Venus in 11th House – Marriage, Career, and Spouse Appearance

September 26, 2023

Venus in 11th house will fulfil your hopes and desires, give you the opportunity to explore the world, attract many friends, uplift your financial status after marriage, and make you creative in all aspects of life. Positive Venus will attract abundance, wealth, and happiness to you.

This is a good position as the 11th house is the house of profit. Venus, being a princess, will be happy to fulfil your hopes and wishes. Venus (planet of compassion and passion) will give you the possibility to explore the world. You will be able to direct your thoughts and use them to earn money at all levels. It will give you a very comfortable and happy personality. You will attract many friends who would like to work and associate with you for business growth. This will bring many opportunities. A business oriented towards women’s products and financial institutions like cosmetics, home furnishings, accessories, clothing, and apparel can bring you huge profits and gains. So can stock market trading and bonds, businesses related to art and music.

Venus in 11th House Synastry 

If your Venus is in the 11th house of your partner, then whenever you meet your partner, you immediately like and accept him/her. Right away, you’re interested in sharing his interests. You want to know what their hopes and wishes are for the future. Your partner is pleased by your loving attention, but they are not overwhelmed. They find your charm to be natural, warm, and friendly, not superficial.

Your partner knows that you accept them as they are, and they are happy to be open and free with you. You hang out together and enjoy many of the same social activities or hobbies. You feel comfortable around each other. Both of you are comfortable being intimate with each other and sharing your innermost things. You have no fear of rejection because you accept each other just as you are.

The charm here is light and friendly, not necessarily deep and emotional. But this open atmosphere attracts both of you to open up to each other and share your innermost thoughts and dreams. Although it’s not entirely emotional, there is some depth to the type of intimate bond created by this overlay. Although this overlay is excellent for friends, it is also a positive environment in which romantic love can grow and flourish.

Venus in 11th house in Navamsa chart 

Venus in the eleventh house natives will be humanitarian and sociable people. These natives value friendships and stay true to their words. Venus in the 11th house indicates the supply of long cherished dreams of the native and his family through marriage. The marriage of the native will be a big celebration in the family, which will give an opportunity for the families to sort out their differences and quarrels. Friends’ circle, popularity, and fame go through an immense increase in their marital association. The native enjoys luxury vehicles and a huge house for their home after their marriage. Their humanitarian nature helps to gain popularity in society.

The spouse will be very supportive of the native. They will render great help in maintaining finances, emotional health, and physical health. They will clear debts or loans of the native if there are any. If Venus is afflicted in the house the native’s spouse may have no interest in working after marriage despite their strong educational degrees.

Venus in 11th house Appearance 

According to astrology, Venus in the eleventh house blesses the native with an under-age, tempting and cheerful appearance. Natives usually pay close attention to the clothes they wear and the jewellery they adorn themselves with, especially when they are in a group setting or an organisational environment. These people want to look good in front of others as they attach great importance to their physical appearance.

If Venus is situated in the 11th house in the horoscope, then the person remains attractive and healthy. He is virtuous and of good nature. He likes the world of music very much and gets a lot of fame due to his eloquence. Such a person is very fond of various vehicles and gets all kinds of prosperity. There is good access in the government and there is a lot of benefit in building a building. Joining friends doing social work and spending life happily.

Venus in 11th house Marriage 

As per Marriage Prediction, If the seventh house or seventh lord is not under malefic influence, then married life will be very pleasant, peaceful, full of happiness, peace, and conjugal bliss. Relationships with spouses and children will bring happiness and pleasant experiences and this will be the most important thing for the native.

The fortune of the native rises after marriage. With this position of Venus, the chances of a love marriage are good. Spouses will be very attractive physically and there will be a lot of intimacy and trust between the couple after marriage. There will be full cooperation of the spouse in all the endeavours of the native and the native sometimes works with his spouse in the matter of self-employment. Along with financial help from the spouse, there can be help in everyday tasks.

Venus in 11th house Career 

As per Career Prediction, Venus in the 11th house makes the native a wonderful dancer or choreographer. The native will be successful in artistic and creative works. The native can taste success very early in life. This is a good placement for Venus to become a singer, actor, choreographer, dancer, host, anchor, etc. Business in the hotel line will make the natives very rich.

Business or work related to textile, clothing, marble, beauty products, styling, etc. will give success, growth, and wealth to the native. Some natives may gain a lot of fame due to their artistic or literary works. Employment in the field of sales and marketing will give the native a solid income as well as a good position in life. The native will not be very good in education but will be good in his career or profession.

Venus in 11th house Spouse Appearance 

You will get many types of auspicious results from the planet Venus located here. Your appearance will be attractive and your body will be healthy. You are a virtuous and good-natured person. You are very stable and charitable. You may be interested in dancing and singing. You may also like music for your family members.

You are a generous and virtuous person by nature. You have top-class graphics, funny and genuine people. You are a person of good deeds. You are a religious and scriptural person by nature. You are knowledgeable and a devotee of God. You will be famous because of your eloquence. You’ll enjoy a wide variety of communities.

There will be all kinds of prosperity and splendour in your home. Money will continue to accumulate regularly and money will increase day by day. You can be a jeweller, a beneficiary of government communication, a beneficiary of toys, a book lover, or a writer. You can also benefit from building construction work. You will also get benefits through marriage.

Wrapping Up

A person with Venus in the eleventh house is born to become rich and enjoy wealth, vehicles, jewellery, sex, and luxurious bungalows. With Venus in the 11th house from the Lagna, the wrong alignment of the planets can only bring mental disturbance in the native’s life. If Venus is in the eleventh house in your horoscope, then do good deeds, please the planet Venus, do a lot of charity and chant the Beej Mantra of Venus daily. If you have Venus in the 11th house and want to know more about marriage, career, and Spouse Appearance then you can online astrologer consultation who will give you the right guidance.

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