Rahu Conjunct Mars

December 13, 2023

When Rahu conjunct Mars, independence increases in a person with a highly aggressive nature. This strong-willed personality will not stop at any level to achieve his goal. In astrology, Mars is our will power and life force. Mars represents our capacity to take action toward something. It also reflects the anger present within us, as a soldier must have a certain level of anger to fight and win any battle.

Rahu in astrology is the north node of the Moon, and is a head without a body that keeps swallowing things without being satisfied. There is a desire for material objects and worldly achievements. It seeks to achieve the highest possible success in whatever house and zodiac sign it represents.

Rahu and Mars in 1st house

Rahu is the significator of taboo breakers and risk-takers and Mars represents volcanic qualities, passion, and aggression. In astrology, the first house is called Lagna. It provides the structure of the body, ego, and self-view. Therefore, the conjunction of Rahu and Mars in the first house bestows a violent personality, greedy nature, and a never-ending hunger coupled with anger to conquer the situation.

Rahu and Mars in 2nd house

As a result of this combination, the person has to face financial loss, surgery, and continuous poor health. Due to the aggressive and harmful nature of Mars, a person has to face financial loss. However, Rahu plays its greedy role and covers the losses rapidly. Thus, it creates both inauspicious and beneficial conditions for the individual.

Rahu and Mars in 3rd house

Also, such people have a problematic environment at their workplace, so they change jobs more often than others due to pressure or similar reasons. The third house controls one’s self-expression, siblings, and short trips. In fact, Rahu is a blunt planet, it is all about the negative and materialistic lusts and desires of the world.

Rahu and Mars in 4th house

The combination of Rahu and Mars increases greed and anger in a person. Thus, when a person with this combination gets angry, they are not limited to the usual shouting and screaming. They actually move forward to attack the other person with full force. Irrespective of the relationship, a person does not shy away from giving due respect to elderly women.

Rahu and Mars in 5th house

The conjunction of Rahu and Mars provides tremendous energy that keeps the person alert, anxious, lively, and impatient all the time. However, for people who are highly action-oriented, this is one of the most beneficial combinations. Since Rahu increases the positive direction of energy and Mars increases self-confidence.

Rahu and Mars in 6th house

Also, such a person shares a beautiful bond with his life partner. They take care of their spouse’s happiness. Unlike the influence of other houses in astrology, this conjunction in the sixth house gives very good results in the personal life of the person. However, such a planetary combination is most beneficial for the natives.

Rahu and Mars in 7th house

The combination of Rahu and Mars in this house never brings happiness to a person’s love life. Despite this, the marriage is consummated due to ego and selfishness. It is more active in abuse and maladjustment. Despite the strength of Rahu in the seventh house, he is unable to win the battle with the negative influence of Mars on marriage.

Rahu and Mars in 8th house

It is also considered an inauspicious feeling. Thus, the combination of Rahu and Mars makes the person a victim of obesity. Being overweight often becomes a problem for humans and they become victims of complex diseases. However, he has more trouble pretending to be in pain than actually being in pain.

Rahu and Mars in 9th house

Rahu and Mars conjunction, being inauspicious planets as well as being cruel planets, have a negative impact and the person can easily be accused of rape. All religious works, karmic, good deeds, and rules of Dharma Bhava i.e. come under the 9th house of astrology.  Due to the influence of their past deeds and their solid basis, the name of these people comes to the lips of most people when they have doubts.

Rahu and Mars in 10th house

A person with Rahu in the tenth house is invincible. They win what they want. Such people know what they want. The tenth house of astrology controls the career aspect of a person. Also known as Karma Bhava, this house controls the status and reputation of the natives. Rahu in the tenth house is in a favorable position.

Rahu and Mars in 11th house

The conjunction of Rahu and Mars in the 11th house of the horoscope causes accidents and loss of blood. An increase in popularity, fame, wealth, prosperity, and profits comes under the rule of the 11th house. Whereas the combination of Rahu and Mars makes a person rich but through improper conduct. A person earns a large amount of money in his life through illegal means.

Rahu and Mars in 12th house

This combination causes the involvement of a third person due to dissatisfaction between the couple. Furthermore, it indicates wrong guidance by peers or elders. It can also activate the Rahu Dosha effect. Also, it has a direct impact on the sexual desires of the person, due to which many times their partners become dissatisfied.

Wrapping Up

The Rahu and Mars conjunction will affect your destiny where Rahu will try to get materialistic pleasures by deceit which will not be desirable for prosperity of events in any life. Rahu and Mars conjunction will confuse you with increased aggression, where the quality of relationships with your family or loved ones may continuously decline, extramarital affairs may cause trouble in personal love or married life. If you want to know more about the combination of Rahu and Mars, then you can talk to astrologers.

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