Effects of Weak Ketu in Astrology

September 15, 2023

In Vedic astrology, Ketu is considered a shadow planet that does not have any physical form. Its nature is considered very cruel which gives inauspicious results like Mars. According to astrology, Ketu also gives auspicious results for those people whose horoscope Mars is strong. It is believed that if the inauspicious condition of Ketu is on you, it gives more dangerous results than if Mars is inauspicious.

Weak Ketu in Astrology

Ketu is not considered an auspicious planet in astrology. Due to its side effects, a person has to face many problems. Together with Rahu, it forms the Kalsarp Dosha in the horoscope. The person of Ketu ascendant is a leader in the field of religion and spirituality. The influence of the planet Ketu takes a person away from material life. People under its influence are motivated towards a life of quietness.

Ketu in Astrology, When the planet Ketu is weak, its bad consequences have to be faced. Especially the part below the person’s head is weak. He does not get love from his maternal side. If it is inauspicious, the child also has to face problems. Due to the inauspicious effects of the planet Ketu, there are also physical pains. The person has to face diseases of the ear, spinal cord, knee, penis, kidney, joint pain, etc.

Symptoms of Weak Ketu in Horoscope

  • When Ketu is inauspicious, the native remains mentally disturbed and wanders here and there. Such people do not feel like studying due to the inauspicious effect of Ketu. Such people get entangled in litigation without any reason.

  • If the nails of the toe of a person repeatedly break and fall, then Ketu is considered to have an inauspicious effect on such people. Ketu when inauspicious gives a lot of pain and trouble. When Ketu is inauspicious in the horoscope, the person leads a stressful life.

  • When Ketu is weak, the person has to face a lot of problems financially, and also the businessmen face losses. The inauspicious effects of Ketu can cause many good opportunities to slip away from you, such as losing your husband’s wealth or ancestral property.

  • If someone has problems related to the urinary bladder, then it tells the inauspicious condition of Ketu. Apart from this, pain in the joints also indicates the side effects of Ketu. If there is an inauspicious effect of Ketu in someone’s horoscope, then he becomes physically weak.

  • The inauspiciousness of Ketu can be known by looking at a person’s feet. If a person has repeatedly injured his feet in an accident or has any problem related to his feet, then it is believed that Ketu is heavy on him and the person should take measures to please Ketu.

  • If Ketu is inauspicious in someone’s horoscope, then he does not get the right result from his hard work. Such people do not get auspicious results despite all their efforts and hard work. Even after hard work, they do not get to taste the success.

  • There is a tremendous change in the person’s face and gestures due to the negative effects of Ketu. His appearance suddenly starts changing. His face may suddenly become disfigured and his teeth may suddenly grow larger over time.

Ketu is weak in Kundali

If the planet Ketu is strong in a person’s Kundali, then that person’s inclination is more toward the spiritual field. Together with Jupiter, Ketu creates Raja Yoga in the Kundli. Auspicious Ketu makes people character. On the other hand, if the position of Ketu is weak in a person’s Kundali, then he has to go through many problems. Due to the effect of inauspicious Ketu, a person’s life remains a struggle. The person is always in controversies and has to face defeat in court.

Wrapping Up

Individuals with Ketu Dosh in their horoscope may develop bad habits and encounter obstacles in their work. The hair on the head starts falling, there is a problem of stones. If you want to know more about the Effects of Weak Ketu on Astrology, then Talk with Astrologer.

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