Auspicious Day for Property Registration in 2024

October 9, 2023

We all are well aware of the fact that in India everything from the Karnavedha ceremony to buying a property is done with a Muhurat. We look for a specific period for the opening of that worldly thing to extend its life. We are bound to follow such things because of our deeply ingrained beliefs moving forward from the past. From marriage to whatever we wear. We take the advice of an experienced Yogi to know in detail about the Muhurat. Muhurat for buying property, Muhurat for buying property, or Muhurat for buying land comes with a lot of importance and beliefs as per astrology. From knowing whether the place is there to look for a perfect Muhurat. Age-old practices have a known value. So let’s find out about the best time to buy a property. Let us see some auspicious dates for the day of the purchase of the property in 2024.

Importance of Property Purchase Muhurat 

Property purchase day is considered a time of celebration and brings a lot of confidence and positivity. Which helps one stay motivated to work on upcoming projects with full dedication. According to astrology, the purchase of property also requires certain favorable planetary positions. Ashlesha, Anuradha, Magha, Poorva Bhadrapada, and Revati are considered to be the best Nakshatras for property registration. Following the astrologer’s advice reduces the risk of having any problems with that property. It brings peace and helps to be free from peace in life. However, the position of planets like the Sun, Rahu, and Ketu must be checked.

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in January 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time 
11 January  Thursday  Purvashadha  07:23 AM to 05:39 PM
25 January  Thursday  Pushya  07:22 AM to 08:16 AM 
26 January  Friday  Ashlesha 

10:28 AM to 07:21 AM, Jan 27

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in February 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
2 February  Friday  Vishakha  05:57 AM to 07:19 AM
22 February  Thursday  Ashlesha  04:43 PM to 07:07 AM, Feb 23
23 February  Friday  Ashlesha 

07:07 AM to 07:06 AM, Feb 24

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in March 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
1 March Friday  Vishakha  12:48 PM to 07:00 AM, Mar 2
21 March Thursday  Ashlesha  06:42 AM to 06:42 AM, Mar 22
22 March Friday  Magha  06:42 AM to 06:41 AM, Mar 23
28 March Thursday  Vishakha  06:38 AM to 06:35 AM, Mar 29
29 March Friday  Vishakha 

06:35 AM to 06:34 AM, Mar 30

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in April 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
12 April Friday Mrigashira  12:51 PM to 05:58 AM, Apr 13
18 April Thursday  Ashlesha 05:52 AM to 05:51 PM, Apr 19
19 April Friday Magha  05:51 AM to 05:50 AM, Apr 20
25 April Thursday  Vishakha 05:45 AM to 05:45 AM, Apr 26
26 April Friday  Anuradha 

05:45 AM to 03:45 AM, Apr 27

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in May 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
3 May  Friday  Purva Bhadrapada 12:06 PM to 05:38 AM, May 4
10 May  Friday  Mrigashira  10:47 AM to 05:33 AM, May 10
16 May  Thursday  Magha  05:30 AM to 05:29 AM, May 17
17 May  Friday  Purva Phalguni  05:29 AM to 09:18 PM 
23 May  Thursday  Vishakha  05:26 AM to 05:26 AM, May 24
24 May  Friday  Anuradha  05:26 AM to 10:10 AM 
31 May  Friday  Purva Bhadrapada 

06:14 AM to 04:48 AM, Jun 1

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in June 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
6 June Thursday Mrigashira  08:16 PM to 05:23 AM, Jun 7
7 June Friday  Mrigashira  05:23 AM to 07:43 PM
13 June Thursday Purva Phalguni 05:23 AM to 05:08 AM, Jun 14
20 June Thursday  Anuradha  05:24 AM to 06:10 PM
21 June Friday  Moola  06:19 PM to 05:24 AM, Jun 22
27 June Thursday  Purva Bhadrapada 11:36 AM to 05:26 AM, Jun 28
28 June Friday  Purva Bhadrapada 

05:26 AM to 10:10 AM 

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in July 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
4 July  Thursday  Mrigashira  05:28 AM to 03:54 AM, Jul 5
5 July  Friday  Punarvasu  04:06 AM to 05:29 AM, Jul 6
11 July  Thursday  Purva Phalguni  05:31 AM to 01:04 PM
18 July  Thursday  Moola  03:25 AM to 04:35 AM 
19 July  Friday  Moola 05:35 AM to 05:36 AM, Jul 20
25 July  Thursday  Purva Bhadrapada  05:39 AM to 04:16 PM
26 July  Friday  Revati 

02:30 PM to 05:40 AM, Jul 27

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in August 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time 
1 August  Thursday  Mrigashira  05:43 AM to 10:24 AM 
2 August  Friday  Punarvasu  10:49 AM to 05:44 AM 
15 August  Thursday  Moola  12:53 PM to 05:51 AM, Aug 16
16 August  Friday  Moola  05:51 AM to 05:51 AM, Aug 17
22 August  Thursday  Revati  10:55 AM to 05:55 AM, Aug 23
23 August  Friday  Revati  05:55 AM to 07:54 PM 
29 August  Thursday  Punarvasu  04:39 PM to 05:58 AM, Aug 30
30 August  Friday  Punarvasu 

05:58 AM to 05:56 PM 

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in September 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
12 September Thursday  Moola 06:05 AM to  06:05 AM, Sep 13 
13 September  Friday  Purvashadha  06:05 AM to 09:35 AM
19 September Thursday  Revati  08:04 AM to 05:15 AM, Sep 20
26 September Thursday  Punarvasu  06:12 AM to 11:34 PM 
27 September Friday  Ashlesha 

01:20 PM to 06:20 AM, Sep 28

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in October 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
10 October Thursday  Purvashadha  06:19 AM to 05:41 AM, Oct 11
17 October Thursday  Revati  06:23 AM to 04:20 PM
25 October Friday  Ashlesha  07:40 AM to 06:29 AM, Oct 26

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in November 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
1 November Friday  Vishakha  03:31 AM to 06:31 AM, Nov 2
7 November Thursday  Purvashadha  06:38 AM to 11:47 AM 
21 November Thursday  Ashlesha  03:35 PM to 06:50 AM, Nov 22
22 November Friday  Ashlesha  06:50 AM to 06:50 AM, Nov 23
29 November Friday  Vishakha 

10:18 AM to 06:56 AM, Nov 30

Auspicious Day for Property Registration in December 2024


Day  Nakshatra  Time
19 December Thursday  Ashlesha  07:09 AM to 07:09 AM, Dec 20
20 December Friday  Magha  07:09 AM to 07:10 AM, Dec 21
26 December Thursday  Vishakha  06:09 PM to 07:12 AM, Dec 27
27 December Friday  Vishakha 

07:12 AM to 07:13 AM, Dec 28

Wrapping Up

We all know about the relevance and Muhurat of the day to buy land. Auspicious days for property registration and looking for good nakshatras as to the appropriate time to buy a house and which day is good for property registration. It is important to know this. Shubh Muhurat is needed for property registration in 2024 to buy the property or a house. This is also obvious and we are well aware of this fact. Buying property is the dream of every person as they inspire us to do a lot better in our life in every respect. Through Astrology phone consultation, you can know in detail about the auspicious time for property registration.

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