Ravivar Ka Vrat – Sunday Fasting

November 9, 2023

In the Hindu religion, worship and fasting of the Sun God are considered very important. Because the Sun God is the only God who regularly appears in person to all the people. It is believed that a person who fasts on Sunday gets a healthy body by the grace of Lord Bhaskar, peace and happiness come into his life and his respect and fame in society also increase.

Along with Hinduism, the Sun is also considered important in astrology. Sun has been called the king of all the nine planets. The importance of the Sun can be understood only from the fact that life on Earth is possible only with sunlight. Therefore, worship the Sun God as per the rituals on Sunday and also follow some rules.

Sunday Vrat Katha

In ancient times there lived an old woman. She regularly fasted on Sundays. On Sunday, the old lady would wake up before sunrise, after taking a bath, clean the courtyard by smearing it with cow dung, after that, she would worship the Sun God, listen to the story of the Sunday fast, offer food to the Sun God and have one meal a day. Due to the mercy of Sun God, the old lady did not have any kind of worry or suffering. Gradually his house was filling with money and grains. 

Seeing the old lady becoming happy, her neighbor became jealous of her. The old lady did not keep any cows. Therefore, she used to bring cow dung tied in her neighbor’s courtyard. The neighbor thought about something and tied his cow inside the house. Due to a lack of cow dung on Sunday, the old lady could not clean her courtyard. Due to a lack of access to the courtyard, the old lady did not offer food to the Sun God and also did not eat food that day. When the sun set, the old woman went to sleep hungry and thirsty.

When the old lady opened her eyes in the morning before sunrise, she was surprised to see a beautiful cow and calf in the courtyard of her house. After tying the cow in the courtyard, he quickly brought fodder and fed it. When the neighbor saw the beautiful cow and calf tied in the courtyard of the old lady, she became more jealous of it. Then the cow dung gold. The neighbor’s eyes widened as soon as he saw the cow dung.

The neighbor, not finding the old lady around, immediately picked up the cow dung, took it to her home, and kept her cow’s dung there. The neighbor became rich within a few days from the gold dung. The cow used to dung before sunrise every day and the neighbor used to pick up the dung before the old lady got up.

For a long time, the old woman did not know anything about the gold dung. Like before, the old lady continued fasting to Lord Surya every Sunday and listening to the story. But when the Sun God came to know about the cunningness of his neighbor, he created a strong storm. Seeing the wrath of the storm, the old lady tied the cow inside the house. When the old woman woke up in the morning and saw gold dung, she was very surprised.

After that day the old lady started tying the cow inside the house. The old woman became very rich in a few days with the help of gold dung. Due to the wealth of that old lady, the neighbor was badly burnt to ashes and after convincing her husband, she sent him to the king of the city. The king was very happy after seeing the beautiful cow. In the morning, when the king saw the golden dung, he was surprised beyond measure.

On the other hand, seeing the Sun God praying to the hungry and thirsty old woman in this manner, he felt very compassionate. That very night the Sun God said to the king in his dream, “King, return the old lady’s cow and calf immediately, otherwise a mountain of calamities will fall upon you.” Your palace will be destroyed. The king, deeply frightened by the dream of the Sun God, returned the cow and calf to the old woman as soon as he woke up in the morning.

The king gave a lot of money and apologized to the old woman for his mistake. The king punished the neighbor and her husband for their wickedness. Then the king announced to the entire kingdom that all men and women should fast on Sunday. By observing fast on Sunday, everyone’s houses were filled with wealth and there was prosperity all around in the kingdom. Men and women started living happy lives and the physical troubles of all the people also went away.

Sunday Fast Rules

  • Keep in mind that there is a rule to eat food without salt on Sunday.
  • Keep in mind that on Sunday, consume Satvik food or fruits like wheat bread, porridge, milk, curd, ghee, and sugar.
  • One must get up before sunrise on Sunday.
  • Give up salt on Sunday.
  • Stay away from flesh and liquor on this day.
  • Do not get your hair or beard cut on Sunday.
  • Do not buy or sell things related to copper metal today.
  • Do not do any work related to burning milk (extracting ghee etc.).
  • Do not wear grey, black, blue and dark colored clothes today.

Sunday Fast For Unmarried Girl

It is believed that if girls who are facing obstacles in marriage observe this fast, it helps in fulfilling all their wishes and also removes the obstacles in marriage. Apart from this, other unmarried girls can also observe Sunday fast with any wish of their own.

Sunday Fast Benefits

Sunday is the time to worship the Sun God. Sunday fasting is best for happiness, prosperity, and protection from enemies in life. By fasting on Sunday and listening to the story, all the wishes of a person are fulfilled. One gets respect, wealth, and good fame.

There are many reasons and benefits of fasting and offering Arghya to the Sun on Sunday. It is said that worshiping the Sun in the morning improves health and cures diseases, worshiping the Sun in the afternoon increases name and fame, and worshiping the Sun in the evening brings prosperity in life. It is believed that while offering water to the Sun in the morning, the colors become balanced due to the influence of these rays and at the same time the immunity power of the body increases.

Sunday Fast Rituals

Surya fast should be observed for one year for 30 Sundays or for 12 Sundays. One should keep fast on Sunday and prepare good food or dish and eat it, which provides ample energy to the body. Do not use salt in food and do not eat salt after sunset. This affects health and hinders every work. Especially on this day, people eat rice mixed with milk and jaggery, which removes the bad effects of the sun.

How to Start Sunday Fast

  • Get up before sunrise and retire from daily work.
  • Take a bath and wear clean red clothes. Wearing red clothes on this day is considered auspicious.
  • According to belief, fasting for the Sun God for one year, for 30 Sundays or 12 Sundays, is considered very auspicious.
  • Spread a red or yellow cloth on a stool in the puja room.
  • Keep a golden idol or picture of Surya Narayan.
  • After this, bathe Suryanarayana as per the rituals and offer fragrance and flowers.
  • During the puja, chant the mantra ‘Om Hram Hrim Hram Sa: Suryay Namah’ 3, 5, or 12 times with the rosary.
  • Now perform their aarti by lighting incense sticks.
  • After chanting, offer Arghya to the Sun God in a copper Kalash with pure water, red sandalwood, Akshat, red flowers, and Durva.

Wrapping Up

Sunday is considered dedicated to Lord Surya. Sun God (Surya Dev) is a very beneficial planet. In such a situation, Sunday fast (Raviwar Vrat) is considered very fruitful. It is believed that observing fast on Sunday brings blessings of the Sun God. Diseases, illnesses, troubles, and dilemmas go away. Happiness comes in life. To know more about how to observe Ravivar Ka Vrat, take an online astrology phone consultation.

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