Mercury in Uttarashadha Nakshatra – Mercury in Uttarasadha

January 16, 2024

Due to Mercury being in Uttarashadha Nakshatra, people have different aspects of their personalities. This happens because Mercury in this Nakshatra experiences both friendly and enemy signs, giving people constantly different life experiences. In Sagittarius, Mercury is ruled by the enemy planet Jupiter, while in Capricorn, Mercury is ruled by the friendly planet Saturn. This means that on one side the position of Mercury is very strong and on the other side it is very weak. However, for both situations, it is clear that people with this Nakshatra will try to communicate and do business better with people. Higher education is highly valued by people like these, which takes on an authoritative aspect in the Capricorn-friendly sign.

In Sagittarius, people with this nakshatra also strive to attain higher education, but only to spread their knowledge. These people do not value status or authority over others and merely act as a gateway to knowledge and communication for the less blessed. In such a situation, the desire to be famous or get fame is suppressed, which helps in developing their personality.

When it comes to relationships, these people, no matter their Nakshatra, experience a lot of conflict. The Sun plays a role here, and since ego is always at its highest in Sun-related situations, ego clashes and minor fights between partners are quite common.

Mercury in Uttarasadha Nakshatra is Good or Bad 

Mercury is in the friendly sign of the Sun and in the Sagittarius section it is in the enemy sign ruled by Jupiter, but in the Capricorn section, it is in the friendly sign ruled by Saturn. Mercury is much stronger in the Capricorn section of Uttarashadha. Since this is the constellation of victories and achievements, it shows that Mercury here will make the person seek achievements in life through his business and communication. A person will take his higher education obtained through Moola and Purva Ashadha Nakshatra and use it to gain some recognition in the world. This quality may be more prominent in Capricorn as it is a sign of authority and recognition. If Mercury is in Capricorn, the person will actively seek recognition through his business and communications. Ruled by Sun which represents ego, in relationship matters this position can bring ego clash between the partners and they have to give up their ego to maintain the relationship.

Mercury in Uttarasadha Nakshatra Pada 1

In this stage, the person is tall, has a strong body, is a good speaker, and fascinates society with his words. Work is done according to the caste society but due to getting higher education people form relationships to start their work.

Mercury in Uttarasadha Nakshatra Pada 2

In this stage, the person stays away from religious activities, is backward in the name of religion, is not helpful in religious rituals, and gives birth to enemies due to his religious activities. own caste

Mercury in Uttarasadha Nakshatra Pada 3

In this stage, the person gets an education in arts related to industry, becomes an engineer, is a clear speaker, and is able to see the truth. Religious belief is not subject to divorce.

Mercury in Uttarasadha Nakshatra Pada 4

Gems in this phase are those who keep their jewelry separate from others and are fond of traveling to beautiful places and building homes. Profit from Vaastu-related works is good. The caste is developmental in its business.

Wrapping Up

Uttara Ashadh Nakshatra is the constellation of career-oriented people. People who seek authority in life and are highly ambitious. Uttarashadha is part of the Sagittarius sign, so Sagittarius and things represented by Sagittarius are important here. There are two and a half constellations in Sagittarius which are Moola, Purva-Ashadha, and Uttara-Ashadha. Uttarashadha is also part of the Capricorn sign, so Capricorn and things represented by Capricorn are also important here. Capricorn includes the next two and a half constellations i.e. Uttar-Ashadha, Shravan, and Dhanishtha. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and hence represents fear and anxiety. If you want to know more about the effect of Mercury in Uttarashadha Nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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