Rahu Conjunct Venus

December 13, 2023

Rahu and Venus can easily attract abundant fame and wealth. The person’s approach to dealing with things becomes dreamy and he lacks judgment. The presence of Rahu increases the chances of falling in love with a person from a distant geographical background. The energies of these two planets combined make the person a little obsessed with comfort, money, and love.

A person with this yoga becomes highly active sexually. He becomes more immersed in love and sexual desires. The person is attractive in appearance and can easily attract people. They will always want their partner’s complete attention. They believe that the idea of an ideal relationship is true and they can go to any extent to fulfill that idea.

Rahu and Venus in 1st house

The conjunction of Rahu and Venus in the first house can give extramarital affairs with attractive personalities, love for lust, and undivided attention in personal relationships. Along with restlessness for success, excessive ambitions are also evident in nature. A person with this influence in his birth chart will fall in love with an attractive, good-looking woman very easily. Sometimes he will overlook her inner qualities and be attracted by her beauty.

Rahu and Venus in 2nd house

Rahu and Venus conjunction in with the second house may give good profits to the individual by sometimes making courageous efforts to avoid the honest code to earn more in his professional ventures. This combination can give harshness in a speech to others. The second house will bring him enough money from his regular job for a comfortable and luxurious life.

Rahu and Venus in 3rd house

Their relationships with siblings may also be affected due to their temperament and trust issues. You will get good returns from your job. Due to conjunction in the third house, there may be speech defects and the person may use abusive words, which may have an adverse effect on his personality.

Rahu and Venus in 4th house

The fourth house is the place of all worldly wealth and luxuries. Here the combination of Rahu and Venus is very prosperous in terms of wealth. The person will enjoy the luxury of a luxurious house and vehicle. They may face frequent difficulties in studies due to distraction and lack of focus.

Rahu and Venus in 5th house

5th house is known for past virtue. Rahu in this house symbolizes the worship of a minor deity. But when Venus is the dominant element of this house then it can lead to sexual relations with more than one woman. The person will have to face problems in conceiving a child and the person will have to take measures to solve it.

Rahu and Venus in 6th house

The position of Rahu and Venus in the sixth house in Navamsa horoscope or Lagna horoscope suggests that the person will face many issues and problems and he will find it difficult to handle everything alone. Apart from this, the natives will also have to face serious problems related to death, which will also affect their mental health.

Rahu and Venus in 7th house

The seventh house represents partnerships of all types, whether professional or personal. The position of Rahu and Venus in this house makes the person indulge in extramarital affairs. They marry someone from a different caste or geographical background. The person’s spouse may have a short life. The person may have to face a sudden loss in business.

Rahu and Venus in 8th house

It is the house of death and longevity. A person should be more conscious about his health and take adequate care. Astrology predictions can alert us about such problems even before they affect someone. They may indulge in the evil practices of Tantra-Mantra. The appearance of a person of the opposite sex will have a negative impact on them. He will be attracted by external beauty and will ignore other qualities.

Rahu and Venus in 9th house

This house shows the fluctuations in his religion and caste and the person can move from one religion to another. A person with the conjunction of Rahu and Venus in the ninth house needs a lot of support from his father to achieve success and maintain his fortune.

Rahu and Venus in 10th house

The tenth house dominates profession and career. Here, the position of Rahu, as our astrology predictions say, brings ultimate success to the individual. With this conjunction, this house supports professions like media, entertainment, dance, and acting. If talent is utilized properly, great success can be achieved in the entertainment industry.

Rahu and Venus in 11th house

The 11th house in astrology symbolizes finance. This is the meaning of wealth. Here, this combination attracts great financial success and fame. There is a possibility of earning money through illegal means due to the need to acquire wealth and luxuries.

Rahu and Venus in 12th house

The twelfth house in astrology symbolizes self-destruction. The conjunction of Rahu and Venus in this house is a pure explosion. Here this combination can cause poverty. However, thankfully there are astrological solutions for this too. Despite the challenges, a person gets a chance to settle in a foreign country. Spirituality can bring balance to the financial situation and thereby eliminate poverty.

Wrapping Up

This conjunction makes the person interested in acting, filmmaking, make-up artist, beautician, animation, etc. Professions with good returns of money and fame will always interest a person with this combination. The person may have to suffer the consequences of fraud in his profession. His style of dealing with things will be diplomacy. If you want to know more about the combination of the Rahu and Venus, then you can talk to astrologers.

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