Monday Fast

  • On Monday, wake up in Brahma Muhurta and take a bath, etc.

  • Sprinkle Ganga water or holy water all over the house.

  • Install an idol or picture of Lord Shiva in a holy place in the house.

  • If Shiva Linga is installed in your house then the puja should start with Abhishek.

  • After Abhishek, Lord Shiva is pleased with Belpatra, Samipatra, Doob, Kusha, Lotus, Neelkamal, Janvaphool Kaner, Mustard flowers, etc.

  • Meditate on Lord Shiva.

  • After meditation, worship Lord Shiva with the mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay'(ओम शिवाय नम:’) and worship Goddess Parvati with the mantra ‘Om Shivay Namah’. Listen to the fast story after the puja. After this perform Aarti and distribute Prasad.

Wrapping Up

Fast is observed on Monday to please Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are worshiped during the Monday fast. All men and women can observe Somvar fast. It is beneficial to observe the fast systematically. According to the scriptures, the fasting period of this fast is between sunrise and sunset. To know more about how to observe Somwar Ka Vrat, take an online astrology phone consultation.

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