Mangalwar Ka Vrat – Tuesday Fasting

November 9, 2023

Keeping a Mangalwar Ka Vrat is considered auspicious for happiness, wealth, fame, and having children. Complete this fast with full devotion by reciting the Tuesday fast story related to Hanuman Ji. Tuesday fast is observed to seek the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Rather, this fast is also beneficial for those people whose Mars is in a weak position in their horoscope. Any man or woman can observe this fast. It is said that the person who observes Tuesday fast with a true heart, has all his wishes fulfilled. Lord Bajrangbali always blesses such a person. If you are going to start the fast on Tuesday, then know the rules and benefits of this fast.

According to astrology, the lord of Aries and Scorpio is Mars and their lord is also Mars. Therefore, people with these zodiac signs should keep fast on Tuesday. There is a hindrance in the birth of a child, Mars is in the fifth house or the child is not getting any happiness. There are obstacles to having children. If the child dies as soon as he is born, then the fast should be observed along with the remedy for Mars. There is a belief regarding fasting on Tuesday that it is considered to increase strength, courage, respect, and effort. By observing this fast, Hanumanji gets pleased and removes all the troubles from our lives.

If Mars is very inauspicious then the possibility of not having an elder brother is considered strong. If there are brothers then there is enmity between them. Vision in one eye may be lost. The joints of the body do not work. There is a deficiency or impurity of blood. In such a situation, auspicious measures and fasting should be observed. Mars in the fourth and eighth houses is considered inauspicious. If Mars is alone in any house then it is like a lion in a cage. Sun and Saturn together become Mars. If Ketu is with Mars then it becomes inauspicious. The presence of Mercury along with Mars also does not give good results. Having Venus along with Mars also does not give auspicious results. In such a situation, keep the fast along with the remedies for Mars.

Tuesday Vrat Katha

Once upon a time, there was a Brahmin couple who lived a very simple life. Since she had no children, the woman observed a fast on Tuesday to please Lord Hanuman. One day, the husband went to a nearby village to perform some religious rituals and the woman remained at home and worshipped Lord Hanuman.

Impressed by his dedication, Lord Hanuman blessed him with a boy. After a few months, when the husband came home, he became suspicious of his wife’s character after seeing the son playing in her lap.

The husband suspected his wife of adultery and asked her about their son. Even when she said that the son was a blessing from Lord Hanuman, the husband did not believe her. That night Maruti came into his dream and told him the whole story.

Ultimately, the next morning, the Brahmin felt guilty for his doubts and accepted both his wife and son with love and respect. He named his son Mangal because this child was a blessing of Tuesday’s fast. Since then, Hanuman Vrat started being observed by the devotees to get the desired blessings.

Tuesday Fast Rules

  • Hanuman Ji was born on Tuesday, hence this day has been dedicated to him.
  • Special care is taken of cleanliness and purity in any worship, but on this day special care is taken of purity.
  • During the worship of Hanuman ji, an attempt is made to keep the mind completely calm.
  • A person observing fast on Tuesday can eat once a day. According to the scriptures, food is consumed while worshiping Lord Hanuman.
  • Keep in mind that salt is not consumed during Tuesday’s fast. Fruits can be eaten during Tuesday’s fast.
  • During Tuesday’s fast, always keep in mind not to worship Hanuman ji wearing black or white clothes. It is good to wear red or saffron-colored clothes during the fast and worship of Hanuman Ji.
  • Special care is taken of purity during the fast on Tuesday.
  • Follow celibacy during this fast. Do not have physical relations.
  • Try to keep your mind completely calm during the puja.
  • Salt is not consumed this fast.
  • During Tuesday’s fast, do not worship Hanuman Ji wearing black or white clothes.
  • Have one meal during the fast on Tuesday.

Tuesday Fast For Unmarried Girl

Some devotees also keep a fast for Lord Ganesha on Tuesday. The fasting rules and fasting method for Ganesh Vrat are the same. Devotees also worship Vighnaharta (the god who removes all troubles) on Vinayaka Chaturthi. It is believed that by worshiping this God on Tuesday, he becomes happy and gets the desired blessings. Women especially keep fast on Tuesday of Ganeshji to get the desired life partner.

There are often doubts in the minds of women regarding the worship of Hanumanji. But it is told in the Puranas that women can also worship Bajrangbali and keep fast. It is not written in any scripture that women should not worship Hanumanji. Only women should not offer red clothes or robes to Hanumanji, because he was celibate throughout his life. Women should not fast if Tuesday falls in between menstruation.

Tuesday Fast Benefits

According to religious beliefs, fasting on Tuesday keeps Lord Hanuman’s blessings. This fast increases respect, strength, and courage. Fasting on Tuesday is also very beneficial for having a promising and lucky child.

This fast can protect one from ghosts and dark powers. Also, if Mars is weak in your horoscope and is not giving auspicious results, then you should observe the fast on Tuesday. People who are under the Mahadasha of Mars benefit from this fast.

Tuesday Fast Rituals

Tuesday fast can be started from the first Tuesday of Shukla Paksha of any month. If you are observing this fast to fulfill any wish then observe it till the 21st or 45th Tuesday. On the day of the Udyapan of Tuesday fast, provide food to Brahmins or Panditji.

If you are thinking of fasting on Tuesday, then this fast should be observed regularly for at least 21 Tuesdays. On the day of fasting, after taking a bath, sit at a clean place in the northeast corner of the house and install the idol or picture of Hanuman Ji. On this day, wear red clothes and take water in your hand and resolve to fast.

How to Start Tuesday Fast

  • This fast should be observed for 21 consecutive Tuesdays.
  • This fast should be started with a resolution.
  • On the day of fasting, wake up before sunrise take a bath and if possible wear red clothes on this day.
  • After this prepare for the puja.
  • For worship, install the idol of Hanuman Ji in the northeast corner of your house.
  • Then light a lamp of desi ghee in front of the idol of Shri Hanuman ji.
  • Then offer flowers Mala, roli, vermillion, etc. to Bajrangbali.
  • Offer them fruits and prasad.
  • Do read the Tuesday fast story and recite Hanuman Chalisa.
  • After this perform Aarti of Hanuman ji.
  • Eat one meal a day.
  • Follow celibacy on the day of fasting.

Wrapping Up

Tuesday is dedicated to the worship of Lord Hanumanji. Devotees of Hanuman ji observe fast on Tuesday to please God. Worshiping and worshiping Bajrangbali, who is called the God of Kaliyuga, brings happiness in life. By fasting on Tuesday one remains on the blessings of Lord Hanuman. According to astrology, if Mars is weak in a person’s horoscope, then he should keep a fast on Tuesday. This brings blessings to Mars and also provides relief from many types of diseases. Fasting on Tuesday removes troubles from a person’s life and increases courage, respect, strength, and effort. To know more about how to observe Mangalwar Ka Vrat, take an online astrology phone consultation.

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