Ketu Mahadasha – Ketu Mahadasha

September 21, 2023

According to Vedic astrology, Ketu is the tail of the dragon. If Ketu is in a suitable position in your horoscope then this dasha makes you more spiritual. You can start channeling your energy and time toward the theoretical disciplines, good deeds, worship, and practice of Ayurveda. This nostril brings participation in architectural ventures and gives inner strength to the native. During this, you can enjoy the comforts of home to the fullest. During this period, your inclination may be religious and your interest in yoga and meditation may increase.

Ketu Mahadasha can be a time of spiritual and introspection in the life of the native. The native is able to understand the line, understanding the clear division between materialistic and spiritual things.

This can be a transformative period in one’s life and a well-placed Ketu can bring immense fortune in one’s career and long life. It gives the native a clear vision of things and imaginative ability. Though Ketu Mahadasha is inauspicious in nature, yet Ketu Mahadasha brings mixed results to its natives.

Ketu Dasha Period

We all have to experience Ketu Mahadasha sometime or the other in our life. This extension of Ketu Mahadasha lasts for a period of 7 years. This period of Mahadasha of Ketu is believed to influence the deep spirituality in the life of the native. The changes brought about by it are almost transformative for the people. Like all Mahadashas, Ketu Mahadasha can also have auspicious or inauspicious effects on the life of the native. The kind of effect Ketu Mahadasha will have on a person’s life mostly depends on the position of the planets in the horoscope of the person.

Ketu Vimshottari Dasha

Ketu is a spiritual planet and it has all the influence on you which is opposite to materialistic liking and world. You will achieve greatness in terms of spirituality and higher knowledge. There is a strong possibility that if you are having Ketu Vimshottari Dasha, which lasts for 7 years, then you will not be inclined to live a married life. Even if you are married, you will be very different from your spouse, you will have a strong feeling of not living this kind of life.

Ketu Mahadasha Effect

Positive Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

Ketu Mahadasha can be a very transformative Dasha in your life. This big change can prove to be very powerful but can also be a bit stressful. This Dasha can be a good chance to fulfill your all-time religious entertainment and desires. You will feel blessed during the good portion of the Mahadasha.

It is said that this condition can make you feel that you are on the path to liberation. Imagination power will increase a lot. Good luck will be in abundance and you will have good money and wealth, whatever the source. Lots of opportunities will knock at your door during Mahadasha. Long life and an excellent career are some other boons that come with a positive Ketu Mahadasha effect.

Negative Effects of Ketu Mahadasha

The effects of Ketu Mahadasha can lead to emotional problems and increase mental stress. Ketu is a leaderless planet which means that there would be many situations where you would be taking decisions that would be baseless and wrong. You may feel confused even under normal circumstances. There may be unwanted scenarios and unexplained irrational behavior on your part.

It is very common to lose close people, jobs, or businesses when Ketu is in the wrong house. While walking on the path of liberation, you may become a victim of narrow-mindedness and isolation. Often you will notice that your energy is very low and you feel completely exhausted. Such a drastic change in your life and outlook can result in a rapid increase in anger and irritability in your behavior.

Family and spouse problems are very common and can easily lead to unhappiness and detachment. A strange sense of genuine loss and loss is very common in this situation.

Ketu Mahadasha Remedies

To reduce the negative effect of Mahadasha of Ketu, the effect can be reduced by taking some measures. Some of the remedies for Ketu Mahadasha are given below:

  • Jatak should worship Lord Ganesha. Recitation of Ganesh Dwadashnam Stotra, Ketu Strotam, Ganesh Chalisa, Shiv Panchakshari Stotra is very useful for Ketu Graha Shanti.

  • Chant Ketu Beej Mantra 17000 times – Om Straun Streem Straun Sah Ketve Namah

  • Donate black mustard or mustard oil on Thursday

  • Fast on Thursday and reduce the intake of salt on the day of fasting.

  • Prepare or donate food to a dog shelter.

  • Take care and respect your grandparents

  • Wear a cat’s eye gemstone (take guidance from an astrologer before buying it)

Wrapping Up

This period can have positive or negative results depending on many factors like the position of other planets, degree of influence, etc. If one has inauspicious Ketu, then donating mustard oil, preparing a shelter for street dogs, or making a contribution are some quick remedies. If you want to know more about Ketu Mahadasha, then you can get information by consulting an astrology phone consultations.

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