Revati Nakshatra Characteristics

November 6, 2023

Revati Nakshatra is the last and 27th lunar position for the Moon. It is considered an auspicious Nakshatra for performing puja, planning trips, buying new clothes, getting married, and having children. Let us know in detail what Revati Nakshatra is. The word Revati is derived from ‘Revat’, which means wealth. Hence, it indicates that the people of this Nakshatra are gifted with financial security. It has a symbol of a pair of fish and a drum. The fish represents learning and progress, while the drum represents the vigilance and enthusiasm of the times. The deity of Revati Nakshatra is ‘Pushan’, also known as ‘Surya’. It is part of the Sun in Revati Nakshatra and radiates supreme power, protection, and prosperity. Mercury, the ruling planet in Revati Nakshatra, brings knowledge and creativity. The gender of Revathi Nakshatra is ‘Female’ and its associated characteristics.

Revati Nakshatra Astrology

Pusha or Pushan, the deity of Revati Nakshatra, is the 11th Aditya. He is considered the god of marriage, travel, passage, marriage, protection from wild animals, and freedom from the exploitation of humans. Pusha is a symbol of activity, a factor in human flourishing. It is described in 8 hymns of Rigveda, it is considered a nourishing and protective constellation. According to Muhurta astrology, it is a sweet and delicate constellation of music and jewelry. It is the factor of journey and rebirth. The initial life of the person is disappointing and painful, but he is patient. There are childhood diseases. The person loves water, gets benefits from aquatic things, and is an unwavering devotee of God. This is an auspicious, satvik, feminine constellation. Its caste is Shudra, Yoni Gaj, Yoni Vair Singh, Dev Gana, Nadi, etc. He is the lord of the east direction.

Revati Nakshatra Traits

Among the 27 Nakshatras, Revati is the most soothing and benevolent Nakshatra. This is a very lucky and positive constellation. People of this constellation are extremely optimistic. They remain calm even in the most difficult times. They trust in God and know how to keep their faith in Him when nothing seems to go their way. However, this tendency stunts their growth because, at times, they do nothing more than maintain their belief.

Men and women of Revati Nakshatra have a lot of expectations from others. They want love, care, appreciation, and attention. They are soft and gentle and never use any harsh words in their speech. They are very intelligent and know how to fix complicated situations. These people are not ambitious about their careers or finances. They do not covet wealth, glory, and property. Safety is of utmost importance to them and hence they diligently expect the same from their loved ones.

People born in Revati Nakshatra display a heart of gold. They speak softly and are friendly with everyone. However, they are sometimes hasty in their actions and often interrupt people inadvertently. They adhere strongly to their beliefs and are often hurt when they feel betrayed or lied to. In times of difficult times and struggles, you may find the men and women of Revathi Nakshatra to be calm and well-behaved. They do not quarrel or become sad in adverse circumstances. They have healing properties and protect those who are weaker and inferior to them.

People of Revati Nakshatra, ruled by Mercury, are good at communication. They follow their inner calling and desire to be free and independent. They can adjust well with others and like to follow the path of religion and truth. People of Revati Nakshatra can be found as Buddhist monks and spiritual seekers. Revathi can be seen as the pinnacle of civilization and thus the natives focus more on a refined and civilized code of conduct.

The negative characteristics of Revati Nakshatra are over-indulgence, fickleness, lack of initiative, jealousy, low self-esteem, over-sensitivity, stubbornness, and insecurity. They are dreamers by nature and hence create different worlds around themselves. They do not realize limitations and often face difficulties in achieving their goals. Men and women of Revati Nakshatra are not good at hiding secrets and reveal them easily. For success, these natives need a realistic approach and courage to face all the obstacles of life.

Revati Nakshatra Marriage Life

According to Marriage Prediction, You have a special attachment to your family. But you are not able to express your feelings, you remain away from your place of birth. You do not get much help from your relatives. You are not able to get much help even from your father. There may be an atmosphere of discord in the family, they may have differences of opinion with people on small matters. For this reason, your relationships with the people around you do not remain cordial. Your married life will generally be happy. There will be good coordination with your spouse. Your life partner behaves harmoniously and affectionately towards you. You also get a lot of happiness from children, but it is possible that you may not get much help from your father. Your life partner may be stubborn, but he will be a devotee of God and will follow the customs completely.

Revati Nakshatra Health

According to Health Prediction, It is the twenty-seventh and last constellation of the Bhachakra and its ruling planet is Mercury. Claws and toes are under the control of this nakshatra. Along with this, diseases related to the stomach, thigh, and knee also come under this nakshatra. If this Nakshatra is afflicted, diseases related to these organs may occur. This Nakshatra is considered to be phlegm-related, due to which the person is easily affected by seasonal diseases.

Revati Nakshatra Career

According to Career Prediction, You have a special attachment towards the job, that is, you would like to do the job. With your hard work, intelligence, and dedication you will achieve a high position in the job. However, you will be successful professionally. A person born in Revati Nakshatra likes to get information about scientific research, historical discoveries, and ancient culture. In such a situation, this field of work is more beneficial for them, they also like work related to astrology and astronomy. Can work in the medical field. The person gets favorable success only through his efforts. Along with this, you may get better chances of success in the field related to art. You can be an artist, painter, hypnotist, actor, musician, magician, work related to watches, work related to building construction, calendar or almanac maker, astrologer, air hostess, gem trader, work related to water transport, work related to the orphanage, religious They can become successful by working as directors of institutions, traffic control, and police departments, electricity department, road safety personnel, etc.

Revati Nakshatra Love Life

According to Love Marriage Prediction, Your love life will not be very exciting as many romantic encounters will be short-lived. However, you may meet your ideal partner at social gatherings or through traveling. Some people may meet their spouse abroad. Your love life will be full of sadness and disappointment. Your expectations will not be fulfilled in a romantic life. In romantic matters, you will not get much respect and care from your partner. You may get betrayed by someone you love. However, your married life will bring back passion, playfulness, and intense romance in your life.

Revati Nakshatra Female

Female people of this Nakshatra are strong-minded and have authority over others at home as well as at the workplace. Their mind is sharp and they are very smart. They are rigid in their views and conditioned with conservative ideologies. They are God-fearing and superstitious. Not everyone likes them but they are important in making every decision. They are very careful about participating in every ritual related to their religion. It gives them peace and is like therapy for them. They operate on intuition rather than hard facts and figures. They are meant to achieve big in life but their laziness can become a hindrance in their goals. They are also afraid of facing challenges and this prevents them from achieving great things in life.

Revati Nakshatra Female Appearance

Women of Revati Nakshatra are incredibly beautiful. She has a healthy and fit body with glowing skin. Due to his physically attractive personality, he can be easily spotted among the crowd.

Revati Nakshatra Female Marriage Life

The married life of a Revati Nakshatra woman is happy. There is no possibility of ups and downs or any kind of dispute in marriage. They can also marry the person they fell in love with for the first time. They won’t have to look for another chance or another relationship. Their relationship will be full of happiness and trust. Native women and their husbands live in harmony.

Revati Nakshatra Male

Male natives of Revati Nakshatra are pure souls and honest. They are experts in public dealing. They do not pay attention to the personal lives of others unless necessary. They are self-reliant people and become sad when they need someone on lonely days. They are bad at keeping secrets. But when they do, they believe with full conviction. They are short-tempered and try to act by their principles. They are religious and somewhat conservative. They are ambitious and become sad even at small failures.

Revati Nakshatra Male Appearance

Male people of Revati Nakshatra have healthy bodies. They are quite tall. They are good-looking and have a fair complexion. They are gifted with attractive physical features.

Revati Nakshatra Male Marriage Life

Revati Nakshatra indicates normal marital life. His relations with his wives are cordial. They get an accommodating life partner. There are rarely any disputes between them and they respect each other’s decisions. Their wives have no complaints. Male natives’ relationships with their families will have no impact on their bond. To conclude, it can be said that their married life is harmonious.

Revati Star

Revati Nakshatra is ranked 27th Nakshatra in the constellation. It comes last among the constellations, Revati Nakshatra consists of a group of 32 stars that looks like a drum or a pair of fish. Revati falls in the Pisces zodiac sign ranging from 16 degrees 40 degrees to 30 degrees. The meaning of Revati is associated with wealth and well-known prestige, while according to some scholars it is also said to be the constellation that brings auspicious change. The lord of this zodiac sign is Jupiter and the constellation is Mercury. The presiding deity of Revati is Pushpan and Linga is Sree. Both Jupiter and Mercury have more influence on the person of this constellation. Both Jupiter and Mercury do not have friendly relations, hence to see the results of Mercury Mahadasha, the immediate position of Jupiter and Mercury is seen in the horoscope of the person born in this Nakshatra.

Wrapping Up

According to Vedic astrology, Revati Nakshatra is made up of a group of 32 stars, which looks like the shape of a Mridangam. The zodiac sign of people born in this constellation is Pisces and the lord of this constellation is Mercury and the lord of the zodiac is Jupiter, the guru of the gods. Mercury is the planet responsible for intelligence and it is also considered a business planet. The presiding deity of Revati is Pushan. A person born in this Nakshatra is influenced by both Jupiter and Mercury, but both do not have friendly relations. In the horoscope, the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury occurs in the house, and both of them give similar results. Through online astrology consultation, you can learn in detail about the symptoms of Revati Nakshatra.

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