Mercury Associated With Maternal Side

November 30, 2023

Mercury is considered a neutral planet in astrology. However, Mercury gives results according to its position and influence in the horoscope of the person. According to astrology, planets give results according to these houses. This rule also applies to planet Mercury. In this article, we will discuss the astrological, mythological, and astronomical importance of planet Mercury as well as how and what effect Mercury can have on our lives. Mercury planet has its own dimension in astrology. Mercury is considered the factor of speech in astrology. The person in whose horoscope Mercury is weak. He is shy. He has difficulty in expressing his views.

Along with this, the person is unable to control his speech, and his work gets spoiled due to his speech. From an astronomical point of view, Mercury is mainly made up of atoms from the solar atmosphere. Mercury is very hot due to which these atoms fly away into space. Mercury is unlike Earth and Venus whose atmosphere is permanent, Mercury’s atmosphere keeps changing continuously.

Mercury in astrology

In astrology, the planet Mercury affects the 12 houses in your birth chart in different ways. These effects have an impact on our daily lives. In astrology, Mercury is considered an auspicious planet, that is, it gives outcomes according to the association of the planets. If Mercury is in conjunction with auspicious planets, it gives auspicious results and inauspicious results in association with malefic planets. In astrology, planet Mercury is recognized as the lord of Gemini and Virgo. Virgo is also the exalted sign of Mercury while Pisces is considered its inferior sign. Out of the 27 recognized constellations present in Vedic astrology, Mercury has ownership of the Ashlesha, Jyestha, and Revati constellations.

In astrology, Mercury is considered the factor of intelligence, speech, and friends. In Indian astrology, Mercury is considered the son of the Moon. It plays an important role in the marital life of the person. People with strong Mercury are soft-spoken and funny. Due to the influence of Mercury, the person’s body becomes beautiful and eyes shine. These people achieve success in the field of communication and communication. This is why it is very important to know the position of Mercury in the horoscope and you can take astrological measures to reduce the ill effects of Mercury in its weak position.

Mercury and Nanihal Paksha Relationship

The planet Mercury decides how your relations will be with your maternal side. When Mercury becomes weak, the relations between the maternal and paternal sides get spoiled. On the other hand, if Mercury is strong then you remain the most loved one among your maternal grandparents. It is believed that to worship Mercury, you should worship Lord Ganesha every Wednesday. Along with this, one solution you can also do is to bring a plant from your maternal grandmother’s side and plant it in your house. By doing this, those people will continue to have a special affection towards you.

On the maternal side, the planet Mercury works to strengthen the relationship. The presence of Mercury in a high position in the horoscope shows your grandeur and supremacy on the maternal side, whereas, if the position of Mercury (mantra to strengthen Mercury) in the horoscope is bad then it will further affect your status in the maternal side. Tarnishes your image.

Ways to Strengthen Mercury in the Birth Chart

  • To strengthen Mercury, one should meditate on Lord Vishnu and chant 9000 Beej Mantras on Wednesday of Shukla Paksha.

  • To reduce the ill effects of Mercury, one should pray to Lord Ganesha. It will be very beneficial to worship, darshan, and offer laddus in Lord Ganesha temple every Wednesday. Fast on Wednesday should also be observed. One should fast till the 27th Wednesday. Also, cows should be fed grass.

  • The gemstone for Mercury is Emerald, which is worn to remove the negative effects of Mercury. Emerald should weigh at least 3 carats.

  • To make a sacrifice to Mercury, donating green clothes, green vegetables, green gram, and green-colored items to a Brahmin in the morning is considered best.

  • Additionally, donating green bangles and clothes to a eunuch strengthens Mercury.

  • To improve the condition of Mercury, it is auspicious to give water to Tulsi on all days except Sundays. Basil leaves should be consumed on Wednesday.

  • Green vegetables or green grass should be fed to the cow on Wednesday.

  • If Mercury is debilitated or weak, you should not consume alcohol, eggs, or meat.

  • To reduce the ill effects of Mercury, you should keep some water near your bed at night. The next morning, offer this water to the Peepal tree.

  • Girls should get their noses pierced to reduce the ill effects of Mercury.

  • To reduce the inauspicious effects of Mercury, donate milk and rice in the temple.

  • Offer water to the Sun every morning. This will strengthen Mercury.

  • Be kind and compassionate to little girls. Mercury gives auspicious results when you have good relations with your sisters, maternal uncle grandmother, or sister-in-law.

  • To strengthen weak Mercury, wear a silver chain or copper coin around your neck.

Wrapping Up 

If the planet Mercury is dominant in the horoscope of a person, then the communication style of the person is efficient. He captivates everyone with his words and arguments. Due to strong Mercury, the person has a sharp mind. Along with this, these people play a leading role in the field of dialogue and communication. And if Mercury is afflicted by any cruel or sinful planets in the birth chart of the person, then it is not good for the person. Due to this, the person may have to face physical and mental problems. Due to this, the person is not able to express his thoughts clearly. Due to the influence of afflicted Mercury, a person has to face loss in business. According to online astrology consultation, if Mercury is weak then you should wear its gemstone Emerald. Along with this, use Mercury Yantra. You can also get relief by donating.

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