Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra – Mercury in Krittika

January 16, 2024

Mercury in Krittika is related to communication, logical intelligence, ability to learn, skills, mental curiosity, friends, and younger siblings.

Both Zodiac Signs, (Aries and Taurus): People with Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra are very intelligent and calculating. This is because Mercury here forms Budhaditya Yoga, which is the yoga of higher intelligence. It is formed when there is a relationship between the Sun and the Moon in the birth chart. In Krittika, the ruling planets Sun and Mercury form this yoga at the Nakshatra level, which provides high intelligence to the natives. They are very smart and able to retain and process information and calculations like mathematics. They are good at editing and proofreading documents, anything related to the written word they can correct down to the finest detail and polish the information so that it is clean and neat. If Mercury is in the fifth house of education and is related to the ascendant, then the intelligence of these people is strong. This is because Mercury is associated with humor and comedians; Krittika here provides critical satirical humor to the natives. They can criticize others humorously. If Saturn is conjoined or aspected by Mercury, their critical humor becomes cold and detached which may offend other people.

Mercury in Krittika sign in Taurus is calculative in managing people, money, and resources. Mercury rules our logical intellect and ability to retain and remember information; Therefore, Mercury here gives these individuals the ability to eliminate false information and remember only valuable details with money management. On the other hand, a younger sibling or family member is very critical and hides his or her nurturing and caring side through a strict exterior.

Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra is Good or Bad 

Mercury is in Krittika Nakshatra whose lord is Sun. From the point of view of dignity, Mercury is in a friendly sign and will remain in a friendly sign in Taurus also. The problem occurs only when Mercury is in Aries because its lord Mars is the enemy of Mercury. Therefore, when Mercury is in Krittika/Aries, these people need to be very careful in their communication. They may be very critical and sharp in their speech which may create enemies for them. Similarly, they need to be careful against careless/rash driving as it can lead to accidents. Apart from this, they can also be very good critics by profession. This also includes becoming an editor. Since Krittika is closely associated with child care, they can work in any business or communication related to child care, etc. In Taurus, they may be good at the financial side of business and very calculative/practical about money matters. Here, communication can be pleasant. Relationships related to Mercury may turn sour due to ego conflicts. They may also be good at espionage and arms trading.

Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 1

In this phase, the person is a worker who follows the rules, does business, has relations with friends, is a drug addict, and is likely to live only half his life span. The person is respected and praised by the people in the society. Astrologers is fond of writing, fond of music, and attracting money for business. If Mercury is affected by Mars or Saturn, then the person’s fault is that he has sexual relations with a businessman friend and makes good use of money.

Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 2

In this phase, the person wishes to marry, has a strong body, lives a long life, has a career, is happy with himself, is a good person in business, is traditional, caste, and works hard but after 40 years of prestige [prestigious Receives]. If there is a union with Jupiter, then the person will be a person who knows astrology or will be a practitioner of Tantra-Mantra magic.

Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 3

In this phase, the person is good with his work and behavior, is going to be happy in life, is going to attract people towards himself, and is going to influence people with his words. If Mercury is in conjunction with Saturn then the astrologer is a researcher or an intellectual.

Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra Pada 4

In this stage, the scientific specialty is that of a businessman, one who follows the path of truth, has the desire to get results as per his deeds, and gets respect in society. In this stage, there are more male castes typical of female caste classification. The person is going to live his life for 60 to 62 years. The person spends a lot of money in the middle of his life due to some illness. If Mercury is in conjunction with Jupiter then the person will be a leader or a person who will have to give advice to people.

Wrapping Up

Krittika is the constellation of criticism, cutting things, surgery, and bloodshed. Apart from this, it is the constellation of care, privacy, research, protection, and upbringing of children, etc. It extends from Aries to Taurus. Its lord is the Sun. Krittika is part of the Aries sign, so the Aries sign and its representation become important here. Aries symbolizes our personality, our aggression, our actions, our competitive ability, etc. The lord of Aries is Mars and it consists of two and a half constellations named Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittika. Krittika is also a part of Taurus, so the Taurus sign and its representation become important here. Vrishabha is made up of two and a half constellations, namely Krittika, Rohini, and Mrigashira. If you want to know more about the effect of Mercury in Krittika Nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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