Mars Conjunct Venus

December 7, 2023

Mars Conjunct Venus to take bold steps to enjoy life. The planet whose conjunction is at the lowest degree is stronger and dominates the qualities of the other planet. Apart from this, zodiac signs, place, sight, and conjunction also become very important. Mars is masculine and Venus is feminine, so both houses will depend on which sign the Mars and Venus conjunction is in.

Mars and Venus are neutral towards each other. The combination of both planets will accelerate your desires and increase your confidence and willpower to fulfill them on time.

Mars will give you aggression and passion to complete your work on time and Venus will bring your creative skills into the limelight and give you rewards and appreciation.

Mars and Venus in 1st house

The person will suffer from cough and other illnesses related to respiratory infections. They will work hard but will not be able to get good returns and will have to struggle continuously to achieve success. Also, they will have to face continuous failure in their life. His relations with his son will not be good and his son will be brave.

Mars and Venus in 2nd house 

The second house represents finance, family, and speech and the conjunction of Mars and Venus can affect your speech and money accumulation. Your speech will be manipulative and insulting which may lead to disqualification. People will not trust you and will have problems building trust and goodwill with others.

Mars and Venus in 3rd house

They will be spiritual personalities with strong beliefs and will be loyal and devoted. Additionally, they will be an avid traveler and would love to travel especially for pilgrimage. There will be secret issues with relatives which will be difficult to resolve. Besides these negative elements, the combination in this house is good for technical studies.

Mars and Venus in 4th house

The person will not easily separate himself and will suffer in the process. They will not get mental peace and will always remain trapped in the vicious circle and will remain in the company of mean people. He will also have to face a bitter relationship with his son.

Mars and Venus in 5th house

His nature will be humble and others will appreciate him. They will also be very successful in terms of material life. They will be talkative by nature. With this, they will get income from various sources. However, he may face some problems in dealing with his father.

Mars and Venus in 6th house

They will earn their money through fraudulent and illegal means. However, due to the presence of Mars along with Venus in the eighth house, such people are likely to suffer from sexually transmitted diseases and their personality will be morally corrupt.

Mars and Venus in 7th house

This conjunction in the seventh house will make you a weak and unstable person. Your sexual desire will be very high and you may also have illicit affairs which will create discord in your relationships. You will be a control freak and will indulge in domestic violence.You will have to face many problems in marital life which may lead to separation.

Mars and Venus in 8th house

It makes the person weak and poor. They will have to face many problems in their married life due to which they may get divorced. People will leave them easily. Besides, they will also have to face financial problems. This combination can give you sexual diseases and can also protect you from any kind of accident or untoward incident.

Mars and Venus in 9th house

The person may be lucky and have good prosperity. He may be rich and wealthy. He may be of a luxurious nature. He has every kind of material comfort. He can be respected in the society because of his wealth. The person may be very good at communicating. He can be a powerful speaker. He may be a natural leader and has a very good ability to command people.

Mars and Venus in 10th house

This is the house of profession and the conjunction of Mars and Venus will help you achieve material success. You can remain polite and others will appreciate you. You will have a wonderful life with all kinds of comforts and prosperity. Your career will reach its peak and you will get the fruits of your hard work.

Mars and Venus in 11th house 

The person may become rich and wealthy. He can earn from multiple sources of income. They can get good wealth. He can earn a good income through real estate. He has a good flow of money. He has all kinds of material comforts. He enjoys a good house, vehicle, and other luxuries.

Mars and Venus in 12th house

Mars and Venus in the 12th house give immense bed pleasure and happiness through intimacy and sex at a very early age in life. Your spouse will be loving and caring, but infidelity (sexual) may lead to separation. A life partner will bring happiness and good fortune in the life of the person.

Wrapping Up

The conjunction of Mars and Venus has both feminine and masculine qualities which gives its effect according to the place, position, and aspect of different planetary combinations. The result depends on which planet is in a powerful position in the conjunction. If Mars is there then the person will be aggressive and Venus will give you peace and purity. If you want to know more about the combination of Mars and Venus, then you can talk to astrologers.

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