Saturn in 12th House – Marriage, Career, and Spouse Appearance

September 27, 2023

Saturn in the 12th house affects your subconscious mind and gives you wealth accumulation and success. Positive Saturn in this house will make you work hard to accomplish your goals. A common planetary combination possible with Saturn in this house is Vimala Viparita Raja Yoga, which gives you strength and determination.

Saturn in the twelfth house activates your subconscious mind and connects you to various fields. It limits your peace of mind and increases your quest for spirituality. By the age of 28 and 30, you will gradually become enlightened and progress in life. It will compel you to support the underprivileged by visiting foreign lands. This position can make you work in the embassy, and become the secretary of state who goes out and maintains foreign relations with other countries. You will be rich and earn money abroad. You can become one of the most powerful persons by entering politics.

In such a situation, Saturn will also reveal the mysterious truth in front of you. You will get ancestral property without any hindrance. You will become ambitious and enjoy success in every sphere of life. You will be very close to your family and from them, you will get all kinds of nourishment and vital support. You will prefer to remain isolated at times, although you will maintain good relations with your friends and social circle.

Saturn in 12th House Synastry 

Partners are actively involved in any activities related to magic, philosophy, psychology, and spiritual teachings, and therefore it is not always obvious to others. The “Saturn” personality helps the twelfth house person avoid the unwanted negative consequences of subconscious analysis of painful past experiences. While the latter encourages the “Saturn” personality to develop intuition and skillfully apply it in practice.

Partners can have a psycho-depressive effect on each other due to the negativity of Saturn, which in some cases can turn from an external friend into an enemy. The twelfth house person may view “Saturn” as unsympathetic, oppressive, and emotionally insensitive, while she, for her part, views the twelfth house personality as lazy, impractical, and negative.

Saturn in 12th house in Navamsa chart 

A person with this position in Navansh Kundli is lonely. They like solitude and are stingy. They rarely buy things for themselves. They prefer a simple, basic life away from all the excitement and fun. They like to spend their time alone. This position of Saturn gives the best results for a career abroad. The native is likely to be in business related to the mining of coal, metal, etc. If Jupiter is aspects Saturn in this house, the native may prefer to be associated with secluded religious or spiritual establishments such as ashrams or temples, or other places of worship. This is also a tricky position for Saturn, the native can be manipulative and scheming with his family/husband/wife.

The native will marry only when his partner understands the deep dimensions and value of spirituality. They will seek the same spiritual path as their life partner. If Saturn is weak or inauspicious, it may become lazy or too lethargic to become enlightened. Saturn can also push them into a depressed state of mind by accumulating a lot of spiritual knowledge without any purpose.

Saturn in 12th house Appearance 

Saturn in the twelfth house in astrology indicates a secret presence. The native wants to appear like a detective who discovers the hidden secrets of the world. Due to the influence of Capricorn and Pisces, a person is able to control his emotions. In their lifetime these people have to learn the lessons of self-discipline and self-control to become better human beings.

Saturn gives good results in the twelfth house of the horoscope. First of all, the person has no enemy, and he will have many houses, his family and business will continue to grow. He will be very rich, but if the person drinks alcohol, and eats non-vegetarian, then Shani will become mean and when Shani is in the outer house, the person will be restless, degenerate, talkative, devious, ruthless, shameless, and spendthrift. Will be ruined.

If Saturn is sitting in the outer house in a person’s horoscope, then he will give good results. Such a person finds happiness in the family. Not only this, there is growth in business. But if this person starts drinking alcohol or starts eating meat, then Shani makes the person’s mind restless. Such a person has to face many problems in life.

The twelfth house is the house of religion, but it keeps a person away from his place of birth after birth. This distance depends on the degrees of Saturn. The inclination of such a person is always toward money. He hates debt, enmity, and diseases.

Saturn in 12th house Marriage 

As per Marriage Prediction, the person will not be able to sleep peacefully in life. In the beginning, the native may have some difficulty in love affairs and sexual intercourse. There may be sexual problems or problems in the sexual organs. After marriage, there will be a lack of bed happiness in the life of the native. The spouse will be caring and supportive and may also provide financial support to help the native move ahead in life.

Spouses will be successful, loving, and faithful. The person will get tremendous success in life even after a lot of disappointment, struggle, and difficulties at an early age. Overall, married life will be happy, but the life partner may die soon. The child may have health problems. Miscarriage is possible during pregnancy.

Saturn in 12th house Career 

As per Career Prediction, the person will get tremendous success in life even after a lot of disappointment, struggle, and difficulties at an early age. The native gains fame abroad in the latter part of his life. The native may also get political success in the middle years of his life. The native can become a wildlife photographer, cinematographer, dancer, actor, painter, singer, and writer.

The native will be multitalented and will earn money from many sources in life. Anyone can become a spiritual teacher or a motivational speaker in life. The native may get unexpected political success in life. Jatak can also become an officer and diplomat under any government institution.

Saturn in 12th house Spouse Appearance 

Here Saturn makes you reclusive. You can be the star and the kindest person. You may be related to a place like a dance hall, jail. You secretly save money. You benefit from a group job or workflow. You can easily defeat your enemies. You may be interested in doing big donations and yagya.

You can also be the leader of a mass group. You can also be a lawyer, barrister, or astrologer. You can also do something by joining such a joint business, which is different from the thinking of common people. Some inauspicious results of Saturn located here have also been told. Therefore, you can also be defiant or harsh to some extent. Can earn money from lies and ratings.

There may be a problem in any part of your body or you may be weak from any part of your body. You are advised not to consume meat and stay away from bad company. You may suffer from eye disease, mania, or a blood disorder. Don’t worry too much. Love your near and dear ones and always try to accumulate wealth that can be used in life even in old age.

Wrapping Up 

If you feel that Saturn is weak in the 12th house in your horoscope, then donate oil to a temple on Saturdays, feed dogs, and keep dogs (especially black dogs) as pets. These remedies of Saturn in the 12th house can help. If you have Saturn in your 12th house and want to know more about marriage, career, and Spouse Appearance then you can online astrologer consultation who will give you the right guidance.

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