Mars Mahadasha – Mangal Mahadasha

September 21, 2023

Mars is considered to be a fierce planet and it is considered to be the most aggressive planet as compared to other planets. So during Mangal Mahadasha, you should be ready to feel more energetic than ever. You will feel very thrilled the whole time. At the same time, the amount of self-confidence and the need for independence will also increase significantly.

Mars represents arrogance, sports, and high energy. It is known as the god of war. Therefore, during this time there is a strong possibility that you may be interested in such areas and activities. During important and good changes in the career of all good sportsmen or soldiers, their Mars will be strong and positive. Mars is a very powerful planet so any problem coming your way will be curbed by the good influence of Mars. You will get victory easily.

Mangal Dasha Period

Mangal affects the life of the native due to its Mahadasha which is a long period of 7 years of the native’s life. Sooner or later a person gets to experience it. Ruled by the element of fire, the Mahadasha period of Mars is characterized by fiery ferocity. It gives confidence and courage to the natives. Along with stubbornness, the tendency to die or die is also found in the natives. 7 years of Mahadasha of Mars.

Mars Vimshottari Dasha

The Mahadasha of Mars is synonymously called Mangal Mahadasha, Mars Vimshottari Dasha, Kuja Dasha, Bhaum Dasha, etc. This Mahadasha rules your life for 7 years.

Mangal Mahadasha is called the Major Period of Mars in English. It can be both beneficial and harmful depending on its strength in the horoscope.

Mars is a fierce planet. A person with strong Mars is courageous, powerful, independent, a fighter, stubborn, and more or less a fighter.

Mangal Mahadasha Effect

Positive Effects of Mangal Mahadasha

When Mars is in full form, you will feel a tremendous amount of energy to accomplish almost anything. You will achieve great success in your profession; Your wealth assets will increase rapidly. Your confident and independent demeanor will win you over and you will have no difficulty in getting things done in your own way.

Your leadership potential will touch new heights. Along with all this, your desires will also increase and you will become a very available person. When you are working during Mangal Mahadasha, there will be an increase in the use of your body from time to time.

Chances are you will have a sense of taking command of your life in your own hands. All that energy and stubbornness can lead to a short temper or rash behavior. Mahadasha of Mars protects you from all harm and dangers. You can follow the best path during this dasha.

Negative Effects of Mangal Mahadasha

If the planet is in the wrong position then there are high chances that you may become a victim of accidents and injuries due to high risk-taking behavior and attitude. Wounds, scratches, and rashes are very common when Mars is heavy in your birth chart. You will have little patience left which can create many obstacles in your life.

The Mahadasha of Mars can make you feel extremely lethargic with negative effects. You will lose interest in going out and indulging in any outdoor activity. There will be no spark of enthusiasm from your side in any work. There will be a lot of problems in the sleep pattern and due to this you may feel restless and often feel nervous. There are chances that you may have to undergo some serious surgery during this Mahadasha.

Wherever a little courage is needed, you will retreat to stay safe. You will have no backbone to stand up for yourself or what you believe in. This is exactly the opposite of the results that a person sees in the positive phase of Mangal Mahadasha. You will lack confidence and have to depend on others for everything. If you are in a field that requires physical labor, you will hardly be able to advance in your career and will be under extreme stress due to poor performance.

Mangal Mahadasha Remedies

To reduce the negative effect of Mahadasha on Mars, its effect can be reduced by taking some measures. Some of the remedies for Mangal Mahadasha are given below:

      • Jatak should worship Lord Kartikeya and Hanuman ji by reciting Kartikeya Strotra and Hanuman Chalisa

      • Chant Mangal Mantra 7000 times with a rosary within a period of 40 days – Om Kra Kreen Kraus Sah Bhaumay Namah

      • Keep a fireplace or tandoor in the house. Always try to have hot food.

      • Donate lentils or red cloth to the people living in poverty on Tuesday.

      • Fast on Tuesday and reduce the intake of salt on the day of fasting.

      • Wear coral gemstone (take the guidance of an astrologer before buying it)

      Wrapping Up

      Mars is a fiery red planet and it inspires elements like fire in the life of the native. In the period of seven years, the person acquires courage and bravery. They also get a lot of achievements in life, especially in the fields related to fire, police, sports, etc. Chances of getting fame for courageous deeds are also high. However, a bad position can cause a lot of negative effects on the life of the native. Hence, taking the remedy helps a person to get favorable conditions on the fiery planet Mars. If you want to know more about Mars Mahadasha then you can get information by taking an astrology phone consultations.

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