Saturn Mahadasha – Shani Mahadasha

September 21, 2023

Saturn or Shani is the most powerful planet according to Vedic astrology. It is the slowest-moving planet. That is why it is dry, barren, and cold. Therefore, people experience its effects very intensely and for a longer period of time as compared to other planets.

Every person on earth comes under the influence of Shani Mahadasha and Sade Sati. The effect of this planet is extreme and unpredictable. It can give a person lots of success, or a life full of difficulties. The planet Saturn favors those people who are born under Venus.

Saturn is associated with discipline, hard work, karma, patience, ambition, longevity, and procrastination. Saturn’s Mahadasha lasts for about 19 years in a person’s life. It brings a lot of opportunities during that period. Shani does not tolerate injustice. It is the judge of all the planets.

Shani Dasha Period

Shani Mahadasha is a period of 19 years in which a person has to face many obstacles to achieve his goal. Shani in Vedic astrology is a symbol of karma, hard work, ambitions, and limitations. It also means workers, employees, and old and disabled people.

The obstacles and obstructions that a person has to face during this time period are often the result of one’s own karma in this life as well as in previous lives. Shani is known to bestow success in life, but this success does not come easily. To teach you humility and self-awareness and to stay grounded even at the height of life, this planet throws a lot of obstacles in front of you. All these challenges will, ultimately, make you strong and courageous and give you the willpower to fight against all the negativities in life.

Saturn Vimshottari Dasha

Saturn’s Mahadasha is for a period of 19 years. Shani is considered to be one of the most powerful planets among all the nine planets. It is considered to be the most just planet that punishes a person harshly for his illegal conduct. It is a planet related to justice and cannot tolerate injustice. Shani is already known to be the source of various horoscope-related issues like Shani Sade Sati, Shani Dosha, etc. Shani Mahadasha is one such period. Although Shani is anyway an inauspicious planet, the effect of the Mahadasha of Shani can be good or bad depending on the situation.

In astrology, Shani Dev has been called the god of justice. It is believed that Shani Dev (Shani Dev) gives the result of good and bad deeds of a person. In such a situation, those who do good deeds are blessed by Shani Dev. On the other hand, Shani Dev punishes those who do bad deeds. It is said that due to the negative effect of Saturn, a person is not able to succeed in any work. He gets failure at every step. On the contrary, when Shani Dev keeps his auspicious and positive vision on someone, then there is success in every work. According to the calculations of astrology, Shani Mahadasha lasts for 19 years. During this time, if the malefic aspect of Shani falls on the native, then he has to go through a lot of difficulties.

Shani Mahadasha Effect

Positive Effects of Shani Mahadasha

The effect of Saturn Mahadasha can make your character and the years ahead brighter. It can give you immense wealth, success, and lots of monetary benefits. Your social status will increase; You can become richer than rich during this Mahadasha. It is also possible that you will not have to work hard and success will kiss your feet spontaneously. It all depends on the position of Saturn in your birth chart.

Also, you are likely to get your ranking due to lots of knowledge, spiritual development, long life, control over people, or influential friends. There is every possibility that your family life will be good. You will mostly be engaged in hard work where your body needs a lot of use. Saturn represents Karma, hard work, truthfulness, and luck. Your life will mainly revolve around these realities of life.

Your inner strength and will are going to emerge beautifully during Shani Mahadasha. You will always be ready to face new challenges and overcome any obstacle. Shani gives you success but the way to reach that success brings difficulties and is not fruitful.

Negative Effects of Shani Mahadasha

You are going to have a lot of restlessness in Saturn Mahadasha. This period instills fear inside the individual, causing immense pain, sorrow, suffering, health issues, domestic or social conflicts, loss of loved ones, loss of source of income, and many other effects. If Shani is in a bad house then it can bring disastrous results in your life.

You will experience a lot of delay in everything, be it the result or the beginning of something. There will be many challenges in every area of your life, career or personal. Disinterest is a common problem during Saturn Mahadasha. This emptiness can be created by you or by the people in your life. You will always be in a state of denial, which will make things difficult for you.

Lethargy is another major influence that can occur on you during this Mahadasha. This lethargy can make you lethargic and push you away from your goal. There is a high chance that you will lose everything or suffer major damage that cannot be repaired.

Shani Mahadasha Remedies

Shani Mahadasha is one of the most powerful dashas in astrology.As mentioned. If the position of Saturn is strong in your horoscope. So it will obviously affect your life in very positive ways. If it is bad. So you can be introduced to various health, Christianity, Japanese music, etc. In this note, we will mention some positive measures. Which can change your life and show attractive results.

  • Chant Shani Mantra at least 108 times and recite Hanuman Chalisa every day. Can help you get through stressful periods efficiently.

  • You can also buy food, clothes or any item. Because it is an excellent way to please Lord Shani.

  • You can do Abhishek with water and milk on Shiva Linga as Rudrabhishek. Which is very auspicious and gives fruitful results.

  • You can go to Shani temple and take mustard oil and sesame oil. You can also get more attractive offers for worshiping Lord Shiva.

  • Since Lord Shani travels sitting on a crow. He is very close to Lord Shani. That’s why people worship crows and peepal trees to avoid negative eyes.

  • Let’s say there is a serious condition that is negatively affecting your life. In that case, the Mrityunjaya mantra is a short and two-line mantra. Whatever can help you start your day with positivity and spirituality.

  • In astrology, it is believed that to overcome Shani Mahadasha, the rice should be eaten mixed with urad dal (khichdi) on Saturday.

  • Wearing 14 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered very effective. You can wear it on your neck or at your price.

  • By wearing black clothes, you can avoid the effects of Shani Mahadasha.

  • Old oil is one of the remedies to remove Shani Dasha. You can warm mustard oil and massage your whole body before sleeping.

  • As we know that Shani dasha affects your life due to your bad deeds. Which you have to face as Karma. So you can start doing good deeds. Due to this Shani Dev will forgive you for all your past deeds.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, being an inauspicious planet, Saturn has a negative effect on the natives. However, a well-placed Shani can bring rapid success in the life of the native. Immense success, wealth, and prosperity can also be achieved. Measures have been suggested to reduce its side effects. Shani is the planet related to justice and ensures that you either have everything or nothing. Many factors affect the result of Mahadasha. If you want to know more about Shani Mahadasha then you can get information by taking an take astrology phone consultations.

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