Saturn in all 12 houses of Virgo Ascendant

September 29, 2023

The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury, which also has its own zodiac sign Gemini. While Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo, the position of Saturn in each of these signs brings different results due to the difference in the nature of the signs. Gemini is an air sign and when an air planet like Saturn is placed in it, the person often develops a tendency to build castles in the air and becomes selfish. When Saturn is placed in an earthy sign like Virgo Ascendant, which is represented by the subtle and calm Virgo, the person is highly intelligent. Such a person is stable, tries to understand the other person, and makes decisions after thinking very carefully.

Saturn in 1st House for Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant, if Saturn is in the first house then the person is not beautiful. There is one disease or the other in a person’s body. The person is lucky, religious, influential, and long-lived. A lucky and respected, well-wisher of all, the welfare of brothers, worried in the middle of life, has a long life. Will be more careful about self-respect. immovable property and land granted by the government; And senior. If Saturn is retrograde or weak then the person will get adverse results. many love affairs. The native gets a good education. The native has capable children but has some hostility towards them and suffers from isolation. The person is brave and courageous.

Saturn in 2nd House for Virgo Ascendant

If Saturn is in the 2nd house for a Virgo Ascendant, then the person does some grand work and earns a lot of money. Still, he sees some problems in the joint family. The native remains dissatisfied with his mother. The native loses the benefits of land and residential property. The person feels restlessness. The native loses the benefits of the longevity of his life (subject to other factors and investigations in the personal chart) and inheritance. The native works hard to earn money and gets some money. The person spends his life between happiness and suffering. Their domestic life is also painful. Worried and unhappy, deprived of the happiness and affection of the mother. Unfortunate in the early part of life, but lucky and wealthy in the last part of life. Profit from children and investment. Loss through servants.

Saturn in 3rd House for Virgo Ascendant

If Saturn is in the 3rd house for a Virgo ascendant, then the person is energetic, courageous, and very influential. The person remains satisfied with his brothers and sisters and has full influence on them. His father also helps him. The native gets victory over the enemies. The native gets success and fame in the government and society. Big family and many relationships. Justice-loving, victorious over enemies, and a gainer of wealth. Will benefit from other’s money. Trouble with brothers. Loves travel, sports, drama and adventure. mental illness The native is intelligent and gets an education. The person is quarrelsome and bitter. The native experiences some problems related to children. The person is happy with his wife and enjoys sexual pleasure. The person is lucky and works hard for progress and success in his business.

Saturn in 4th House for Virgo Ascendant

If Saturn is in the fourth house for the Virgo Ascendant, then she is fortunate and respectable, there is a loss of paternal property at the beginning of life. Money can cause loss for parents. Worries, lawsuits, deprivation of mother’s affection, and suffering in the middle of life. Father’s disease due to change and worry. Will be lucky in the second half of life. Love of home. The native has to face some difficulties in getting land and residential property. The native takes the help of others. The native remains dissatisfied with his mother. The native dislikes his wife and increases household expenses. The person loses family happiness. The native has a long life and follows religious traditions. The native has complete control and influence over the enemies and gains in court cases or lawsuits. The native gets fatherly affection and respect from the government and the society.

Saturn in 5th House for Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo Ascendant, if Saturn is in the 5th house then there are worries, troubles in early life, not being very intelligent, loss of ancestral property, and birth of a child who will be sick. love affairs. Traveling in a foreign land, disrespected and in debt. If Saturn is aspected by Jupiter then the results are opposite. Adventure, speculation, or investment. In case of suffering, opposite results are obtained. The person uses many strategies related to business, but he is not able to earn much. The person feels disappointed. When Jupiter is in a good position and is in a strong position, good results are obtained. The person is hardworking and works hard for success and professional progress to get good profits from regular hard work. The person is religious and participates in religious traditions. The person always experiences worry and anxiety in his joint family.

Saturn in 6th House for Virgo Ascendant

If Saturn is in the 6th house for a Virgo Ascendant, then there is victory over innumerable enemies. anxiety, displeasure with the government; Sometimes litigation, trouble, illness, danger, and loss of wealth and honor. Benefits and good relations with superiors and officers. Blessings of the vehicle and good health. If Saturn is set or retrograde, then inauspicious effects will prevail. If Jupiter has a good aspect then the opposite result is obtained. The person is quarrelsome and talks crookedly. The native gets benefits from court cases and defeats his enemies. The person does not care about diseases. The native experiences some suffering from his wife and children. The person does not have any faith in Almighty God.

Saturn in 7th House for Virgo Ascendant

If Saturn is in the 7th house for Virgo ascendant, then the native has to face dangers many times in life and feels some difficulty in longevity of life and benefits of inheritance. The person is very unfortunate. The person gets into trouble with their wife and children. The native also has to face obstacles from the enemies. Poor and lucky, unhappy young life, loss, and sorrow in midlife. Loss of ancestral property and children. Variation in service. Health problems due to bile. It is also called Ashtam Shani. Financial rewards for faithful service. Loss from betting and gambling. The native loses respect in the community. Native respects his father but faces obstacles in getting success and progress in his profession/business. The native is hardworking, efficient, and talkative.

Saturn in 8th House for Virgo Ascendant

If Saturn is in the 8th house for Virgo ascendant, the native earns some money through his clever efforts and tries to get fame in the government and society. The native receives less education but is naturally intelligent. The person has stomachache and diseases of the secret organs of the body. Family life does not remain happy and peaceful. The person enjoys happiness from his business. The native is physically weak, and has some diseases, but is very stable and stubborn to overcome the troubles and diseases of life. The native lacks in maintaining peace and harmony and needs proper comfort and happiness in life.

Saturn in 9th House for Virgo Ascendant

If Saturn is in the 9th house for a Virgo Ascendant, then the person is knowledgeable and clever. The person looks lucky. The native has a keen interest in religion and believes in the power of Almighty God. The person participates in religious activities. The native leads a luxurious life and gets respect from the government and society. The person has a long life. The person is courageous, hardworking, and arrogant. The person is very influential and gets huge benefits. The person has some enmity towards his brothers and sisters. The native is adept at getting benefits from disputes or court cases. The person never cares about his enemies. He defeats them with his intellectual power. Native always looks happy, but family life is not peaceful.

Saturn in 10th House for Virgo Ascendant

For a Virgo Ascendant, if Saturn is in the 10th house, then he is not religious, he is against his parents. Low professional and dishonest. Can be cruel and deceitful towards subordinates. Successful children in betting, respect from national activities. The native gets some difficulty from his father, but he is skilled, hardworking, capable, and courageous. The native works hard and achieves great success and progress in his business/vocation. The person gets a lot of respect in the government and society. The person is careless in spending money. The person faces obstacles in earning from outside. The native gets the affection of the mother and benefits of property and transport facilities. The person gets respect from his children. The person is very skilled in political matters. The influence of such a person increases and he gets commercial success.

Saturn in 11th House for Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant, if Saturn is in the 11th house then there is a quarrelsome wife, unhappy life, disturbed marital life, humiliation, defeat, and defamation in the middle part of life. Hopes were gained through acquaintances, interest in politics, and social welfare. love of children The person is ambitious and hardworking. The person works hard to achieve success in the income sense. The person earns enough money through his intellectual strategy and simple methods. The person knows the art of earning money and has influence over his enemies. The person is not attractive in appearance. The person is disabled. The person is intelligent but lacks higher education and support for his children. The person enjoys the happiness and sexual pleasure of his beloved wife. The person is worried about the longevity of life and the benefits of inheritance. The person always has to face obstacles and hindrances in life.

Saturn in 12th House for Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant, if Saturn is in the 12th house then the person is weak in spending. The person spends a lot of money on the treatment of diseases and has to suffer financial loss. The person experiences some difficulties in earning money from foreign contacts. The person is always worried. A person works hard to increase his wealth through secret tips and tricks and keeps making new wealth accumulation plans. The middle part will be respectable, victory over enemies, overall miserable life, poor, suffering, burdened with debt, and troubled. You may have to stay away from home, there will be ups and downs in life. anxious life. Happy old age The person feels uneasy and has to face troubles from his enemies. Family life is busy. The person is unlucky and has less faith in God. Sometimes, they search for happiness and peace in the family but fail to find it.

Wrapping Up

Saturn in Virgo Ascendant makes a person very clever and creative. However, such a person struggles to be self-reliant and often relies on the advice of others. Such people are very helpful. They have few friends but they are very loyal. However, they can sometimes be rude, quarrelsome, and narrow-minded. Their success is often the result of careful investment and strategic planning. They do not worry about small problems and obstacles in life and work hard for success. However, sometimes health deteriorates. If Saturn is weak or afflicted by Saturn in Virgo ascendant, then it becomes necessary to take measures for this, and to know the solution one should talk with astrologers.

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