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September 14, 2023

The first house in a horoscope, also called Tanu Bhava/Sthani in Vedic astrology, is commonly known as Swa Bhava. It controls the internal and external image that we portray in documents. Bhavas also govern our physical appearance, general personality traits, health and immunity, childhood, and early childhood life. Therefore, in Vedic astrology, the first house is described as the house of self.

In Vedic astrology, the first house is generally known. According to astrology, the first house affects other houses as well. It is considered the most important of all houses as it marks the beginning of life. It is a new beginning and reflects the initial surroundings in our lives. As it is also known as Tanu Bhava, meaning the house of the body, the first house is the registration of our personality, physical abilities, strength, form, and personal application.

What does 1st House represent

The first house is called the Ascendant or Lagna. It shows the nature of your physical structure like dislike behavior towards others etc.

The first house has the energy of Aries. This house collapses as soon as it is born. This house includes body parts, head, and face. Hair color and tone are also seen in this house. If your first house is weak then you may have problems like headaches, pimples, blemishes, etc.

1st House Significance

The 1st house of the horoscope is the fundamental house of the entire horoscope. It represents the self and the exact position where life begins.

  • It is the house of self, of your being. It speaks about your personality, emotions, thoughts,s, and reactions, which when aspected or in relation to other houses behave in a specific way.

  • As we move towards the 2nd house, it gets added to your life as a connection and the effects of both houses get combined, which moves towards the next house.

  • Thus in Vedic astrology, every house and journey of life is predicted from the first house. The entire chart exists due to the existence of the first house.

1st House in Navamsa Chart

Navamsa Lagna tells about the overall fortune of a person. This house also includes the factor of luck in married life. It tells about the overall destiny of the person. The luck factor is also involved in marital relations in Navamsa Lagna.

Planet in 1st House

The position of various planets in the first house of a horoscope can have a profound effect on a person’s personality, physical appearance, and outlook toward life. The detailed information about each planet in the first house is as follows:

Sun in First House

The presence of the Sun in the first house of your horoscope will give you a strong life, strength, and a healthy level of confidence. However, it can also make you domineering and arrogant. You are also a born warrior who is always ready to take on the challenges in life. A positive Sun in this house also means that you have been independent since childhood. Read more about Sun in 1st House

Moon in First House

Moon in 1st house blesses you with a soothing and friendly personality. Still, there may be a lack of confidence and you may act with inconsistencies. You may spend too much time trying to please and connect with others. How you handle yourself is a common quality. Read more about Moon in 1st House

Jupiter in First House

Jupiter in this house shows that you will be a person with a big heart, full of kindness, a positive attitude, and good intentions. However, you can also be optimistic when given important details. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, there is a lot of potential for the growth of your personality when it is in the first house. Read more about Jupiter in 1st House

Venus in First House

The planet of love and beauty When Venus is the lord of the first house of the horoscope, the native is blessed with a pleasant and attractive personality. There can also be laziness and sensual indulgence. People easily get attracted to you. Things become very easy for you without much effort. However, you must be careful not to use these abilities to your advantage. Read more about Venus in 1st House

Mars in First House

The presence of Mars in the first house of the horoscope makes a person fierce and energetic. Impulsive and quick in actions. In such a situation, you need to walk slowly and be patient. Mars blesses you with energy, courage, strength, stamina, and aggression. Read more about Mars in 1st House

Mercury in First House

The presence of Mercury in the first house of the horoscope will give you an inquisitive and experimental outlook on life. You may also have strong intellectual powers. You will easily adjust to the situations in life, but can talk too much and can be quarrelsome. You can be witty, friendly, persuasive, yet sometimes impatient. Read more about Mercury in 1st House

Saturn in First House

If you have Saturn in the first house of your horoscope then you will be tall and thin. You can be a serious, reserved, and introverted person. Along with this, you will be a loyal, dutiful, and dependable person. However, you must have had a stressful childhood. You will get success in life only after hard work. Luck cannot be trusted. Read more about Saturn in 1st House

Rahu in First House

The presence of Rahu in the first house of the horoscope will give you enthusiasm. The desire to climb the social ladder will increase. Auspicious Rahu will give you a good influential personality. You will often move forward in life through unorthodox means. You love to be admired and desired. Afflicted Rahu can make you a victim of illegal behavior and drug and alcohol addiction. Unless there is an influence of a benefic planet to empower you morally and divinely. Read more about Rahu in 1st House

Ketu in First House

Having Ketu in 1st house will make you aware of every flaw in your character. Your personality can be mysterious and people will find it difficult to understand you. You are generally endowed with a magnetic personality. If Ketu is inauspicious then it will affect your health and stamina-related problems. Read more about Ketu in 1st House

Wrapping Up

The first house governs our self-perception, personality traits, and behavior patterns. It is the beginning of the birth chart and represents the essence of who we are as individuals. The landscape of our early childhood experiences can also be revealed here, as they tell the story of how others first began to see us. You can get more information related to the first house by talk to Astrology.

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