Pushya Nakshatra Characteristics

November 4, 2023

Pushya Nakshatra comes in eighth place on the list of 27 constellations. Pushya Nakshatra literally means ‘The Nourishing Lunar Mansion’ or ‘The Nourishing Constellation’ in English. The natives of Pushya Nakshatra are of Cancer with an astrological range between 93°20′ to 106°40′. As the name suggests, the one born in this nakshatra will have a big heart and a helping nature. Moreover, they will experience incredible happiness and success in life. The people of this constellation are considered lucky. It is said that Goddess Lakshmi is one of the deities born in Pushya Nakshatra. Having Saturn and Jupiter as ruling planets favors the natives.

Pushya Nakshatra Astrology

According to Vedic astrology, the lord of Pushya Nakshatra is Saturn. It looks like a chakra or wheel. The lord of this nakshatra is Jupiter (Guru – Brihaspati) and the gender is male. If you belong to Pushya Nakshatra, then you can get information related to it like personality, education, income family life, etc. here. Pushya Nakshatra has the influence of both the planets Jupiter and Saturn due to which all types of worship and worship in this Nakshatra are completely successful. The person born in this nakshatra is angry, stubborn, selfish, and opinionated. Buying gold jewelry is considered very auspicious during this Nakshatra. According to beliefs, if Pushya Nakshatra is on Sunday and Thursday, then buying and selling things is considered very beneficial. The birth constellation of Lord Shri Ram’s brother Bharat is also Pushya.

Pushya Nakshatra Traits

The main characteristic of Pushya Nakshatra is to complete the environment. People born in Pushya Nakshatra are considered to be the most generous, helpful, and caring. They are deeply connected to their community, family, and society. They zealously protect them and are ready to solve their problems. These people are fond of good lifestyle and food. They are satisfied on the material level and maternal instincts.

People of Pusha Nakshatra respect people and expect the same from everyone. They are never obscene, indecent, or immoral. These people are very positive on the outside but are suspicious, and cautious on the inside.

Pushya exhibits the characteristic of expansion. Thus, children born in Pushya Nakshatra are very direct towards growth and expansion. Be it emotional creative spiritual or professional front, they strive to progress and leave their mark. Due to the influence of water elements, these people work on challenging projects. They push their limits to achieve goals and show extraordinary willpower to strive and overcome obstacles. Jupiter and Moon in Pushya provide growth to Pushya Nakshatra and Saturn provides stability and integration.

Ruled by Jupiter, Pushya Nakshatra is associated with male and female gods and knowledge of heaven. They are spiritual by nature and have a deep inclination towards religious and spiritual activities. Since Pushya is a joyful and soothing Nakshatra, people born in this Nakshatra long for friendship and help. They are very reliable and trustworthy and can be taken for help in difficult times.

Pushya is related to “Brahmavarchasa Shakti” – the ability to nurture the creative powers of Brahma. This Pushya reflects the priestly aspects of the natives which makes them seek divine powers and divine entities. They like to live alone and do not like to get into fights. The positive characteristics of Pushya Nakshatra man and woman are love, emotional wholeness, peace, kindness, and prosperity. They are deeply attached to kin and have a good nature to serve mankind.

The negative characteristics of Pusha Nakshatra are their conservative, impulsive, and narrow-mindedness. They are very rigid towards their principles and do not like to compromise with their beliefs and values. Criticism hurts their ego immediately and they feel insulted easily. Moreover, they volunteer for heavy jobs which often creates unnecessary burdens on them. Although these people are extremely cautious, they are easily deceived by others.

Pushya Nakshatra Marriage Life

According to Marriage Prediction, They have to face many ups and downs in their family life. They would like to live with their spouse and children but will spend most of their time away from their family due to jobs or business. Because of this, their family life may remain somewhat problematic, but your spouse will remain devoted to them and will take good care of the family in their absence. There is a possibility of some struggle in their life till the age of 33, but from the age of 33 they will have all-round progress.

Pushya Nakshatra Health

According to Health Prediction, Lungs, stomachs, and ribs come under Pushya Nakshatra. If this Nakshatra is afflicted then pain occurs in the body part related to it. Mouth and face are part of Pushya. Facial expressions are related to Pushya. Gastric troubles can impact ulcers, jaundice eczema, cough, and diseases like cancer. There may also be breathing-related problems and any skin-related problem may bother you. Cold can also affect the person more quickly. Therefore, make every possible effort to keep yourself strong and keep doing yoga and meditation as needed.

Pushya Nakshatra Career

According to Career Prediction, People of Pushya Nakshatra can do work related to religious teachers, heads of state, MPs, MLAs, and politicians. You may be associated with religious and charitable organizations and may earn income from land and buildings. Can also work as a private secretary. Can work in educational institutions for teaching purposes. You can be successful in the fields of theatre, art, and commerce business. Along with this, work related to dairy, agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, manufacturing and distribution of food items, MP, MLA, counselor, psychiatrist, volunteer associated with religion and charity organizations, teacher, training, and child care. One can earn a living by doing labor-intensive work like work in play school, building construction and housing-related work, organizing religious and social festivals, stock market, finance department, water-intensive work, service-related work, carrying goods, etc.

Pushya Nakshatra Love Life

According to Love Marriage Prediction, There will be many short-term love affairs in your life. Despite controlling your nature and high moral conduct, you may crave bed pleasures, lust, etc. However, you struggle in your personal life and family environment at an early age. You will look for loyalty in a relationship which you will get only after marriage. You may suffer from betrayal or rejection in a big way. However, some people may meet their soulmate after the age of 22 or 29. Some people will have a successful love marriage, but arranged marriage will be more suitable for Pushya Nakshatra people. Your married life will be overall happy and blissful with a very loving, caring, and supportive spouse.

Pushya Nakshatra Female

The person will give utmost importance to his health and diet. She is also blessed with an attractive personality and physical appearance. Respecting your elders is one of them. However, no matter how sweet and lively she is, there is a high chance of facing abuse from her peers.

Pushya Nakshatra Female Appearance

The feminine characteristics of Pushya Nakshatra include their wheatish complexion. The average height will be the main characteristic. Women will naturally be inclined towards dressing up as they would always like to be presentable and at their best. He will also have a balanced body; This is likely because she maintains her diet and is cautious about it.

Pushya Nakshatra Female Marriage Life

As good as his career is, his family and personal life will never be the same. The native will experience difficult times with his family. Furthermore, the issues would continue throughout his life. The biggest reason for this is that she gives more priority to her work than her family. Pushya Nakshatra woman’s married life will be full of ups and downs. A compatible partner is all that she wants, but her inability to speak up for herself and express her thoughts will prevent her from getting the man of her dreams. Moreover, the Pushya Nakshatra married woman will argue with her husband suspecting him of cheating with someone in his work field. In Pushya Nakshatra, the appropriate age for marriage for a female person is after 24 years.

Pushya Nakshatra Male

The person becomes aggressive at times. If things are not going their way, outbursts of aggression are displayed by the natives. Furthermore, the natives will have a deep sense of justice. He will also be of influential nature and will be the head of the family. The person will have bad qualities of selfishness and will also have hypocritical behavior. Talking about family, people of this zodiac sign will have a kind but logical approach towards their family. Being emotional will also be a major characteristic of the person. Furthermore, natives will find it difficult to trust people and will be more comfortable and at their best if left alone. Thus, they will prefer their own company over anyone else.

Pushya Nakshatra Male Appearance

Men will be well-built in terms of Pushya Nakshatra characteristics. Their complexion will be fair and they will also have a distinct mark on their body. This mark may be a birthmark like a scar, but in some cases may also be a separate and distinct mole.

Pushya Nakshatra Male Marriage Life

Pushya Nakshatra man will have a fulfilling marital life, and he will love his spouse and child/children very much. For a male person, the most suitable age for Pushya Nakshatra marriage is after 30 years.

Pushya Star

Punarvasu Nakshatra is the eighth in the series of constellations in Bhachakra. The area extending from 93:20 degrees to 106:40 degrees in Bhachakra is called Pushya Nakshatra. The presiding deity of Pushya Nakshatra is Jupiter, the zodiac lord is Moon, and the ruling planet is Saturn. Pushya Nakshatra means nourisher, a giver of energy and strength, according to some it is considered a beautiful flower. Another ancient name of Pushya is Tishya which is auspicious and gives happiness and wealth. This constellation is considered to be a great constellation and a very auspicious constellation. The deity of this nakshatra is Jupiter (Guru – Brihaspati) and the gender is male. It looks like a chakra or wheel. This constellation of three stars displays the shape of an arrow with stars arranged in a straight line. Some scholars see the roundness of the circle as three stars. They consider the cycle as the wheel of progress. So some ancient scholars consider it to be the udder of a cow. According to them, cow’s milk is a form of nectar that nourishes the people of the earth.

Wrapping Up

Pushya Nakshatra: For centuries people have been fascinated by the stars and their influence on human destiny. Many celestial objects have attracted our attention, one of them is particularly powerful: Pushya Nakshatra. This star, also known as the “Star of Nutrition”, is believed to be a means to awaken our true potential and achieve achievement in every area of life. Through online astrology consultation, you will cover everything you need to know to make the most of this celestial force, from understanding the significance of this Nakshatra to harnessing its power for success. Furthermore, Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be the most auspicious of all the moon signs, making it an important symbol of hope and positivity for people around the world.

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