People of These Zodiac Signs Who Cannot Survive in Relationships

November 23, 2023

There is some good and some evil inside every person. According to astrology, there are people with certain zodiac signs who are unable to maintain relationships for a long time. Be it a married couple or a love partner, after some time their attachment towards you starts decreasing. For them, the relationship is just a social show, towards which they are never loyal. Let us know which are those zodiac signs.

To maintain any relationship, the foundation of honesty and trust has to be laid along with love. In relationships where these things are not there, you cannot hold on to those relationships for long even if you want to. From the point of view of astrology, which person has the skill to maintain relationships and which does not, it all depends to a great extent on his innate qualities.




They easily get attached to anyone and when they feel satisfied, they break that relationship. Many times these people are seen having multiple affairs simultaneously. The surprising thing is that even the people living with them are not able to find out about their affair.

The intensity and passion of this zodiac sign person often translate into intense emotions in relationships. If they suspect that their partner is not fully committed, their fear of betrayal or deception may lead to insecurity. People of this zodiac sign have a strong need for control in their relationships. When they cannot control or understand their partner’s actions, they may become insecure.



According to astrology, people of the Leo zodiac are very selfish. These people pay attention to their relatives and family only when they have some personal interest in it. People of the Leo sign devote their time to the work which benefits them. Loyalty is also less in them, whether it is in relationships with someone or in their work. Due to this nature, these people are not able to maintain any relationship long. Such people also face many types of problems after marriage.

People of this zodiac sign know how to maintain relationships. They connect with people wholeheartedly. But their nature is dominating. If the person in front keeps saying yes to them, then they maintain a relationship with him for a long time. But if they oppose them, they are unable to tolerate it and are ready to end everything.



The people of the Libra zodiac are of a very suspicious nature. They do not trust anyone easily. However, they have a feeling of surrender. They are ready to sacrifice all their happiness and peace for whomever they fall in love with. But, due to their habit of suspicion, their relationships break very quickly. Much loyalty cannot be expected from people of these zodiac signs.

People of this zodiac sign are not cheaters, but are very emotional and maintain their relationships well. But they love freedom. They cannot tolerate any kind of bondage. If someone tries to make them work on their own terms, they do not waste time in breaking that relationship. To keep them with you, you need to accept their nature.



According to astrology, Aquarius people are the most unstable in terms of relationships. People of these zodiac signs are very open by nature. Their attention keeps changing according to their interests and they also do not stick to the promises made by themselves, nor do they take them seriously. However, there is goodness in them that they do not harm anyone and are concerned about their work. These people do not have much faith in marital relationships, this is the reason why their relationships do not last long. Instead of giving time to their love partner, they remain lost in their own thoughts.

People of this zodiac sign get attracted to anyone very quickly and try to form a close relationship. However, when they realize the reality of that person, they get rid of that relationship. Because of this, their relationships keep getting better and worse. Due to this nature, they often have affairs.

Wrapping Up

In a relationship, insecurity is like a slow poison that slowly eats away the peace that keeps the couple together. Even if one partner gives his or her all so that his or her partner does not realize these insecurities, the other may have deeper complexes and insecurities. If we go by zodiac signs and gender, here is a list of zodiac signs who often feel insecure in relationships. To know more about people whose zodiac signs cannot survive in relationships, talk to astrology.

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