Mars in Ashwini Nakshatra – Mars in Ashwini

January 5, 2024

Mars in Ashwini influences passion, drive, and exertion of energy with the subject of Ashwini. The lord of Aries (Ashwini’s zodiac sign Seema) is Mars, hence Mars is strong here. If Mars is in the Ashwini sign then the person is courageous, active, and self-employed. For this reason, they are very strong-willed. When they decide to do some work, they dare to complete it.

People of the Ashwini Nakshatra zodiac are technical, it depends on which house Mars is situated in. For example, if Mars is in the fourth house, these natives like to fix things around the house. If Mars is in the fifth house of education then you will get technical education. On the other hand, they may explode or become angry without thinking (Ketu). Because of this, they can be temperamental and fly into a rage without any rational thought. Yet they have passion and are skilled in the use of sharp objects like swords, knives, and blades. If Mars is in the tenth house then such a person can make a career in real estate, engineering, or technology. For example, they may participate in the ritual of lighting a fire to purify their souls.

A person with Mars in the Ashwini sign is fond of esotericism, mysticism, and metaphysics (Ketu). They put energy towards spiritual healing (Ketu) or healing professions. He loves to explore spirituality, meditation, moksha, meditation, yoga, mantras, mantras, astral projection, faith healing etc.

Mars in Ashwini Nakshatra is good or bad  

Mars is in Ashwini Rashi, so first of all it is a very strong Mars because Mars is in its own Moola Trikon Rashi. These people can be seen as very courageous, strong-willed, and active people. They are real goal-achieving types of people. They would like to get first place in whatever work they do. Now, since Ashwini is very much associated with treatments and physicians, her work goes on in healthcare-related works. Due to dominance and energy exchange with Ketu, they can easily become surgeons. Since Ashwini is represented by twin horses, they may have an interest in veterinary health care. We can also see them as warriors or soldiers. But then there is another side to this placement where they can be very aggressive and impulsive. At times, they can also be violent as Ketu is leaderless and the conjunction of Mars with Ketu can make them leaderless in terms of their actions or aggression. They need to redirect their aggressive tendencies into more positive actions. Since Ketu is associated with magic and spirituality, this could be a positive work where they can put their energy. Overall, it is a very good situation if they can use their anger or aggression positively.

Mars in Ashwini Nakshatra Pada 1

In this phase, the person is fit, well-working, courageous, not afraid of anyone, giving trouble to other people, armed with weapons, friendly, involved in his work, and ahead in fights. He is a person who is lazy, misguided, hostile to sages, an officer in some law department, and a physician treating boils and pimples. If Mars is in Sin Darshan then the person is a hooligan and a hostage taker. If there is employment in such a job then the government remains very happy with it.

Mars in Ashwini Nakshatra Pada 2

In this phase, the person has a beautiful image, loves all the members of his family, respects his gurus, speaks sweetly, has a good job, is religious, behaves friendly with everyone, and has wealth. -Wealth makes one unique. If there is a union of Mars and Venus then the person gets pleasure related to sex, there is separation in having a relationship with a woman and he is a practitioner of Yoga.

Mars in Ashwini Nakshatra Pada 3

In this phase, the person has a clean complexion, respects religious persons, respects the gurus, has a saintly nature, does any work with patience, and shows the color of personality through talent or land and person There is also a doctor or physician. If the Sun is looking at the health and wealth of the person, then the person leads a happy life. If the Sun aspects the malefic Mars then Mars becomes more influential. And if there is no sight of Sun or Jupiter then the native’s mother dies in childhood. The person enjoys the bliss of yoga.

Mars in Ashwini Nakshatra Pada 4

In this phase, the person is calm, has a special mind, is respectful, romantic, has friendly behavior, has friendly behavior, has friendly behavior, is brave, saintly, and eats good food. Is. If there is a union of Sun, Moon, and Mars then the person becomes prosperous. If Jupiter is aspected in this phase then the person will inherit his father’s property. A person born between 12 to 13 degrees of Ashwini Nakshatra is an engineer.

Wrapping Up

Ashwini is the first Nakshatra, hence it comes with the nature of proactivity and remains first all the time. It is also the constellation of physicians or doctors as its deity is Ashwini Kumar, the spiritual healer. It is also the constellation of confusion, fraud, and illusion. Ashwini is part of the Aries sign, so the Aries sign and its representation become important here. Aries symbolizes our personality, our aggression, our actions, our competitive ability, etc. Aries is ruled by Mars and consists of two and a half constellations named Ashwini, Bharani, and Krittika. If you want to know more about Ashwini Nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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