Shaniwar Ka Vrat – Saturday Fasting

November 9, 2023

The ruling deity of Saturday is Shani Maharaj. He gives results to a person according to his deeds, that is why he is called the God of Justice. People facing the Mahadasha of Saturn should keep fast on Saturday because if the giver of the fruits of the deeds is happy with your worship, then there will be an end of sorrows in your life. Shani Dev likes black things very much, hence black sesame seeds, black clothes, oil, and urad are very dear to him. These items must be used in the worship of Shani Dev.

Saturday Vrat Katha

Once there was an argument among all the nine planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Buddha, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. which one is the biggest? After fighting among themselves, all the Devraj reached Indra. Indra could not make a decision in the situation of confusion. But he suggested to all the planets that only King Vikramaditya on Earth can decide this because he is a very just king.

Everyone on earth went to King Vikramaditya and told the reason for their arrival. The king became very upset after hearing about their problem. It was natural for him to be worried because if anyone is considered inferior to him, he will get angry. After a lot of thinking, the king thought of a solution. He constructed nine thrones from gold, silver, bronze, brass, lead, iron, zinc, mica, and iron. They were placed in the order given above.

Everyone was requested to take their seats on the throne in order. A condition was laid down that the one who was the last to sit on the throne would be considered the youngest. Due to this Shani Dev could attain the seat last and was called the youngest. In a fit of anger, Shanidev thought that the king had done all this deliberately. Angered, he said to the king, “King, you don’t know me.” Sun moves in one zodiac sign for one month, Moon for two and a half months and two days, Mars for one and a half months, Jupiter for thirteen months, Buddha and Venus for one month each, but I stay for two and a half to seven and a half years. I have destroyed the great ones. When Shri Ram’s Sade Sati arrived, he had to wander through the jungles and when Ravana arrived, Lanka had to be defeated by the army of monkeys.

Angry Shanidev told the king that now you need to be careful. Saying this, Shani Dev left from there in an angry state.

Time passed and the king’s half-century arrived as the wheel of time began to rotate. Then Shani Dev went to the king’s kingdom disguised as a horse dealer. There were many horses of good breed with them. When the king came to know about the merchant’s horses, he sent Ashwapal to buy good horses. Ashwapal bought many good horses, apart from this the merchant gave as a gift a horse of the best breed for the king to ride.

As soon as King Vikramaditya sat on that horse, he started running towards the forest at a gallop. After reaching inside the forest he disappeared. The king kept wandering in the forest due to hunger and thirst. Suddenly he saw a cowherd, who quenched the king’s thirst. The king happily gave him his ring and went towards the city. After reaching a merchant’s shop there, he drank water and told his name as Vika. Luckily, Seth earned a lot that day. Seth was happy and took them home with him.

There was a necklace hanging on a peg in Seth’s house, which the peg was swallowing. Within a short time, the necklace completely disappeared. When Seth came back the necklace was missing. He felt that Vika had stolen him. Seth got Vika handed over to the policeman and as punishment, the king considered him a thief and got his hands and legs amputated. In his crippled condition, he was thrown out of the city. Just then an oilman was passing by, who took pity on Vika. He made Vika sit in his car. Vika started prodding the oxen with his tongue.

After some time the king’s Saturn period ended. When the rainy season arrived, Vika Malhar started singing. Manbhavani, a princess of a city, after listening to Malhar, took a vow in her heart that she would marry whoever was singing this raga. They sent maids to search for him but when they came back they all told him that he was a crippled man. The princess did not agree even after knowing this and the very next day she sat on a fast. When the princess did not agree after repeated persuasion, the king called the oilman and asked him to make preparations for the marriage with Vika.

The princess got married to Vika. One day, Shani Dev came into Vika’s dream and said, Rajan, you have suffered so much pain by calling me small. The king folded his hands apologizing and said, O Shani Dev! Don’t give such pain to anyone else as you have given me. Shani Dev agreed to this request and said that all your troubles would go away with my fast and story. Whoever meditates on me daily and throws flour to the ants, all his wishes will be fulfilled.

Shani Dev also gave back his hands and legs to the king. The next day when the princess opened her eyes in the morning, she was surprised. Vika tells Manbhavani that he is King Vikramaditya of Ujjain. Manibhavi was bursting with joy. The king and the townspeople were all very happy. When Seth heard this, he fell at his feet and started apologizing. The king said that all this was the effect of Shani Dev’s anger and there was no fault of anyone in this. Seth requested and said I will get peace only when you go to my house and have food. Seth welcomed the king with many types of dishes. While the king was eating, the same peg that had swallowed the necklace was now spitting it out.

Seth thanked the king by giving him many coins and requested to marry his daughter Shrikanwari. The king gladly accepted. The king returned to Ujjain City with his two queens Manbhavani and Shrikanwari. The entire city lit garlands and celebrated happily. The king declared that I had described Shani Dev as the youngest, but in reality, he is the supreme. Since then, the worship and story of Shani Dev started becoming regular in the entire state. An atmosphere of happiness and joy was created among all the people. Whoever listens to or reads the story of Shani Dev’s fast, all his sorrows go away.

Saturday Fast Rules

If you are going to keep a fast on Saturday, then do not eat any Tamasic food the day before. On the day of fasting, do not abuse anyone or think wrong in your mind. Feed flour to ants and also donate to the poor. One who fasts on Saturday should eat fruits throughout the day. During this fast one should not eat food during the day. The fast should be broken by eating khichdi of urad dal in the evening. The next day of the fast, one should eat something only after taking a bath and worshiping in the morning, otherwise, the fast is not considered complete. By observing fast in this way, Shanidev’s blessings start showering and the path of good fortune opens. While worshiping on this day, instead of looking into the eyes of Shani Dev, attention should be kept at his feet.

Saturday Fast For Unmarried Girl

If unmarried girls are fasting on Saturday then they should not touch the idol of Shani even by mistake. According to the scriptures, doing so impacts them with negative energy. An unmarried girl should not even apply oil on the idol of Shani, this rule is only for men. It is beneficial for women to recite Shani Chalisa in the temple.

Saturday Fast Benefits

To get rid of Shani Dosh, fasting on Saturday is considered very beneficial. It is believed that by observing fast on Saturday one gets relief from the troubles of Shani Sade Sati and Dhaiya. Fasting on this day brings success in job and business. Observing this fast brings happiness and prosperity in life and maintains respect.

By fasting on Saturday, a person’s life becomes free from diseases, and his age increases. Fasting on Saturday increases hard work, discipline, and decision-making ability. It is believed that by observing fast and worshiping Shani Dev with full devotion, all the troubles of a person go away. By observing fast on Saturday, one gets freedom from the negative effects of Saturn’s Sadesati, Mahadasha, and Shani Dosh.

By fasting on Saturday, the defect of Saturn in the horoscope gets eliminated. This fast is very effective in avoiding the wrath of Shanidev. People who are facing hindrances in their jobs or are not getting any work done, their work also start getting done by observing this fast. Along with success, respect also increases. There is peace and happiness in the house and health benefits are also there. That is why fasting on Saturday is considered to give very auspicious results.

Saturday Fast Rituals

Saturday is dedicated to Shani, the god of justice and punishment. Those people on whom Shani showers his blessings, their bad deeds get resolved within minutes and if he gets angry with them then life becomes difficult. Shanidev gives the results of both good and bad deeds, that is why he is also called the giver of Karmaphal. People who have a Saturn defect in their horoscope have to face a lot of troubles and those who have a strong Saturn in their horoscope, progress a lot. But every person wants Shanidev’s blessings to continue to shower on him and his vision should never be distorted. If you want to please Shanidev then fasting on Saturday is very beneficial. By observing this fast all sorrows and sufferings go away.

While fasting till 7 Saturdays, for protection from the wrath of Saturn, use the Samidha of Shani Mantra, for protection from the evil eye of Rahu, use the Samidha of Durva, for protection from Ketu, use the Samidha of Kusha, Krishna Barley, Black Sesame for protection from Ketu. 108 offerings should be made for each.

How to Start Saturday Fast

Saturday fast should be started from Saturday of any Shukla Paksha. After waking up early in the morning and completing your daily routine and bathing, take a resolution to fast on this day. After this, place the idol of Shani Dev or Shani Yantra. After installing the idol, bathe Lord Shani Dev with Panchamrit. Install the idol of Shani Dev on a 24 lotus made of rice.

After this, offer black clothes, black sesame seeds, mustard oil, incense, a lamp, etc. to Shani Dev. Light a mustard oil lamp in front of Lord Shani(Shani Dev). Offer sweet puri and black urad dal khichdi to Shani Dev. Now read the story of Shani Dev and chant his mantras. In the end, perform Aarti and apologize to Shanidev for your mistakes.

After worshiping Shanidev, water the Peepal tree. Place a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree and revolve around it seven times. On Saturday, one should remember the name of Shanidev in the mind throughout the day. After worshiping Shani, feed food to a poor person and send him off by giving him Dakshina. A black dog should be fed on this day. Break the fast in the evening. Saturday fast should be broken with black urad dal and khichdi.

Wrapping Up

Among all the planets, Saturn has the most harmful effects on humans. Therefore, while fasting on Saturday, one should worship Lord Shani. Although the Saturday fast can be started at any time, starting the Saturday fast in the month of Shravan is considered to have special significance. To know more about how to observe Shaniwar Ka Vrat, take an online astrology phone consultation.

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