Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra – Saturn in Pushya

February 15, 2024

Saturn is here in its own Nakshatra because it is the ruling planet of Pushya Nakshatra. However, at the same time, Saturn is in the enemy sign Cancer; Therefore, it can bring sadness to the mind and emotions. Saturn represents hard work, discipline, perseverance, and success after delay. As a result, everything related to the topic of the 4th house (Cancer) and Pushya Nakshatra will come after hard work and delay. Saturn is related to service, so these people generously provide these services to others.

People with Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra may work hard in caring for and nurturing others. This is because Saturn is the planet of hard work, duty, and service; however, Pushya is related to nurturing and caring for others. Therefore, these individuals feel as if they have to serve someone in their life. If Saturn is in the fifth house of children then they serve their children. If Saturn is in the seventh house of their spouse, they feel that they should serve their spouse. Due to Saturn being in Pushya, people will have to work hard for abundance and wealth. This is because Saturn suppresses the wealth aspect of Pushya Nakshatra; However, it will bring results and prosperity after hard work and delay. On the other hand, there may be discord in relations with the mother.

Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra is good or bad  

In Pushya Nakshatra, Saturn is in its own constellation but in the enemy sign. The common theme of Saturn, Pushya, and Cancer is caring for and nurturing others. Saturn itself represents illness and sorrow. Therefore, this planetary position can easily lead one toward the medical side of a career. They may not have a degree or certificate in medicine but they may be naturally good at healing others. This is their innate ability to heal others. With Saturn, law will always be another career possibility, especially if Saturn is in the sixth or ninth house.

Pushya also represents the mother’s love. Saturn in Pushya shows a very difficult karmic relationship with the mother. They may feel a lack of mother’s care/love/nurture. Sometimes, it can also lead to a toxic relationship between mother and child. It also reflects their own difficulties in becoming parents. They may be inclined towards adopting a child. They do not get much companionship from their mother but if they live with their mother for a long time it can be a very difficult relationship emotionally. It reflects a person who is emotionally repressed. They feel that they never got a chance to express their feelings.

Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra Pada 1

In this Pada, the effect of Saturn is negative for the person. The person is more short-tempered, more short-tempered, more angry, more destructive, hates educated people, and loses in fights.

Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra Pada 2

In this Pada, the butterfly will be full of life, noble, kind, and lion in appearance but timid inside.

Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra Pada 3

In this Pada, there will be high-ranking scientists, people with higher education, researchers, high-ranking officials in the education department, students, and people who have acquired property.

Saturn in Pushya Nakshatra Pada 4

In this Pada, one who criticizes astrology finds shortcomings, is older than a maternal uncle, loses parents in childhood, stays away from economics or physics, belongs to any special relationship, and belongs to the middle class in terms of wealth. will be.

Wrapping Up

Pushya is the Nakshatra of nurturing and taking care of people without any selfishness. Due to the mythological story involved it is closely linked to adoption and child care. Pushya is a part of the Cancer sign, so the Cancer sign and its representation becomes important. There are two and a half constellations in the Cancer zodiac sign namely Punarvasu, Pushyami and Ashlesha. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which represents almost the same things that Cancer and the fourth house represent. If you want to know more about Saturn in Pushya nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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