Shukrawar Ka Vrat – Friday Fasting

November 9, 2023

In the Hindu religion, Shukrawar is dedicated to Mata Lakshmi and Mata Santoshi. According to religious beliefs, worshiping Maa Santoshi and Maa Lakshmi on this day brings happiness, prosperity, good fortune, and wealth. Many people observe fast on Friday.

Friday fast can be started from the first Friday of Shukla Paksha of any month. It is said that the person who fasts for 16 consecutive Fridays is blessed with happiness and good fortune by Mother Santoshi. Keep in mind that during the fast of Maa Santoshi, sour things are not consumed at all.

In Sanatan tradition, the planet Venus is considered to be related to the planet Venus. Friday is also named after the god Venus. If there is a defect related to the planet Venus in your horoscope, then to remove it and get its auspiciousness, you should observe a fast on the 21st or 31st Friday. Along with this, things related to Venus like sugar, rice, white clothes, etc. should be donated on this day.

Friday Vrat Katha

It occurred a long time ago. An old woman had seven sons. Six of them were earning and one was unemployed. The old lady would lovingly feed her six sons and later feed the leftover leftovers from her plate to the seventh son. The wife of the seventh son was very sad about this because he was very innocent and did not pay attention to such things.

One day the daughter-in-law told her husband about feeding her the baby. The husband, pretending to have a headache, lay down in the kitchen and saw the truth himself. He decided at that very moment to go to another state. When he started leaving, his wife asked for his sign. He gave the ring to his wife and left. As soon as he reached another state, he got a job in a tailor’s shop and soon made his place with hard work.

Here, after the son left the house, the in-laws and father-in-law started torturing the daughter-in-law. After getting all the household work done, he would send him to the forest to fetch wood and when he returned, he would keep straw bread and water in a coconut shell. In this way, the daughter-in-law’s days were being spent in immense pain. One day, while bringing wood, he saw some women worshiping Santoshi Mata and asked about the method of worship. According to what was heard from him, the daughter-in-law also sold some wood and took jaggery and gram worth Rs. 1.25 and took a vow to go to the temple of Santoshi Mata.

As soon as two Fridays passed, both her husband’s address and money arrived. The daughter-in-law went to the temple and requested the mother to bring her husband back. Giving him a boon, Mother Santoshi appeared to her son in a dream and narrated her daughter-in-law’s plight. Along with this, he resolved to go home after completing his work. With the blessings of the mother, the son’s work was completed on the very next day and he went home with his clothes and jewellery.

There the daughter-in-law used to collect wood and visit Mataji’s temple every day and share her happiness and sorrow. One day mother informed her that her husband was going to return today. You keep some wood on the bank of the river and go home late and call from the courtyard, Mother-in-law, take the wood and give me straw bread, give me water in a coconut shell. The daughter-in-law did the same. Seeing the wood he had kept on the river bank, the son felt hungry and after making bread and eating it, he went home. When his mother asked for food at home, he refused and asked about his wife. Then the daughter-in-law came and started asking for straw bread and water in coconut shells. The mother-in-law started lying in front of the son that she eats four times a day, but today she is pretending to see you. Seeing this whole scene, the son started living comfortably in another house with his wife.

When Friday came, the wife expressed her desire for Udyapan and after getting her husband’s permission, she invited her brother-in-law’s sons. Sister-in-law knew that eating sour food was prohibited during Friday’s fast. He sent his children after teaching them to ask for sour things. The children ate their fill of kheer and then sat down to eat sour food. When the aunt did not give it, she asked for money and bought tamarind and ate it. Santoshi Mata became angry with this and the king’s soldiers captured her daughter-in-law’s husband and took him away. The daughter-in-law went to the temple and apologized and resolved to return to Udyapan. With this, her husband left the king’s place and returned home. Next Friday, the daughter-in-law called the Brahmin’s children for dinner and instead of giving money as Dakshina, they gave one fruit each. Santoshi Mata was pleased with this and soon the daughter-in-law was blessed with a beautiful son. Seeing the daughter-in-law, the entire family started worshiping Santoshi Mata as per the rituals and attained eternal happiness.

Friday Fast Rules

  • During this fast, along with the fasting person, other members of the Family should also not eat sour things.
  • Tamasic food is prohibited in this fast.
  • On this day, give food to the poor and needy and give Dakshina.
  • Bhog has special importance in this fast. Jaggery and gram should be offered to Mata Santoshi. It is very good if you wear red clothes while observing this fast. Consuming sour food is prohibited in this fast. Also, during the fast of Santoshi Mata, the fasting person should not consume salt.

Friday Fast For Unmarried Girl

Unmarried girls who are not getting married or are facing any kind of obstacle should observe this fast with devotion.

Friday Fast Benefits

By observing fast on Friday, blessings of Santoshi Mata are showered. Poverty and poverty are destroyed. The effect of this fast brings profit in business, success in examination, victory in court, and happiness and prosperity in homes. Apart from this, unmarried girls get the groom of their choice.

If you are wishing for a happy marriage then fasting on Friday is beneficial for you. With this fast, long pending work gets completed. Friday fast brings happiness, peace, and prosperity in life. There is also a belief in getting success in court cases.

Friday Fast Rituals

Friday fast is always started on the first Friday of Shukla Paksha. But, do not start this fast in Pitru Paksha. Follow this fast till 16 Fridays.

Friday fast is observed in 3 ways. On this day, along with Lord Venus, Santoshi Mata, and Vaibhav Lakshmi Devi are also worshipped. The methods of all three fasts are different. The men and women who observe the fast of Santoshi Mata on Friday.

How to Start Friday Fast

  • Get up before sunrise on Friday.
  • After cleaning the house, take a bath yourself.
  • Then install the idol or picture of Mata Santoshi in the holy place of the house.
  • Fill a big vessel with pure water.
  • Then place jaggery and roasted gram in a bowl over the vessel filled with water.
  • Now light a lamp in front of the idol of the Goddess.
  • Perform proper worship of Mata Santoshi.
  • After this listen to the story of Friday fast.
  • Keep in mind that while listening or reading the story, keep jaggery and roasted gram in your hands.
  • Then perform the aarti of Santoshi Maa.
  • After Aarti, offer food to the Mother Goddess and then distribute that Prasad.
  • After completion of the puja, sprinkle water from a big vessel in the house and pour the remaining water into the Tulsi plant.

Wrapping Up

According to the Hindu religion, all seven days of the week have their own significance because all of them are associated with the worship of some planet or deity. According to Hindu belief, Friday is considered very auspicious for the worship of Mother Santoshi, who removes all troubles, Mother Lakshmi, who fills the house with wealth, and the planet Venus, which is considered the cause of happiness and prosperity. According to Hindu belief, a person who wants to get the blessings of Mother Santoshi, Mother Vaibhav Lakshmi, and planet Venus, should observe the fast on Friday with full rituals. To know more about how to observe Shukrawar Ka Vrat, take an online astrology phone consultation.

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