Budhwar Ka Vrat – Wednesday Fasting

November 9, 2023

In Hindu religion, every day is dedicated to some god, like Monday to Lord Bhole Nath, Tuesday to Hanuman ji, and Wednesday to Gauri’s son Ganesha. Lord Ganesha is worshiped on Wednesday. Let us tell you that apart from Lord Ganesha, Budh Dev is also worshiped on Wednesday. Many people observe fasts for both Lord Ganesha and Mercury together, while some people observe separate fasts. It is believed that by fasting on Wednesday there is no shortage of wealth and business increases. It is believed that worshiping Lord Ganesha maintains happiness and peace in the house.

Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Mercury. Fasting on Wednesday is considered very beneficial for intelligence, knowledge, wealth, and auspiciousness of planets.

Wednesday Vrat Katha

A person named Madhusudan lived in Samtapur city. He was very rich. Madhusudan was married to Sangeeta, a beautiful girl from Balrampur Nagar. Once Madhusudan went to Balrampur to take his wife on Wednesday.

Madhusudan asked his wife’s parents to send Sangeeta away. Parents said- ‘Son, today is Wednesday. Do not travel for any auspicious work on Wednesday. But Madhusudan did not agree. He said not to believe in such matters as good or bad.

Both of them started the journey by bullock cart. After traveling two miles, a wheel of his cart broke. From there both of them started the journey on foot. Sangeeta felt thirsty on the way. Madhusudan made him sit under a tree and went to collect water.

After some time, when Madhusudan came back from somewhere with water, he was completely surprised because there was another person of similar appearance sitting near his wife. Sangeeta was also surprised to see Madhusudan. She couldn’t differentiate between the two.

Madhusudan asked the man ‘Who are you and why are you sitting near my wife?’

After listening to Madhusudan, the man said – ‘Hey brother, this is my wife Sangeeta. I have sent my wife away from my in-laws’ house but who are you to ask me such a question?’

Madhusudan said, ‘You must be a thief or a swindler. This is my wife Sangeeta. I made him sit under a tree and went to get water. On this, the person said- ‘Hey brother! You are lying.

I had gone to fetch water when Sangeeta felt thirsty. I have also brought water and made my wife drink it too. Now you leave from here quietly. Otherwise, I will call a policeman and get you arrested.

Both started fighting with each other. Seeing them fighting, many people gathered there. Some policemen of the city also came there. The soldiers caught them both and took them to the king. After listening to the whole story even the king could not take any decision. Sangeeta was also not able to recognize her real husband among them.

The king asked to put both of them in prison. The real Madhusudan became frightened at the king’s decision. Then a voice came from the sky – ‘Madhusudan! You did not listen to Sangeeta’s parents and left your in-laws’ house on Budhwar. All this is happening due to the wrath of Lord Buddha.

Madhusudan prayed to Lord Buddha, ‘O Lord Buddha, please forgive me. I made a big mistake. In the future, I will never travel on Wednesday and will always observe your fast on Wednesday.

Due to Madhusudan’s prayer, Lord Buddha forgave him. Then the other person disappeared in front of the king and the king and others were surprised to see this miracle. With this mercy of Lord Buddha, the king bid farewell to Madhusudan and his wife respectfully.

After walking for some distance, they found a bullock cart on the way. The broken wheel of the bullock cart was also repaired. Both of them sat in it and headed towards Samtapur. Madhusudan and his wife Sangeeta both kept fast on Wednesday and started living happily. In this way, by the grace of Lord Buddha, happiness started raining in his place. In this way, those men and women who observe fast on Wednesday and listen to the Vrat Katha, Lord Buddha remove all their troubles.

Wednesday Fast Rules

Those fasting should not consume food containing salt on the day of Wednesday’s fast. You can take fruits and break the fast only after eating Prasad in the evening after the puja.

The green color has special significance in the Wednesday fast. Wear green clothes in worship on this day. Also donate green moong dal, clothes, etc. to the needy.

Those fasting on Wednesday should eat at one time. At one time, they can consume curd, green moong dal halwa, or things made from green things. You can also consume milk, fruits, etc. during the fast.

Salt should not be consumed during Wednesday’s fast. Betel leaf is also not consumed during Wednesday’s fast.

Wednesday Fast For Unmarried Girl

Wednesday fast should be started from the first Wednesday of Shukla Paksha of any month. This fast is observed continuously for 21 Wednesdays. By observing this fast one gets a good husband. On the day of fasting, an unmarried girl should wear green-colored clothes after taking a bath.

Wednesday Fast Benefits

  • By observing a regular fast on Wednesday one attains all happiness.
  • There is no scarcity of any kind in life.
  • This brings peace to the malefic planets.
  • By observing this fast, intelligence increases.
  • Meanwhile, let us tell you that if you keep fast on Wednesday, it has many benefits. Yes, by fasting on Wednesday there is no deficiency in your life and your intelligence develops. Also, observing fast regularly and at the right time removes troubles in the house and maintains peace. Also, the disease does not come near. So we hope that you have understood all the information related to Wednesday fast from this article.

  • Mercury is a fast-moving planet and is the closest to the Sun in our solar system. Astrologically this planet represents qualities like intellect, intelligence, mind, thinking process, wealth, growth in career, growth in business, and happiness. Thus, observing fast on Wednesday leads to fruitful development in these areas. Worship of Lord Ganesha and observance of Wednesday fast are also favored by these factors as Lord Ganesha is also known as Vighnaharta (remover of obstacles).

  • People suffering from the ill effects of planet Mercury may suffer from ups and downs in relationships, nervous system disorders, high blood pressure, and decreased ability to speak as well as write. Keeping fast on Wednesday helps in eliminating these problems with the divine blessings of Lord Buddha.

Wednesday Fast Rituals

According to religious texts, it is considered appropriate to start this fast from the first Wednesday of any Shukla Paksha. To fulfill the wish, the number of this fast should be 7 or 21. On the last day of the fast, do Udyapan by worshiping as per the rituals. It is believed that this fast should not be started during Pitru Paksha.

How to Start Wednesday Fast

If you fast on Wednesday, then on this day, wake up early in the morning, clean the house, take a bath, etc., and worship Lord Ganesha and Lord Mercury by facing the northeast corner of the house. Light a lamp and perform aarti. Wearing green-colored clothes on this day is considered auspicious. You can offer halwa, and gram flour laddu to Lord Ganesha.

On this day, after taking a bath in the morning, take a pledge to fast as per your capacity. Worship Lord Ganesha with Shodopachar. Offer them Roli, Mauli, Akshat, Janeu, Durva, lamps, incense, and flowers. Offer Modak or Motichoor laddus. Read the story of Wednesday fast.

Wrapping Up

Devotees of the Hindu religion worship Lord Budhadev on Wednesday (Budhwar) to seek his gracious blessings through the popular fast Budhwar Vrat. As per the guidelines of the Puranas, Hindus observe fast on this day and observe this auspicious ritual for 21 consecutive Wednesdays to get fruitful results. To know more about how to observe Budhwar Ka Vrat, take an online astrology phone consultation.

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