Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra – Rahu in Krittika

February 26, 2024

Rahu in Krittika affects the importance of Ketu with the energy of this constellation. Furthermore, Rahu is exalted in Taurus; Therefore, this will destroy some of the qualities of Taurus’ natural second house.

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra makes the person explosive, vocal, fierce, and aggressive. They may either explode with bursts of energy or their anger may get the better of them. They need to learn to channel all this energy into a physical outlet like a project or playing a sport. If they do not channel this energy properly it can accumulate and explode in the form of anger. Krittika person may be blessed with financial abundance and wealth. However, the family can make a big deal out of even the smallest of issues and cause alienation and discord with the family or a particular family member.

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra is good or bad  

Rahu is in Krittika Nakshatra whose lord is Sun. Rahu blows things out of proportion, here it shows that a person can be extra fiery, hot-tempered, and critical of others. These are Krittika qualities that will be further enhanced in the presence of Rahu. This is more so when Rahu is in Aries/Krittika Nakshatra as Aries also symbolizes aggression. These people need to redirect their aggression into some positive actions. If not, it could lead to violence and bloodshed. Also, it can be a useful term for any work of a critical/analytical nature. In Taurus, these people may think more about achieving security through their aggressive methods. They can be easily seen as doctors, surgeons soldiers, etc. This position can make someone very good at activities like child care or parenting. They can adopt a child themselves. This is a good position for material gains but it would be a good idea to control the person’s anger here.

Krittika is the Nakshatra of sharp weapons and cutting things, so in the case of a relationship, they may suffer due to speaking unnecessary words which may hurt the ego of the partner and bring ego clash or aggression in the relationship. Therefore, they need to be careful to avoid ego clashes in terms of relationships. Relationships can also deteriorate due to an overly aggressive nature and potential for violence.

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 1

In this phase, there is a mark of a black wart on the person’s forehead and the person continues to have an illicit relationship with his partner even after marriage. The person has wealth, is completely devoted to his father, has intelligence, is free from diseases, and is with the person who appoints him.

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 2

In this phase, the person considers the soul and deity to be demonic, progeny, and poor, the person maintains relations with more than one woman. You have to live in a foreign country to support your family.

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 3

In this phase, there is some stuttering and echoing in the speech of the person. He was evicted from his job because the person is unwilling to do any work. In such a situation, the person has to remain immersed in financial crisis and poverty.

Rahu in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 4

In this phase, the native’s family does not indicate their commitment to life and even after marriage, they turn away from the signals. To maintain a connection with the caste soul and God, one has to sacrifice one’s family and assume the guise of a saint. The person donates all the money earned in his life in the name of God or distributes it among the poor.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the astrological predictions of Rahu placed in Krittika Nakshatra suggest that a person may face difficulties in controlling, authority figures and personal relationships. But by learning from one’s mistakes, enhancing creative abilities, and adaptability, one can overcome setbacks and achieve success in different aspects of life. Individuals should take care that they avoid making impulsive decisions and instead focus on structured planning to reach their goals. When individuals manifest the positive vibrations of the Krittika Nakshatra and utilize the higher realms of Rahu, they can emerge victorious in any challenging situation that comes their way. If you want to know more about Rahu in Krittika nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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