2025 Namkaran Muhurat – Namkaran Sanskar 2025

April 26, 2024

According to Hindu scriptures, 16 rituals are considered important. One of these is the naming ceremony. Nowadays parents can name their children any day. However, according to Hindu scriptures and beliefs, it is very important to be on a fixed date and time. This is the important reason for this. According to an important part of Vedic astrology, a person’s name has a deep impact on his personality.

What is a Naming Ceremony?

The child is named on the tenth or twelfth day after birth. During this ritual, the mother covers the child with a pure cloth wets its head with water, and places it in the father’s lap. After this, offerings are made to Tithi, Nakshatra, and their deities, Agni and Soma. After this, the father leans towards the child’s right ear and says his name. Nowadays no special attention is paid to the naming ceremony. Nowadays, due to various external influences on culture, strange names are heard.

How Is The Right Name For The Child Decided?

Although naming a name is quite easy sometimes it also becomes quite difficult. You have to think about which name will be right for your child or what that name will mean. Apart from this, there is also pressure on you that when the child grows up, he should like his name, otherwise he may feel embarrassed in telling his name. Nowadays people take the help of the internet for the names of children. In this, they easily get the name of the letter they want along with its meaning.

Significance of Namkaran Muhurat

Namkaran Muhurat meaning in Hindi is that on this day the child is given his name and identity. Apart from this, it is also an important day for the parents and family of the baby. Blessing the name of the baby not only decides their fate but also marks the beginning of their long and healthy life. Thus, the auspicious time for naming the child is also important. It is important to note that Muhurat is the auspicious time that people observe before doing any work. People believe that working during a particular auspicious time brings blessings from the gods. Guidance of Muhurtas is an essential part of the process of planning auspicious events and functions. 

For example, while deciding the date of the naming ceremony, it is important to mention the Muhurta. Namkaran Muhurat 2025 is the auspicious date dedicated to the naming ceremony. The following is about the meaning of baby naming, Naamkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2025, and its significance, and how these special Muhurats are essential for the people. If you are looking for the perfect day to name your baby, this list is for you. The following list has been created by experienced astrologers and pundits and is accurate. Moreover, this Shubh Muhurat of Namkaran 2025 will help you to choose the most suitable day for the first big event of your baby’s life.

Namkaran Muhurat in January 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
01-01-25 Wednesday Uttarashadha  12:03 am to 10:21 pm
05-01-25 Sunday  Uttarabhadrapada  08:17 pm to 11:59 pm
08-01-25 Wednesday  Ashwini 12:00 am to 04:29 pm
10-01-25 Friday  Rohini 01:45 pm to 11:59 pm
12-01-25 Sunday  Mrigashirsha 12:00 am to 11:24 am   
15-01-25  Wednesday  Pushya 12:00 am to 10:28 am
19-01-25 Sunday  Hasta  05:30 pm to 08:30 pm
24-01-25 Friday  Anuradha 05:08 am to 11:59 pm 
29-01-25  Wednesday  Uttarashadha  12:00 am to 05:50 am  

Namkaran Muhurat in February 2025    

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
02-02-25 Sunday Uttara Bhadrapada 02:33 am to 11:59 pm
06-02-25 Thursday Rohini 07:29 pm to 11:59 pm
10-02-25 Monday Pushya 06:00 pm to 11:59 pm
16-02-25 Sunday Hasta 01:39 am to 04:31 am
20-02-25 Thursday Anuradha 01:30 pm to 03:53 pm
24-02-25 Monday Uttarashadha  06:59 pm to 11:59 pm
26-02-25 Wednesday Shravana 12:00 am to 03:43 pm 

Namkaran Muhurat in March 2025 

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
02-03-25 Sunday Uttara Bhadrapada 12:00 am to 11:59 pm
06-03-25 Thursday Rohini 01:08 am to 11:32 pm 
09-03-25 Sunday Pushya 11:55 pm to 11:59 pm
16-03-25 Sunday Hasta 12:00 am to 11:45 am 
19-03-25 Wednesday Anuradha 08:50 pm to 11:31 pm
24-03-25 Monday Uttarashadha  04:18 am to 11:59 pm
26-03-25 Wednesday Shravana 12:00 am to 02:29 am
28-03-25 Friday Uttara Bhadrapada 10:09 pm to 11:59 pm
30-03-25 Sunday Revati 12:00 am to 01:45 pm

Namkaran Muhurat in April 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
02-04-25 Wednesday  Rohini 08:49 am to 05:51 am
06-04-25 Sunday Pushya 05:32 am to 06:24 am
11-04-25 Friday Hasta 03:10 pm to 11:59 pm
16-04-25 Wednesday  Anuradha 03:10 am to 05:55 am
20-04-25 Sunday Uttarashadha  11:48 am to 11:59 pm
23-04-25 Wednesday  Dhanishta 12:00 am to 12:07 pm
25-04-25 Friday Uttara Bhadrapada 08:53 am to 11:59 pm
27-04-25 Sunday Revati 12:00 am to 12:38 am 
30-04-25 Wednesday  Rohini 12:00 am to 02:20 pm 

Namkaran Muhurat in May 2025   

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
04-05-25 Sunday Pushya 12:00 am to 12:53 pm 
08-05-25 Thursday Hasta 09:06 pm to 11:59 pm
14-05-25 Wednesday  Anuradha 12:00 am to 11:47 am
18-05-25 Sunday Uttarashadha  12:00 am to 11:59 pm 
22-05-25 Thursday Uttara Bhadrapada 05:47 pm to 11:59 pm 
25-05-25  Sunday Ashwini 12:00 am to 11:12 am 
28-05-25  Wednesday  Rohini 12:00 am to 12:29 am 
30-05-25 Friday Pushya 09:29 pm to 11:59 pm

 Namkaran Muhurat in June 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
05-06-25 Thursday  Hasta 03:35 am to 06:33 am
09-06-25 Monday Anuradha 03:31 pm to 11:59 pm 
13-06-25 Friday Uttarashadha  11:20 pm to 11:59 pm
15-06-25 Sunday Uttarashadha  12:00 am to 11:59 pm
19-06-25 Thursday Uttara Bhadrapada 12:22 am to 11:59 pm
23-06-25 Monday Rohini 03:16 pm to 11:59 pm
25-06-25 Wednesday Mrigashirsha 12:00 am to 10:40 am 
27-06-25 Friday Pushya 07:21 am to 11:59 pm

Namkaran Muhurat in July 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
02-07-25 Wednesday Hasta 11:07 am to 01:50 pm
06-07-25 Sunday Anuradha 10:41 pm to 11:59 pm
11-07-25 Friday Uttarashadha  05:56 am to 11:59 pm
13-07-25 Sunday Shravana 12:00 am to 06:49 am
16-07-25 Wednesday Uttara Bhadrapada 05:46 am to 11:59 pm
20-07-25 Sunday Rohini 10:53 pm to 11:59 pm
24-07-25 Thursday Pushya 04:43 pm to 04:00 pm
30-07-25  Wednesday Hasta 12:00 am to 09:53 pm

Namkaran Muhurat in August 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
03-08-25 Sunday Anuradha 06:35 am to 09:12 am
07-08-25  Thursday Uttarashadha  02:01 pm to 11:59 pm
10-08-25  Sunday Dhanishta 12:00 am to 01:52 pm
13-08-25  Wednesday Uttara Bhadrapada 12:00 am to 07:35 am
17-08-25 Sunday Rohini 04:38 am to 11:59 pm
21-08-25  Thursday Pushya 12:27 am to 12:08 am
27-08-25 Wednesday Hasta 12:00 am to 06:04 am
31-08-25 Sunday Anuradha 12:00 am to 05:27 pm

Namkaran Muhurat in September 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
03-09-25 Wednesday Uttarashadha  11:08 pm to 11:59 pm 
08-09-25 Monday Uttara Bhadrapada 08:02 pm to 11:59 pm
10-09-25 Wednesday Revati 12:00 am to 01:58 pm
14-09-25 Sunday Rohini 12:00 am to 07:31 am
17-09-25 Wednesday Pushya 06:26 am to 11:59 pm
22-09-25 Monday Hasta 11:24 am to 11:59 pm
26-09-25 Friday Anuradha 10:09 pm  to 11:59 pm  
28-09-25 Sunday Anuradha 12:00 am to 01:08 am 

Namkaran Muhurat in October 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
01-10-25 Wednesday Uttarashadha  08:06 am to 11:59 pm
06-10-25 Monday Uttara Bhadrapada 06:16 am to 11:59 pm
08-10-25 Wednesday Revati 12:00 am to 10:44 pm
10-10-25  Friday Rohini 05:31 pm to 11:59 pm
12-10-25 Sunday Mrigashirsha 12:00 am to 01:36 pm
15-10-25  Wednesday Pushya 12:00 am to 11:59 am 
19-10-25 Sunday Hasta 05:49 pm to 08:16 pm
24-10-25 Friday Anuradha 04:51 am to 11:59 pm
29-10-25 Wednesday Uttarashadha  12:00 am to 06:51 pm

Namkaran Muhurat in November 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
02-11-25 Sunday Uttara Bhadrapada 05:03 pm to 11:59 pm
05-11-25 Wednesday Ashwini 12:00 am to 09:40 am 
07-11-25 Friday Rohini 03:27 am to 11:59 pm
10-11-25 Monday Pushya 06:48 pm to 11:59 pm
16-11-25 Sunday Hasta 12:00 am to 02:10 am 
20-11-25 Thursday Anuradha 10:58 am to 01:55 pm  
24-11-25 Monday Uttarashadha  09:53 pm  to 11:59 pm
26-11-25 Wednesday Shravana 12:00 am to 02:32 am 
30-11-25 Sunday Uttara Bhadrapada 02:22 am to 11:59 pm 

Namkaran Muhurat in December 2025

Date  Day Nakshatra Time
04-12-25 Thursday Rohini 02:54 pm to 11:59 pm 
08-12-25 Monday Pushya 04:11 am to 11:59 pm
14-12-25 Sunday Hasta 12:00 am to 08:18 am
17-12-25 Wednesday Anuradha 05:11 pm to 08:06 pm
22-12-25 Monday Uttarashadha  03:35 am to 11:59 pm
24-12-25 Wednesday Shravana 12:00 am to 08:18 am 
28-12-25  Sunday Uttara Bhadrapada 12:00 am to 11:59 pm 

Wrapping Up

The naming ceremony is also performed to wish good luck to the child so that the child’s life ahead can be long, successful, and joyful. Therefore, the naming ceremony of your baby holds great importance. You should always choose an auspicious time for the ritual of Namkaran and take guidance from online astrology consultation. Remember, the name you decide for your child will stay with them throughout their life.

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