Mars Mahadasha All Planets Antardasha

September 22, 2023

Mars Mahadasha has the effect of seven years of Dasha. During this Mahadasha, the person is most affected by the influence of Mars. Mars has been considered a powerful and aggressive planet. When its power and courage have an effect on a person, then due to this one never worries about disappointment and defeat in life. Mostly this planet adversely affects the person. If it is in the form of an auspicious planet in Kundali, then its dasha gives achievements in the person’s life. It gives the qualities of strength and courage. 

Mars Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

The presence of Mars Mahadasha Sun Antardasha creates a mixture of both negative and positive effects due to the combination of both planets. When there is Antardasha of the Sun along with the Mahadasha of Mars, then the person gets an opportunity to progress in his field of work. If someone is doing any work related to property land, then there is a benefit to it. In such a situation, if people want to go into politics, then they can get good benefits. You can get success in the field related to politics. Along with this, Dasha also plays an important role in getting auspicious work done.

Mars Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

In the Mars Mahadasha Moon Antardasha shows a positive effect. There is also a good time for hard work to get things. When Moon’s Antardasha and Mars’s Mahadasha are going on together, it is the time for an increase in wealth name, and fame. Especially land related benefits are especially good. Along with this, auspicious works are also done. In Vedic astrology, the Moon is considered to be the planet of good relation with the mind and mother. That’s why the relationship with the mother remains good and the native gets good support from the mother. Some foreign travels also take place during Mars Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha. Astrologers say that the yoga of Mars and Moon is also called Lakshmi Yoga. If Mars and the Moon are together in the horoscope, then it is considered auspicious yoga. In such a condition, the person is full of wealth.

Mars Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

The effect of Mars or the unfavorable position of Mars is visible at the time of Mahadasha. It can bring negative effects. Native may be in danger from fire and thieves. May lose property, may face imprisonment. Distances and differences can arise in relationships. There may be chances of health-related problems and accidents, body pain, urinary problems, kidney problems, and eye pain are also possible. Overall, it can be a period of difficulties and crises for the individual.

Mars Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

If there is Mars Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha, then the person makes decisions in a little haste. He is very hard-working. Due to this many times, he also has to face losses. During this time diseases related to blood and skin are troublesome. One good thing about this dasha is that logic works well in the Dasha of Mars and Mercury. If the work is done very sensibly, then good benefits are also obtained from it. Mars is the symbol of power, it is an indicator of strength and might. With the combination of intelligence and courage with Mercury, the planet of intelligence, a person becomes successful in every field.

Mars Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

In the Mars Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha gives mixed results for the native. During this dasha, there are opportunities to socialize with highly senior people. The person gets the benefit of his experiences. There are opportunities for good results and progress in life. There is a possibility of getting marital and child happiness. If Dasha makes a relationship with auspicious feelings, then it is a favorable time. Jupiter is the planet of knowledge and creation, when it gets the power of Mars, then there is an opportunity for success and material prosperity in life. Dasha of Mars and Jupiter also says that if a person wants to progress in his field at this time, time is on his side. There is progress in the business. During this period, doing work related to education gives benefits. 

Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

The time of Mars Mahadasha Venus Antardasha is a time of love, romance, and energy. In life especially, this can be the time to connect with new people and also to get a life partner. Auspicious work is also done in the family during this time. Venus is related to love and Mars is related to sexuality, so there are more chances of getting married at this time, and love relationships are also formed during this time. There is also a good profit in the workplace. A person earns good profit in such works, through which one gets a chance to see and connect with new colors. It is also a good time to get materialistic pleasures. Good profit is received from the land.

Mars Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

The time of Mars Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha can be troublesome and worrying. At this time one should be very careful because both Mars and Saturn are considered inauspicious planets. Yoga like mental stress, accidents can cause trouble at this time. There is a need to be very careful at this time because due to Mars, Saturn’s alliance gives excess expenses and harshness in behavior.

Mars Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

In the Mars Mahadasha, Rahu Antardasha may show an excess of trouble and anger. At this time, some sudden events can also disturb the person a lot. The risk of health-related problems increases. Infections or unknown diseases may arise. Financially wastage can be high. Participation in legal matters also increases.

Mars Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

In the Mars Mahadasha, Ketu Antardasha can also be hectic. It takes more effort to succeed in things. Mars gives results according to its position. If there is a planet Mars in the horoscope and it is giving auspicious results, then Ketu gives a spiritual color along with it. More attention needs to be paid in terms of health. Due to sudden events, a person suffers more from anxiety.

Wrapping Up

The nature of Mars is harsh due to the influence of sin. It symbolizes authority and power and shows firmness. Due to this lack of patience is more. To know more about Mars Mahadasha, All Planets  Antardasha, take an astrology phone consultation.

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