Numerology Number 7

Numerology number 7


According to numerology, people who are born under number 7 are close to God. Those born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th of any month come under this number and their ruling planet is Ketu. It is symbolic in the sense that it connects to the third eye from the bottom of the spine, which is in the middle of the eye. The third eye is believed to be the gateway to the soul, while number 7 is connected to the Chariot card in the tarot deck, indicating that individuals born under this number possess logical and introspective qualities. The Chariot card is taken as a victory in most readings, indicating that these people are lucky in terms of luck. They have healing qualities and need a lot of help from others. They work best when left alone.

What is Numerology Number 7

One of the personality traits of this number is that you can have a deep appreciation for the fine arts. But there are also an equal number of people who consider art to be an unnecessary thing. Frequently, you may find yourself in challenging situations. You are opposed to something that a large number of people like because people belonging to this number are not afraid to speak up if they do not find something attractive. Physically there is nothing that impresses anyone but you have good-looking features like tall stature and curved nose and high eyebrows.

Numerology Number 7 Personality 

According to Personalize Prediction, if you have done the calculations and found that you fall under number 7, then you are a special person as you do not like anything extra and like everything to be plain and simple. You prefer to be alone most of the time and people may even call you a loner. Usually isolating themselves from the rest of the world. Very few open up about their true feelings. The biggest struggle in your life is that you think too much and overthink every little thing and end up losing your patience again and again.

Numerology Number 7 Career

According to Career Prediction, being able to work in a foreign country appeals to you because you usually choose a job that will allow you to live abroad. Traveling is a big deal for you in your career and you find it quite easy to be away from home for long periods as you are very independent and make smart decisions in dire situations. As you like to be in authority in everything, working under someone and following their orders does not suit you at all.

You invest your utmost passion and dedication into every endeavor you undertake. No one can say they’ve seen anything similar to your work because being original is what you live for. Being kind and giving you have the blessings of all those you helped and will live a life of comfort and joy. Since luck is rarely on your side, success comes easily to you and you always struggle to get recognition for your work, even when you have immense potential.

As per a Numerology astrologer, People belonging to this number usually fail to get the job they desire and their work life remains incomplete. Being a teacher or a philosopher is the most suitable profession for you. You can also look at acting as a career as it suits your creative personality.

Numerology Number 7 Love Life

According to Love Marriage Prediction, when it comes to love and romantic relationships, individuals associated with this number prefer sincerity over playing games. Being in a relationship is no joke for you and you take your boyfriend very seriously. If you’re a woman, you rarely show affection in public. But your love should not be taken lightly because you are true and honest.

Numerology Number 7 Marriage Life

According to Marriage Prediction, if we talk about marriage, the love-relationship of the person affected by this number does not remain stable, perhaps their serious nature comes in the way. They don’t show off love, but there is a lot of love inside them. Their married life is usually happy. Some women with Radix 7 want to avoid getting married.

Numerology Number 7 Health

According to Health Prediction, if we talk about their health, people with Numerology Number 7 generally suffer from mental diseases, apart from this they may also suffer from diseases like weakness, digestive problems, low or high blood pressure, skin diseases, weak eyesight, etc.

Numerology Number 7 Wealth

According to Wealth Prediction, when discussing their financial situation, it can be observed that they generate income based on their creativity; however, they often struggle with accumulating wealth as they tend to be frugal spenders. But they spend a lot of money on charity etc., so their economic condition can be called normal.

Wrapping Up

Numerology Number 7 is a prime number that can be divided into 3 (creativity) and 4 (practicality). People of this number are considered to be serious with dominant qualities and their answers are very short. They love the attention that they get. If you want to know more about Numerology Number 7, then Talk to astrologer.

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