Jupiter Mahadasha All Planets Antardasha

September 22, 2023

In astrology, the time of Jupiter Mahadasha is seen as an auspicious Dasha. The period of Jupiter Mahadasha lasts for a period of sixteen years. Jupiter is considered an auspicious planet, during this dasha many big changes can also be seen in the life of the native. According to the position of Jupiter present in the birth chart, the duration of the planet leaves different and different effects on life depending on various factors.

Jupiter Mahadasha Sun Antardasha

In Jupiter Mahadasha Sun Antardasha has a positive effect on the economic condition. There are opportunities to get a position, there is also an increase in wealth. The effect of planets is going to bring a lot of name and fame to the person. Both these planets are powerful, so it is time for success in business endeavors. The chances of promotion can also be found at this time. During this period of Sun Antardasha in Jupiter Mahadasha, there is a time of increase in knowledge. In this dasha, happiness is also found in family and relationships. If inauspicious presence, one may suffer from pain in the body, nervous disorders, headache, and lack of peace of mind.

Jupiter Mahadasha Moon Antardasha

The time of the subperiod of the Moon in Jupiter Mahadasha shows a positive effect on the person. In this Antardasha, a person can get happiness from his partner and children. Due to the influence of Moon and Jupiter’s relationship, the possibilities of income in business are strong. You can also do spiritual journeys. The attraction towards liquid and milk products increases. This period of Moon Antardasha in Jupiter Mahadasha is conducive to progress on the career front. Material comforts, luxuries, and pleasures of life can be enjoyed. Relations with spouses and children also become sweet.

Jupiter Mahadasha Mars Antardasha

The time of Jupiter Mahadasha Mars Antardasha is the time for a person to connect with enthusiasm and new things. This intuition can promote knowledge and learning ability. You can get benefits from land sources. There are mixed results in family matters and married life. Relations with brothers and sisters also improve, more anger and feelings of dominance are seen.

Jupiter Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha

In Jupiter Mahadasha Mercury Antardasha is the surface of intellectuality as well as innovation. If the position of both of them is right in the horoscope, then favorable results are obtained, but if they are not in an auspicious position, then problems may have to be faced. At this time the person also gets the company of knowledgeable people and teachers. During this time there is a need to pay attention to health-related matters. There can be success and progress in business or activities in these works start intensifying.

Jupiter Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha

In the Jupiter Mahadasha Jupiter Antardasha is the time of adaptability and change. This is one of the best Mahadasha in life. Mahadasha brings auspicious results and effects. The time of Brihaspati dasha in Jupiter is the time of success, wealth, power, and spiritual growth. Jupiter Mahadasha can also have negative effects and it will depend on how Jupiter is positioned in your horoscope. This Dasha also has an effect on finance, health, jobs, etc.

Jupiter Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Venus Antardasha is going to show many changes. At this time, the tension between materialism and spirituality can be seen more. Efforts regarding work continue. Faith in God and spiritual consciousness get strength. During this period opportunities for monetary gain are also available. The effect of Venus gives physical comforts and also you can get opportunities to travel during this time. Affection and love come in married life and new relationships also begin. Both these planets are auspicious and represent wealth and fortune. This period of Venus Antardasha in Jupiter Mahadasha is supposed to provide prosperity and financial stability.

Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

If Jupiter Mahadasha Saturn Antardasha, it gives benefits in matters of loan and property. In this period people get a lot of money and benefits due to being in the society. This period boosts one’s professional status. According to astrology, the person tries a lot to get success. This is a good period to be successful in the field of law, justice, and management. The more hard work you put in during this period, the better your chances of success. If there is unhappiness, the native may face problems in work and life. Some health complications may also arise during this period due to negative effects. Shani Antardasha in Jupiter Mahadasha can cause defamation in society and loss of money in case of a calamity.

Jupiter Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Rahu Antardasha is the time of change. This Dasha can bring a lot of confusion and problems in life. It can make a person arrogant and domineering by nature. The person may indulge in unnecessary arguments and fights. Family relationships also get affected during Rahu Antardasha in Jupiter Mahadasha. There is more pressure on thoughts. There are also health-related problems. There is time for new research in the spiritual field.

Jupiter Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Jupiter Mahadasha Ketu Antardasha is going to show some mixed effects. This time can connect with works in spiritual fields. You can get a chance to go on religious trips. The native may be interested in researching questions related to self-knowledge. During this period, Ketu can create a lot of problems and confusion in career matters. In some cases, a person can also move towards wrong actions. There is a need to take special care of health.

Wrapping Up

The duration of Jupiter’s Mahadasha is 16 years. Jupiter is the planet associated with wealth, money, fortune, spirituality, and happiness in married life. It also represents the liver. The beneficial placement of Jupiter in the chart means the native will lead a prosperous life. To know more about Jupiter Mahadasha, All Planets  Antardasha, take an astrology phone consultation.

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