Jupiter Stone – Meaning, Benefits, and Who Can Wear Pukhraj?

September 22, 2023

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the benefactor of knowledge, teacher, children, elder brother, education, religious work, holy place, wealth, charity, virtue and growth, etc. That’s why a person gets knowledge by wearing Pukhraj.  In the English language, Pukhraj is yellow Sapphire. On the other hand, Pukhraj is its superior stone. Let us know the benefits of wearing Pukhraj and the method of wearing it.

According to Vedic astrology, Pukhraj is called Pushpraj in Sanskrit, Guru Ratna, Peeluraj in Gujarati, Pushparaag in Kannada, and Pukhraj in Hindi. The best Pukhraj are considered to be from Brazil and Sri Lanka (Ceylonese). Selene Pukhraj was very expensive. Whereas Pukhraj of Bangkok is available cheap.

Pukhraj should be worn at least 5 to 7.5 carats. On the other hand, it is considered most auspicious to get Pukhraj embedded in gold metal. And Pukhraj should be worn on Thursday. Before wearing it, purify the gemstone ring with Ganges water or milk. After this, wear the ring on the index finger of the right hand. After this chant the Beej Mantra of Guru.

Jupiter Stones Pukhraj

This is also very effective and beneficial. Let us know when and how these two zodiac signs should wear this gem Get Pukhraj embedded in a gold ring in such a way that after wearing it touches your skin from behind. After taking a bath in the morning on Thursday, put this ring in milk and Gangajal. After this, get it bathed with honey. After that wear it on your index finger after washing it with clean water. Do chant the mantra ‘Om Brahma Brahaspatiye Namah’ while wearing it.

Jupiterstone Meaning

The literal meaning of Pukhraj is “Prajakat” i.e., the maintainer of the universe, who runs the universe according to a certain method. Pukhraj is a gemstone, which has many important uses in Jyoti Shastra and Ratna Shastra and Pukhraj Ratna is a gem dedicated to Jagatguru Brihaspati, in which various types of powers related to Brihaspati are present. Related supernatural powers do exist. The physical structural aspect of Pukhraj stone is very orderly, its color is yellow, in which you can see different types of graphics in yellow color. No gem created by nature can ever be identical.

Jupiter is considered the planet of knowledge, intelligence, wealth, business, religion, child happiness, marriage, religious work, and higher education, Jupiter has been called a very auspicious planet in astrology. Pukhraj, the gem of Jupiter, has been given a special status among the Navratnas, Pukhraj is placed in the second category among the precious Navratnas, according to Stones by date of birth, Pukhraj represents the planet Jupiter, wearing Pukhraj brings business, business, knowledge and wealth. Might be possible. Increasingly, Pukhraj is the gem of Devguru Jupiter.

Who Can Wear Pukhraj

  • The natives whose Jupiter is exalted or positive in their horoscope can wear yellow sapphire.

  • People with Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs and ascendants can wear Pukhraj. Because the master of both these zodiac signs is the planet Jupiter.

  • People having Libra Ascendant can wear Pukhraj because Jupiter is the lord of your fifth house. That’s why wearing Pukhraj can prove beneficial for you.

  • People of Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio can also wear Pukhraj stone.

  • If Jupiter is debilitated in the horoscope, then Pukhraj should not be worn.

  • Diamonds should not be worn along with Pukhraj.

  • On the other hand, if the guru of the lowly is situated in the horoscope, then Pukhraj should not be worn.

  • Jupiter is considered the lord of Sagittarius. The people of this zodiac are hardworking and courageous by nature. They have amazing energy to do any work. It is said that sometimes due to their excessive enthusiasm, some of their work gets spoiled in the making. Along with keeping patience in you, this gem also helps in keeping your mind calm.

  • It has also been said that wearing the Pukhraj stone is very beneficial for young men and women whose marriage is getting delayed.

  • The auspicious position of Jupiter in the birth chart gives a person social respect, progress, and family happiness, If the person wants to get happiness in these areas or if the person lacks these pleasures in life, then the person should wear yellow Pukhraj.

Jupiter Stone Benefits

  • Pukhraj Stone is considered to be related to Jupiter. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the benefactor of knowledge, teacher, saint, elder brother, education, religious work, holy place, wealth, charity, virtue and growth, etc. That’s why a person gets knowledge by wearing Pukhraj.

  • Apart from this, you can also get success in your stalled work. Today we will learn about one such gem, Pukhraj, which is also known as Yellow Sapphire.

  • Apart from this, wearing Pukhraj gives knowledge and higher education. social progress, economic and wealth benefits. If a person wants to achieve progress, progress, and profit in these areas, then he is advised to wear Pukhraj.

Wrapping Up

Pukhraj Stone is worn to beautify our life and to get the grace of Jupiter, and Pukhraj Ratna mines are present in many countries in the world, such as Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India, etc. But the Pukhraj gems of Brazil and Myanmar are world famous in the world because their quality is considered the best, due to which their price is estimated very high, and buying Pukhraj gems here is not a matter for everyone. Sri Lanka K Pukhraj gems are also world famous, and their quality is also considered excellent and the quality of Pukhraj gems determines its price. If you want to know more about Jupiter Stone Pukhraj take an online astrology consultation.

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