Ketu Conjunct Sun

December 13, 2023

Sun is our soul, ego, confidence, and willpower. Surya also represents the father, king, and government. Ketu is a headless planet. Ketu represents separation, emptiness, spirituality, and research. Ketu indicates things that we have already accomplished in a previous life. That is why wherever Ketu is situated, we do not suffer or are not satisfied in those matters.

When Ketu combines with the Sun it causes an eclipse. A difference of 5 degrees can have a big impact. Natal suffers from low self-confidence and a lack of ego. In this materialistic world, we need some ego to complete our daily tasks.

Ketu and Sun in 1st house

Ketu and Sun in 1st house are associated with the overall personality of the person on both internal and external levels. Basically, this house represents the person’s head, physical appearance, character, temperament, strengths, and weaknesses. Ketu and Sun in the first house give the person a dynamic and magnetic personality. These people love to travel to fulfill the sense of adventure in life. If Ketu and Sun are in the first house then the person is hardworking, wealthy, and lucky. But he is always worried and worried because of his children. The person should stay away from bad company. There is also a tendency for the person may be self-centered and greedy at times. Afflicted Ketu and Sun in the first house can also affect the health and stamina of the person.

Ketu and Sun in 2nd house

Due to Ketu and Sun in 2nd house, the person has earning skills and abilities. Speech and food consumption are also seen in this house as it represents the throat. If Ketu and Sun are present in the second house of a person’s horoscope, then it makes the person a knowledgeable and knowledgeable person. These are people who have their own opinions and are quite expressive when it comes to words. However, in the case of Ketu and Sun being afflicted in the second house, it may bring problems in learning and speech disorders like stammering, etc. Ketu and Sun in the second house can separate the native from his immediate family. These people may have to struggle to build good relationships with their families.

Ketu and Sun in 3rd house

Ketu and Sun in the third house show favorable results for the person. The person becomes famous, wealthy, and successful in his life. Traveling proves beneficial and beneficial for a person. Therefore, they get a chance to travel a lot and there is a possibility of earning a good income from this. The native also likes to participate in spiritual and religious activities so that he can achieve fame and name in those fields. However, when Ketu and Sun are afflicted in the 3rd house, it complicates the native’s relationships with his/her siblings. There is also a tendency that the native may have to spend on legal complications with his siblings. Due to this, the native’s relations with his colleagues and associates may become a bit unfavorable, he should pay proper attention to maintaining good relations with the people around him.

Ketu and Sun in 4th house

Due to Ketu and Sun in the 4th house, the native will move away from his native place to some foreign land because Ketu and Sun are the lord houses in the 4th house and the native place is ruled by the Moon. Does not share friendly relations with Ketu and Sun, as the 4th house also represents mother and maternal love, the health of the native’s mother remains a matter of concern in the native’s life. In some cases, the relationship with the mother may not be very warm and cordial. Other aspects of the 4th house like peace of mind, happiness, and matters related to family and property are also a matter of concern in the life of the native and should be taken proper care of.

Ketu and Sun in 5th house

Due to Ketu and Sun in the 5th house, the natives like to express themselves creatively and pursue what they find fun. It is also related to children, a person’s intelligence, and knowledge of politics. The person usually has a special inclination towards philosophical teachings. These people are inclined towards matters related to religion and spirituality. These people can also be involved in research on such subjects. The presence of Ketu and Sun in the fifth house of mysticism and magic gives the native a tendency to lean towards matters related to the occult sciences and in some cases black magic. The child can also become one of these. Related problems in the life of the native such as it may cause a delay in childbirth, miscarriage, or abortion.

Ketu and Sun in 6th house

Ketu and Sun in 6th house indicate what kind of services the person provides to humanity, it tells how useful the person will be to the society. The position of Ketu and Sun in the sixth house can make the person a victim of accident and injury. This condition can create many obstacles and hindrances in a person’s life. Still, these people have the ability to rise above every difficulty and achieve success through their hard work and sweat. If Ketu and Sun in the sixth house are badly afflicted in this position then the person can also be of strong nature. Such a person may also be involved in some criminal or fishing activity. This is an inauspicious placement of Ketu and Sun in the sixth house for maternal relatives as it may lead to a lack of peace and happiness in the family.

Ketu and Sun in 7th house

Ketu and Sun in the seventh house represent your public life like other people. In Vedic astrology, Ketu and the Sun in the seventh house are not considered very auspicious. This may bring the possibility of some difficulties in the life of the native regarding marriage and partnership. The person may have a non-communicative and secret partner. The marital life of the person may get spoiled due to some health problems affecting the sexual life of the person. There may be frequent fights, misunderstandings, and arguments between the native and his/her partner which may further lead to separation as Ketu and Sun in the 7th house represent separation. Apart from this, there is also a possibility of more than one marriage. This place is equally unfavorable for business partnerships. There may be conflicts between business partners or the partnership may not flourish and yield profits.

Ketu and Sun in 8th house

Ketu and Sun in the eighth house represent marriage, corporate resources, and inherited property or wealth. It is also the home of hidden matters such as taxes, magic, mysticism, death, and rebirth. Ketu and the Sun in the eighth house indicate a lack of auspiciousness and happiness. The person may face obstacles in earning and financial matters. These people are inclined towards the supernatural worlds and there is a good possibility that the natives will choose astrology or Tantra-Mantra as a profession. Ketu and Sun in the eighth house also make the person prone to injury due to weapons, heat, animals, or insects. This person may also have to undergo some kind of surgery. However, they may expect some sudden money gains.

Ketu and Sun in 9th house

Ketu and the Sun in the ninth house symbolize long journeys like pilgrimage, luck, and good fortune. Ketu and Sun in the ninth house are inclined towards independence. Ketu and Sun in the ninth house are here in the house of pilgrimage, luck, fortune, spirituality, and higher education, the nature of Ketu and Sun in the ninth house emphasizes that the native seeks more and more to enhance his spiritual and philosophical teachings. Travels. The native is a very religious person who is dedicated and likes to take his devotion to his religious beliefs and values seriously. However, Ketu and Sun in the ninth house are not considered very favorable for the native’s father as he may face difficulties in his health. The person may not have a very friendly and cordial relationship with his father also.

Ketu and Sun in 10th house

Ketu and Sun in the 10th house are considered to be the house representing career or profession. It shows whether the person will achieve fame and glory in his life or not. Ketu and Sun in the tenth house give the native career, wealth, and intelligence as well as a deep outlook towards his life along with his family. The native has a very strong personality and gets power, good position, and wealth in his life with the good aspect of Ketu and Sun in the 10th house. These people have a tendency to acquire knowledge and earn a lot of fame throughout their lives. Exercising great influence over people can also give them an edge over their enemies, helping them lead a business. Yet there is a lack of positivity and pessimism in his nature.

Ketu and Sun in 11th house

Ketu and Sun in the 11th house is a strong indicator of sudden wealth and gains. It is also the house that reflects one’s social circle. If Ketu and Sun are in the 11th house then it gives mostly positive and favorable results in the life of the person. It provides multiple sources of income flow to the person and such a person does not lose hope even in difficult times. The person is likely to be a religious person and has the ability to come out stronger from difficult times with the help of his spirituality and his faith. The person is kind and charitable and is likely to become famous due to his nature and dedication to work. The natives are perfectly suited for administration jobs as they can handle any difficult situation easily and can lead the organization strongly.

Ketu and Sun in 12th house

Ketu and Sun in the 12th house represent freedom and separation from the materialistic desires of life and indicate the native’s strong inclination towards spirituality. This situation can bring positive results in a person’s life. Because in the 12th house, Ketu and Sun are also considered to be the natural factors of the 12th house. The person is an introverted personality with a spiritual inclination. The individual is driven towards self-knowledge and erudition as his ultimate goal in life. There is also a tendency that natives may lean toward solitude as they enjoy isolation and use isolation at work to maintain focus and avoid drama. The presence of Ketu and Sun in the 12th house also indicates the tendency of the natives to develop an interest in subjects like occult and mystical sciences.

Wrapping Up

The combination of Ketu and the Sun makes a person a true spiritual soul. Confidence level may increase after the age of 32 to 35 years. When the Sun is in an exalted sign or is placed below your house, the Sun can gain better strength. In such a situation, although sometimes the self-confidence gets affected, the person can easily come out of the shadow of this Ketu at the time of birth. Talk to astrologers to learn about the negative and positive effects of Ketu in conjunction with the Sun.

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