Ketu Conjunct Venus

December 13, 2023

Before understanding the effect of the conjunction of Ketu and Venus in astrology, one should know what the conjunction of planets indicates in astrology. Actually, whenever there is a conjunction of planets, the result of each planet changes and a new effect arises from the conjunction.

According to this mythology, when Ketu, the planet of illusion conjoins with Venus, the planet of materialism and beauty in any house, it is likely to give different results to the native. Strong Venus can eliminate the bad effects of Ketu. Similarly, if weak Venus is with mild negative Ketu then it can give adverse results. You cannot do much to fight Ketu as it creates confusion.

Ketu and Venus in 1st house

Due to the conjunction of Ketu and Venus in the first house, the person also displays qualities of intelligence. This combination gives clarity of thought and work, especially if the person has anything to do with fine arts like dance, drama, music, painting, photography, landscape designing, acting, or directing in films, serials, episodes, etc.

Ketu and Venus in 2nd house

Due to the conjunction of Ketu and Venus in the second house due to Ketu, there is no discord or even a small fight in marital life. Moreover, it does not interfere with the benefits given by Venus in the second house. There is no doubt that a person or spouse should be alert about any disease like piles. And in the future, a rule should be made to minimize the consumption of red chili.

Ketu and Venus in 3rd house

Due to Ketu and Venus in the third house, these people always give more importance to their illness and disease or illness. Therefore, a person becomes very nervous when left alone during any long-term illness. You can read more about the symptoms of specific diseases at the links below.

Ketu and Venus in 4th house

Due to the conjunction of Ketu and Venus in the fourth house in their wardrobe, these individuals have different patterns, designs, and colors with respect to their clothes and outerwear. These individuals join dance and music, painting, or acting classes. And if Ketu is also helpful then you complete your study course. But if Venus is inauspicious then they leave their studies midway.

Ketu and Venus in 5th house

In addition to other benefits of the conjunction of Ketu and Venus in the fifth house, such as romantic thoughts and activities, raising one or two children, and preparing them for the study of medicine/music/fine arts, there will be full support of Ketu. To get. Sometimes a person interested in fine arts like music, dance, painting, acting, sculpture, architecture, and photography gets additional support from Ketu.

Ketu and Venus in 6th house

This combination makes the child quite ambitious but does not put much effort into fulfilling the ambitions unless his stars are very helpful in this matter. Ketu neither causes any serious sexual disease nor is it very helpful in curing it. This allows Venus to do its job and remain more or less neutral in the sixth house.

Ketu and Venus in 7th house

Some women associated with writing and education, who have Ketu and Venus in the seventh house, make very good progress in their work. But often, their credit is stolen by those who have Venus and Mercury in their seventh house. Here also Ketu remains neutral towards the influence of Venus in the 7th house.

Ketu and Venus in 8th house

Ketu in the eighth house (also with Venus) does not propel the person towards dishonest, criminal, immoral, or illegal activity. Because the person is neither too greedy nor too fond of luxury. On the other hand, the individual strives to maintain a good moral character. And if someone is attracted to a romantic relationship then he remains at an idealistic level.

Ketu and Venus in 9th house

If the person is a doctor, artist, musician, dancer, actor or actress, painter, photographer, designer, writer, poet, journalist, teacher, litterateur, private tutor, or runs and/or manages any educational institution. The combination of Ketu and Venus will help the person a lot in these career fields. Ketu’s help is available only on the condition that the person remains in control in matters of wealth and character.

Ketu and Venus in 10th house

In the same indifferent spirit, Ketu with Venus in the tenth house will not take an active part in disputes related to family property. However, if the property is acquired by joint efforts and finance by a person or his spouse or both, then Ketu will help in favor of that person or his spouse or both. However, both these stars will remain active in social and charitable work for public welfare and service to the common people.

Ketu and Venus in 11th house

This combination helps the native’s children in their studies. It also helps in participating in homework and written exercises during schooling. If the number of children is limited to two then it also helps in improving the handwriting of the child. It protects the native from conflict with the law of the country or civil laws and regulations.

Ketu and Venus in 12th house

The conjunction of Ketu and Venus in the 12th house may give indebtedness, although of a manageable nature. And it also develops the intention to repay at the first convenience of the individual. Therefore overall the situation is under control. Ketu also helps Venus in getting good publicity and popularity for the person. They will allow spouses and parents to resolve disputes and normalize interactions between them.

Wrapping Up

This conjunction may cause obstacles in life and the native may experience distance and bitterness in relationships including tension at home or between family members. There is definitely a lack of some kind of peace in a person’s life. When these planets transit, this effect may increase and the restlessness may increase manifold. If you want to know more about the combination of the Ketu and Venus, then you can talk to astrologers.

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