Numerology House Number

Numerology House Number


It is often said that numbers and maths rule the universe and a person who understands the importance of certain numbers is in complete control of his life. Everyone has a favorite number, From students to young professionals; From business owners to sports personalities, and wants to incorporate their lucky number into everything from buying property to choosing a car number plate. Today, house numerology has gained immense popularity globally.

Numerology says that the entry of positive energy in the house is not only based on the planets, but it is also necessary to have the right number for it. In numerology, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 9 are considered the best numbers.

House Numerology

Many figures are considered ideal for homes. Based on your birth date, birth time, personality, and many other factors, you can get a suitable number for your property contact our numerology astrologer.

For example, If your house number is D-42 then the correct way to calculate the number according to numerology is the value of D (4)+4+2=8. Let us look at different house numbers and see why some numbers are considered lucky while others go with the pile of unlucky house numbers.

Numerology House Number 1

According to numerology, the number 1 is known for new beginnings. Be it starting to get a new house or getting married (quick marriage remedies). Number 1 plays an important role in any new beginning in life. Number 1 is considered to be the beginning of travel and is considered a good number for home. House number 1 in Indian numerology signifies a strong sense of independence and ambition. People who have a great sense of curiosity and the urge to reach new heights in whatever they are doing are best suited. House number 1 is most suitable in numerology. House number 1 is destined to have a positive start in any new journey they are about to partake in either in their personal or professional life. Read More about Numerology House Number 1

Numerology House Number 2

According to Indian numerology house number 2 is believed to promote healthy relationships, family values, and harmony in life, so People who have house number 2 are lucky. Numerology considers the number 2 to be a balancing and uplifting number. The people who live in this house feel satisfied with their personal growth, and the children feel happy to be back at home with their parents and siblings. Whereas, in numerology, the number 2 is considered a symbol of marriage and relationship. Your love life depends on number 2. Also, house number 2 brings balance and cooperation in life. Read More about Numerology House Number 2

Numerology House Number 3

Are you a creative person or have kids who want to be artists? House number 3 is the best place to nurture talent and bring out creativity in them. People living in this house should decorate the house promoting art and creativity through various paintings, sculptures, writings, etc. Number 3 is also believed to promote positivity, joy, and happiness according to numerology principles. People living in house number 3 in numerology will eventually be taught values like family-first and self-expression. Living in house number 3 according to numerology gives ample opportunities for family gatherings, entertainment, and games in the house which can be enjoyed by everyone in the family. On the other hand, if we talk about the number 3, then in astrology this number is seen to be associated with wealth. The house of this number always keeps the person prosperous. Provides wealth to the members of the house and also increases the prestige in the society. Read More about Numerology House Number 3

Numerology House Number 4

It is often said that everyone wants a sense of stability, security, and peace in their lives. But unfortunately, today people are very busy with their meeting schedules, regular responsibilities, and workload. If you want a stable life, then living in house number 4 in Indian numerology will be of immense benefit to you. The numbers have a significant impact on life, and people living in house number 4 do well in jobs or professions centered around civil works, environment, architecture, etc. In numerology, the number 4 is considered to be harmful. If your house number is also 4 or this number is coming out by adding the house number, then do not panic, but take any remedy according to astrology. Read More about Numerology House Number 4

Numerology House Number 5

In numerology, house number 5 is considered the number of success. In numerology, the number 5 is considered to be a very young and energetic number. Naturally, it is home to all the youth, students, and young professionals who are just starting a new phase of their lives. It is an ideal home for people with sky-high aspirations and imagination. For high-profile life people like teachers, travel agents, and bloggers if their house number is 5 then they will get more benefits as it is their lucky house number as per their birth chart. Read More about Numerology House Number 5

Numerology House Number 6

House number 6 is considered to give peace. What should be the ideal home environment for raising children? This is a question that haunts almost every young couple on the verge of becoming parents. Numerology recognizes 6 as a number that promotes peace. House number 6 in numerology owners are thus perfect for people with a calm mind and less adventurous life. It is the perfect home to cherish a lifetime of memories with family and people working in the healthcare industry. As per Numerology, Social workers, nurses, doctors, and senior citizens should live in house number 6 for a blissful life. Read More about Numerology House Number 6

Numerology House Number 7

House number 7 is considered to be a lonely number. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are at a crossroads. Their professional and personal lives are stagnant, non-satisfying, or in dire need of change. It is best for such people to introspect and reconsider the things that matter to them. House number 7 in Indian numerology signifies a sense of personal oscillation, that is, it is a number that fosters inner thoughts and brings lucidity. Thus, house number 7 in numerology is best suited for introverted people who are deeply introspective about what they want to do in life. Read More about Numerology House Number 7

Numerology House Number 8

House number 8 is considered energetic. 8 is a popular number among businessmen, senior managers, and sportsmen. If you wonder why so many successful people focus on the numerology number 8, it is simple; The number promotes abundance and ambition. Many people prefer house number 8 in numerology as they believe that this number will perfectly fulfill their personal and professional development targets. Some take the leap towards financial independence, and a stable family and always write to achieve their next goal. Read More about Numerology House Number 8

Numerology House Number 9

House number 9 is seen as a representative factor. Compassion, empathy, and kindness are some of the qualities that every human being should have. House numerology has a lasting effect on the inner voice of the people who live in them. The ninth house is considered an “influential” number in numerology and is perfect for building community and promoting selflessness and spirituality. Read More about Numerology House Number 9

Wrapping Up

Numbers matter more than you think. They influence our lives and the decisions we make from the time we come into this world. So, when you buy a property, you can talk with astrologers and get suggestions to include your lucky number in your home address. Numbers create energy. Cosmic powers are associated with them and the predictions made through numerology have proved it. It is a divine science. Your entire personality, traits, and energy are based on your destiny and psychic number. This happens because your date of birth affects your entire life.

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