Relationships Are Associated With Planets

November 30, 2023

Every planet has a special quality. Relationships similar to the same quality are affected by that planet. If the planet related to the relationship becomes weak then the relationship gets spoiled. If any relationship becomes weak then the related planet also becomes weak. If any planet is bad in the horoscope, then we can cure the planet by correcting the relationship related to it. Planets and constellations influence human relationships, as a result of which relationships both develop and deteriorate. Often discord between brother and brother, discord between father and son, bickering between husband and wife, and conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law arise due to the planets and stars. If the remedies are started after understanding the influence of the planets in time, then even the deteriorating relationships improve.

Relationship of Planets to Various Relations

According to the ancient Lal Kitab, each planet is associated with one of our relatives and if that planet is in a good position in the birth chart, then we are connected with that relative throughout our life. On the contrary, if the planet related to that relative is afflicted in the birth chart then that relationship becomes the cause of our sorrow. Sun is considered to be related to the father, the mother is related to the Moon, Venus represents the woman, Mars represents the brothers, Mercury represents the maternal side, Jupiter is the significator of the husband in the horoscope of a woman, Rahu represents the grandfather and Ketu represents the maternal grandfather. Is considered. Some scholars also believe that Rahu is related to brother-in-law and father-in-law.

The planet Sun is related to the father. If the position of the Sun in the horoscope is not strong then the relationship between father or father is very sweet and if the position of the Sun (Aarti of Sun God) in the horoscope is weak then it spoils the relationship of children with their father. To strengthen the relationship with the father, one should offer Arghya to the Sun daily.

Mother is related to the planet Moon. There are many similarities between the mother and the planet Moon. He has a calm, simple, and gentle nature. If the position of the Moon is strong in the horoscope then the relationship with the mother remains strong. At the same time, if the Moon is weak in the horoscope, the relationship with the mother gets spoiled for life.

Venus is considered to be the factor of marital happiness and life together. In such a situation, if the position of Venus in the horoscope is low, then there are a lot of fights between the husband and wife and even the marriage goes to the point of breaking up. But at the same time, if Venus is strong then one gets all the happiness of married life with the partner.

Mars is related to a brother-sister relationship. If Mars is in a high position then the relationship with the brother and sister always remains happy and at the same time, if Mars is heavy then there are obstacles in the marriage as well and the relationship with the brother or sister gets broken or there is a rift in the relationship.

On the maternal side, the planet Mercury works to strengthen the relationship. The presence of Mercury in a high position in the horoscope shows your grandeur and supremacy on the maternal side, whereas, if the position of Mercury (mantra to strengthen Mercury) in the horoscope is bad then it will further affect your status in the maternal side. Tarnishes your image.

Jupiter influences maintaining good relations with grandparents. The excellent position of Jupiter makes you the darling or loved one of your grandparents, whereas when it is debilitated in the horoscope, the relations with the grandparents start deteriorating.

Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu govern the relationship with the boss or colleagues in the office. If the position of Saturn in the horoscope is strong and the influence of Rahu and Ketu is less then office relationships will always remain good but if Rahu-Ketu is in a high position then it can sour the professional relationship.

When Do Problems Arise In Relationships?

Distance or sourness starts appearing in any relationship at that time. When the ruling planets of relationships start becoming weak in the horoscope. Apart from this, if the influence of Rahu is more in the relationship then there can be tension in the relationship. If the amount of fire element is high in your horoscope or the position of the Moon or Mars is bad, then problems can arise in your relationships.

Do These Measures to Repair Relationships

  • To improve your relationship with your father, offer water to the Sun God.

  • Keeping fast on Sunday will also give good outcomes.

  • Worship Lord Shiva to have a good relationship with Mother.

  • Go to Shiva temple on Monday and offer white flowers and water.

  • Worship Hanuman ji to improve relationships with brothers and sisters.

  • Donating jaggery on Tuesday will also be beneficial.

  • Plant lots of trees for maternal relations.

  • Feeding fodder to cows or another animal on Wednesday will also be beneficial.

  • Apply turmeric tilak to Krishnaji on Thursday for the welfare of your grandparent’s or children’s relationships.

  • To maintain love in married life, worship Goddess Lakshmi on Friday. Donating white sweets on this day is also beneficial.

  • Light a lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturday to improve relationships with subordinates. Apart from this, distribute sweets to your subordinates on this day.

Wrapping Up 

Planets and Nakshatras have a deep impact on our lives. Due to the changing movement of the planets, there are changes in the nature and actions of the person. Also, all the relationships that exist around us have a special influence on the planets. Like the father’s relationship with the Sun and the mother’s relationship with the Moon. If there is a problem in any relationship, then through online astrology consultation, the relationship can be improved with the help of remedies favorable to that planet.

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