Jupiter in Shravana Nakshatra – Jupiter in Shravana

February 5, 2024

Due to Jupiter in Shravana Nakshatra, the person may be a little weak in terms of respect and self-appreciation. Jupiter is present here in the constellation of Moon, which is a friendly sign. However, the planet here is weak, due to which these people have low self-esteem. These people can easily benefit from inanimate things in life, as the planet is present in Mitra Nakshatra. They will gain higher knowledge about various inanimate things in life and will achieve success and wealth from it. Unfortunately, Saturn, with its slow revolution period, occupies this spot. This means that their realization that they can make money using their knowledge and expertise may come quite late in life.

Jupiter is of low zodiac sign in Shravana Nakshatra. What this means for a person’s personal life can be quite troubling. The relationships they form are very stormy, resulting in a lot of pointless arguments and screaming. This nakshatra is especially difficult for women, as this planet represents the children themselves as well as the husband, meaning that marriage is going to have a tough time.

Jupiter in Shravana Nakshatra is good or bad  

In Shravana Nakshatra, Jupiter is in its lowest sign and Mitra is in the Moon’s constellation. Shravana is the constellation of advice and teaching. Jupiter himself is the Guru. This position of the planets can easily create a person who is a knowledgeable and learned person and who can give advice to others. Jupiter is debilitated and is in the sign of Saturn, so this realization may come late in their life. In early life, they will either not value the correct teachings or will not receive them.

Jupiter is debilitated, hence they may not be as benevolent teachers as can be the case with Jupiter of exaltation. They may share their knowledge on certain conditions and one of those conditions may be the expectation of authority and recognition. With Saturn ruling Jupiter, all these things will start coming into life from the mid-30s. Shravana is associated with real estate matters, Jupiter in Shravana can give one a good amount of real estate and property. There may be problems in relationships due to Jupiter being debilitated. Especially for the girl because Jupiter is the factor of husband and children for the girl. Relationship life can be challenging and one needs to make a lot of adjustments.

Jupiter in Shravana Nakshatra Pada 1

This verse is very attractive to communicate, against religion, cruel, not helping the ocean, and taking people on the wrong path.

Jupiter in Shravana Nakshatra Pada 2

In this Pada, the person is a pattern in the society, the one who connects people with his words is good in terms of health, the thoughts of the person are like the person but he looks old in terms of body.

Jupiter in Shravana Nakshatra Pada 3

In this Pada, the person is handsome, a charming talker, a reader of the minds of the articles, and goes along with the articles when he understands them well. One who is rich in caste and wealth has to contribute towards the work of religion.

Jupiter in Shravana Nakshatra Pada 4

In this Pada, the person has a religious attraction nature, talks about his elders, develops in life, gives good sermons, and provides physical and financial help in religious places. The native’s wife has a son, good character, and is virtuous.

Wrapping Up

Shravana Nakshatra is mainly related to teaching, counseling, and communication. It is also the constellation of real estate and people who can hide themselves really well. Shravana is part of Capricorn, so Capricorn and things represented by Capricorn are also important here. Capricorn includes the next two and a half constellations i.e. Uttar-Ashadha, Shravana, and Dhanishtha. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and hence represents fear and anxiety. If you want to know more about the effect of Jupiter in Shravana Nakshatra then talk to astrologers.

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