Auspicious Day for Property Registration in 2025

May 9, 2024

Property Registration is a big decision. A person works very hard to build a house. For some of them, achieving this dream may take a lifetime or sometimes even involve a lifetime of savings. But when we buy a house, if we understand that the time at which we are doing that work will be suitable, then it proves to be a boon for us. Knowledge of astrology is very useful in this. It is wise to risk your life’s hard-earned money at great risk. Will the property you are buying bring you good luck or bad luck? For this, an understanding of astrology can be quite suitable. The Muhurat Shastra and planetary positions present in astrology can tell a person whether the decision we are taking is right or not.

When a person is planning to buy a property, it is important to know the auspicious time. Sometimes, everything may go right but bad timing can turn your profits into huge losses. You should know the auspicious dates and times to buy property so that you can get huge financial benefits even from your small investment. The reason behind purchasing a property could be for personal use or sale-purchase. In any case, an auspicious time will matter because any property purchased during an auspicious time brings prosperity to the residents or the buyer.

Significance of Property Purchase Muhurat

It is believed that property registration on an auspicious date makes the property profitable for you. It also ensures that the property you are investing in is right for you. Buying or registering property is an important moment in every person’s life. You may be investing your entire life’s earnings in buying that property. Therefore it becomes all the more important to consult an Astrology and Vastu expert and get the property registered at an auspicious time.

It is important to understand these planetary positions or constellations. Thinking about changes in their situation affects our lives. But these changes generate certain energies, which affect us in different ways. However, it is difficult to understand the changes in the normal setup. But any Vastu or Astrology expert can help and guide you.

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in January 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
16 January  Thursday  Ashlesha, Magha 07:15 am to 07:15 am, Jan 17
17 January Friday  Magha, Purva Phalguni 07:15 am to 07:15 am, Jan 18
23 January Thursday  Vishakha, Anuradha 07:13 am to 07:13 am, Jan 24
24 January Friday  Anuradha 07:13 am to 07:07 am, Jan 25
31 January Friday  Purva Bhadrapada 04:14 am to 07:09 am, Feb 01

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In February 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
07 February Friday  Mrigashirsha 06:40 pm to 07:05 am, Feb 08
13 February  Thursday   Magha, Purva Phalguni 07:01 am to 07:00 am, Feb 14 
14 February Friday   Purva Phalguni 07:00 am to 11:09 pm
20 February  Thursday   Vishakha, Anuradha 06:55 am to 06:54 am, Feb 21
21 February  Friday   Anuradha 06:54 am to 03:54 pm
28 February Friday   Purva Bhadrapada  01:40 pm to 06:46 am

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In March 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
6 March Thursday  Mrigashirsha 12:05 am to 06:40 am, Mar 07
7 March Friday  Mrigashirsha 06:40 am to 11:32 pm
13 March  Thursday  Purva Phalguni 06:33 am to 06:19 am, Mar 14
20 March  Thursday  Anuradha 06:25 am to 11:31 pm
21 March  Friday   Moola 01:46 am to 06:23 am, Mar 22
27 March  Thursday  Purva Bhadrapada 12:34 am to 06:16 am, Mar 28
28 March Friday  Purva Bhadrapada 06:16 am to 10:09 pm

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In April 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
3 April  Thursday   Mrigashirsha 07:02 am to 05:51 am, Apr 04 
4 April   Friday   Punarvasu, Ardra 05:20 am to 06:07 am, Apr 05
10 April  Thursday  Purva Phalguni 06:01 am to 12:24 pm
18 April Friday   Moola 08:21 am to 05:52 am, Apr 19 
24 April  Thursday  Purva Bhadrapada 10:49 am to 05:46 am, Apr 25
25 April   Friday  Purva Bhadrapada 05:46 am to 08:53 am

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In May 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
1 May   Thursday  Mrigashirsha 05:40 am to 02:21 pm 
2 May  Friday   Punarvasu 01:04 pm to 05:39 am, May 03 
15 May Thursday  Moola 02:07 pm to 05:30 am, May 16
16 May  Friday   Moola, Purva Ashadha 05:30 am to 05:29 am, May 17 
22 May  Thursday  Purva Bhadrapada 05:27 am to 05:47 pm
23 May Friday  Revati 04:02 pm to 05:26 am, May 24
29 May Thursday  Punarvasu 10:38 pm to 05:24 am, May 30
30 May Friday   Punarvasu 05:24 am to 09:29 pm

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In June 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
12 June  Thursday  Moola, Purvashadha 05:23 am to 05:23 am, Jun 13 
13 June  Friday  Purvashadha 05:23 am to 11:21 pm 
19 June  Thursday  Revati 11:17 pm to 05:24 am, Jun 20
20 June  Friday  Revati 05:24 am to 09:45 pm  
26 June  Thursday  Punarvasu 08:46 am to 05:25 am, Jun 27 
27 June Friday  Punarvasu 05:25 am to 07:22 am 

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In July 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
10 July Thursday  Purvashadha 05:31 am to 05:31 am, Jul 11
11 July Friday  Uttarashadha, Purvashadha 05:31 am to 05:56 am
17 July Thursday  Revati 05:34 am to 03:39 am, Jul 18
24 July Thursday  Punarvasu 05:38 am to 04:43 pm
25 July Friday   Ashlesha 04:00 pm to 05:39 am, Jul 26

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In August 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
1 August Friday   Vishakha 03:40 am to 05:43 am, Aug 02
7 August Thursday  Purvashadha 05:46 am to 02:01 pm
14 August Thursday   Revati 05:50 am to 09:06 am
21 August Thursday   Ashlesha 12:08 am to 05:54 am, Aug 22
22 August Friday   Ashlesha, Magha 05:54 am to 05:55 am, Aug 23
29 August Friday   Vishakha 11:38 am to 05:58 am, Aug 30

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In September 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
18 September Thursday   Ashlesha 06:32 am to 06:08 am, Sep 19
19 September Friday   Magha 06:08 am to 06:08 am, Sep 20
25 September Thursday  Vishakha 07:09 pm to 06:11 am, Sep 26
26 September Friday   Vishakha, Anuradha 06:11 am to 06:12 am, Sep 27 

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In October 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
16 October Thursday  Ashlesha, Magha 06:22 am to 06:23 am, Oct 17
17 October Friday  Magha, Purva Phalguni 06:23 am to 06:24 am, Oct 18
23 October Thursday  Vishakha, Anuradha 06:27 am to 06:28 am, Oct 24
24 October Friday   Anuradha 06:28 am to 06:28 am, Oct 25

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In November 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
7 November Friday  Mrigashirsha 12:33 am to 06:38 am, Nov 08
13 November Thursday  Magha, Purva Phalguni  06:42 AM to 06:43 AM, Nov 14
14 November Friday  Purva Phalguni 06:43 am to 09:20 pm
20 November Thursday   Vishakha, Anuradha 06:48 am to 06:49 am, Nov 21
21 November Friday  Anuradha 06:49 am to 01:56 pm
28 November Friday  Purva Bhadrapada 02:49 am to 06:55 am, Nov 29

Auspicious Day For Property Registration In December 2025

Date Day  Nakshatra  Time 
5 December Friday  Mrigashirsha 11:46 am to 07:00 am, Dec 06 
11 December Thursday   Purva Phalguni 07:04 am to 03:55 am, Dec 12
18 December Thursday  Anuradha 07:08 am to 08:07 pm
19 December Friday  Moola 10:51 pm to 07:09 am, Dec 20
26 December Friday   Purva Bhadrapada 09:00 am to 07:12 am, Dec 27 

Wrapping Up

One of the most important events in a person’s life is buying or property registration. According to Sanatan traditions, anything started at an auspicious time and in an auspicious constellation brings luck and prosperity. Good constellations promise success and favorable conditions for the purchase of property. For this reason, it is always advised to wait for an auspicious time to purchase or register a property. Especially, if you are buying or moving a house or flat then you should follow the auspicious time mentioned in the Hindu calendar. By following the auspicious muhurat for flat booking, an auspicious day for buying a house, or the best auspicious muhurat for taking possession, you will benefit from peace, happiness, and prosperity throughout your life. If you want to get detailed information about the auspicious time for property registration, you can do it through an online astrology consultation.

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