Matsya (Fish) Avatar Associated With Ketu

November 24, 2023

Matsya Avatar is considered to be the first incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Matsya at a time when the world was nearing its end. Lord Vishnu had helped King Satyavrata through Matsya or Pisces incarnation and saved the world from destruction. Matsya Purana, one of the eighteen Puranas of Sanatan Dharma, is a very important Purana. Which includes 14 thousand verses along with about 291 chapters. This Purana is directly related to the Matsya i.e. fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu, due to which this Purana became famous by the name of Matsya Purana. In this Purana, through Mahatmya, Lord Vishnu in Matsya incarnation gave teachings to King Vaivaswat Manu and seven sages.

Matsya Avatar Of Vishnu

This incarnation of Lord Vishnu took place at the end of creation when there was some time left for the Doomsday. Satyavrata Manu, from whom man originated, was a religious soul and a devotee of Lord Vishnu. One day, when Satyavrat Manu was worshiping and offering prayers on the river bank, a small golden fish came floating in the river current in his kamandal.

Manu returned to his palace with that small fish. The next day the fish grew so big that it had to be kept in a big pond. The next day the fish was not able to fit even in the pond, so it was thrown into the river. At that time Manu asked the fish you are an extraordinary fish, please introduce yourself.

Lord Vishnu appeared from the fish and said that doomsday was going to come after 7 days from today. I have taken this incarnation to protect the creation. You should make a big boat and keep all types of medicines and seeds in it so that the work of creation of the universe can be completed again after the cataclysm.

Before the doomsday, God came to Satyavrat and told him to tie his boat to my trunk. Satyavrat along with his family boarded the boat carrying all types of seeds and medicines and kept floating in the ocean with the help of the Matsya incarnation of Lord Vishnu till the end of the Doomsday. In the Matsya incarnation, God kept the four Vedas in his mouth and when the universe was created again, he handed over the Vedas to Lord Brahma. In this way, Lord Vishnu took the Matsya incarnation and completed the work of re-creation of the universe from the time of destruction.

There is also a story that at the time of the creation of the universe, when there was water all around, to establish the earth, Lord Matsya had gone to the bottom of the ocean and brought soil in his mouth, and with this, the earth was created on top of the water.

Matsya (Fish) Relationship with Ketu 

In Vedic astrology, the Pisces/Matsya form of Lord Vishnu is associated with Ketu. Ketu is the planet of intuition and liberation, and the water in which the world was about to drown was an illusion. As soon as Lord Brahma’s night falls, there is darkness all around the world and then only the voice of Lord Vishnu can become light and save man from drowning in that darkness.

Ketu is the innate energy swimming in our consciousness like a fish, but it is completely submerged and that is why we are not able to pay much attention to our spiritual progress. Therefore, you are advised to concentrate on the voice in your mind and try to listen to it.

Ketu is a headless planet whose heart is located in its torso. The voice of Lord Vishnu emerges from the heart gland which is why there is no need for a head. Ketu symbolizes the beginning and end of a person’s karmic cycle. It also represents the spiritual and creative energy with the help of which man can break the worldly cycle and connect with Brahman.

Here in this story, Satyavrata represents the soul and the boat represents the human body which can reach its destination after being tied to Matsya. Whenever you are surrounded by problems in your life and you are not able to find them anyway, you feel lost in an ocean, then worshiping Ketu/Matsya form at that time will bring out your suppressed intuition. I will help you.

Wrapping Up

The Matsya incarnation of Lord Vishnu is considered to be one of his most important manifestations. Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age, has begun, and this incarnation marks the beginning of a new era for humanity. According to the legend, just before the world was about to drown in a great flood, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of a fish and saved Manu and other sages from drowning. During this period there was nothing left on the land except a few survivors who were saved by his actions, directly or indirectly, he then helped them rebuild their lives by teaching them how to build boats, houses, and other necessary things. For survival. Vishnu incarnated as Matsya to save Manu from the incredible flood after which Manu started another cycle of creation. Ketu is the planet of endings for new beginnings. According to online astrology consultation, by respecting the Pisces symbol, we will be able to give up the problems related to Ketu and move towards the right cause!

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