Rahu Associated With Grandfather and In-Laws

November 30, 2023

In astrology, Rahu is a shadow planet that gives results according to its location and companion planet. In a way, it makes the companion planet stronger. In this article, we will know what is the importance of planet Rahu in Vedic astrology, and how it affects human life. What is its significance in the horoscope? Along with this, we will give you information about Yantra, Mantra, Gemstone, Origin, and Color, which will prove to be very helpful for you. So let us know about Rahu planet –

Rahu does not exist from the astronomical point of view but Rahu has great importance in Vedic astrology which we are going to tell you further. Rahu is considered inauspicious in the Hindu religion. Ketu is also a part of Rahu, which you might have heard somewhere. Together these two eclipse the Sun and the Moon. We will tell you the mythology behind this in the next article and how Rahu and Ketu were born.

Rahu in Astrology

In Vedic astrology, the Rahu planet is considered a cruel planet. In Hindu Vedic astrology, planet Rahu has been said to be the cause of harsh speech, gambling, evil deeds, skin diseases, religious journeys, etc. Astrologers say that if Rahu is placed in an inauspicious place in the horoscope of a person, or is weak or afflicted by any other planet in the horoscope, then it gives negative results to the person. Although in astrology, the Rahu planet does not have ownership of any zodiac sign, in Gemini, it is in a high position, and in Sagittarius, it is in a low position. From this, you can learn about the importance of Rahu in Vedic astrology.

Rahu With Grandfather and In-Laws Relationship

Rahu is responsible for the relationship with the grandfather and Ketu is responsible for the relationship with the maternal grandfather. Rahu is associated with your grandfather as well as your in-laws. Better relationships with them give you opportunities for unexpected gains and progress in life. In this way, all your nine planets are connected in some relationship or the other.

Rahu planet is considered to be the factor of in-laws’ house. People whose Rahu is bad should not spoil their lives with their in-laws. Girls whose position of Rahu is bad in their horoscope should avoid arguments with their in-laws. Rahu and Ketu, both these planets have been kept in the category of sinful planets. In astrology, Rahu and Ketu have also been called mysterious planets. When they are inauspicious, they create a situation of unnecessary stress and confusion. Many times it gives rise to doubt and confusion. Therefore, it has been said that it is important to keep these planets calm.

Ways to Strengthen Rahu in the Birth Chart

  • To make a sacrifice to Rahu, the person should donate black-blue flowers, onyx, coconut, radish, mustard, sapphire, coral, and blue clothes to a leper.

  • To improve the condition of Rahu, one should donate iron weapons, blue clothes, blankets, iron sheets, sesame seeds, mustard oil, electrical appliances, coconut, and radish.

  • To appease Rahu, red grains should be donated to the sweeper.

  • A person suffering from Rahu should observe fast on Saturday and chant Rahu Mantra 108 times.

  • To reduce the ill effects of Rahu, sleep with barley at your bedside and donate it after waking up in the morning.

  • A person suffering from Rahu should wear an Onyx gemstone or Ashtadhatu bracelet on his right hand.

  • Wearing an ivory locket is considered auspicious for the positive effects of Rahu.

  • One should try to wear dark blue clothes as much as possible.

  • To reduce the effect of Rahu, you can also keep a peacock feather with you.

  • You should try to avoid getting anything for free.

  • To pacify Rahu, a dog should be petted and fed.

  • If Rahu is unfavorable, you should always keep your head covered with a cap, scarf, or turban.

  • You should use a silver glass to drink anything.

  • Mix a cup of milk in water while bathing. Do this for 43 days to reduce the ill effects of Rahu.

  • To improve the condition of Rahu, it is considered appropriate to eat food in iron utensils.

Wrapping Up 

In astrology, Rahu is a shadow planet, which along with the place and companion planet Ketu, influences the life of the person. Many ancient astrologers believe that Rahu is the most powerful planet in Vedic astrology. Rahu’s friend planets are Saturn, Mercury, and Venus. Apart from this, it is neutral with Jupiter and Mars but Sun and Moon are considered enemy planets. This shadow planet, when strong in one’s horoscope, increases spiritual inclination, possibilities of financial gain, royal living, and foreign residence. However, its presence in the birth chart is indicative of past karma. This cruel planet has great importance in astrology. It also relates to laziness and obstacles in life. According to Vedic astrology, it is considered to be the cause of harsh speech, gambling, wrongdoing skin diseases, etc. Although Rahu is not the lord of any zodiac sign in the horoscope, it is exalted in Gemini and debilitated in Sagittarius. According to online astrology consultation, it is very important to know the location of Rahu in the birth chart, and you can take astrological remedies to reduce the ill effects of Rahu when it is in a weak position.

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